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Lineaus Athletic Equipment at
Lineaus Athletic Equipment

Hand-crafted by Lineaus himself in the obscure art-enclave of Marfa, Texas – this equipment is all femme fatale. Hard-tested in an American prison, each custom, numbered product is strong & durable, yet soft to the touch.

BUY IT Categories: Equipment, Sport

Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover at
Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover

Spring can unleash some nasty weather. Patagonia’s Nano has you covered – literally. Wind- & water-resistant, this versatile, super-light, 100% all-recycled polyester pullover even folds into a self-storage chest pocket.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Light Jacket, Wear

Urbane Village-Doctor’s Bag at
Urbane Village-Doctor’s Bag

Add distinction to your everyday. Designed by FIT graduate, Jee Kim, the Doctor’s Bag is slightly over-sized – the perfect carrier for your laptop & a change of clothes. Its slick cork exterior and lightweight “dress shirt” lining will surely illicit a “where did you get that bag?”

BUY IT   $240 Categories: Bags, Gear

Beat The Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at
Beat The Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

After being dropped from two record labels and struggling with a drug-troubled drummer, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club releases their fifth studio album. Folk & blues inspired garage rock, Beat The Devil’s Tattoo is dominated by psychedelic guitar rhythms, crooning vocals, distorted bass, loud drumming and addictive melodies you’ll have stuck in your head for days.

BUY IT   $9.99 Categories: Media, Music

Alexander McQueen Calamity Patchwork Print Sneakers at
Alexander McQueen Calamity Patchwork Print Sneakers

Looking to culture your classic checkerboard Vans? Alexander McQueen’s Calamity lace-less trainers are crafted of fine-grain black leather, printed in multi-coloured patchwork & finished with a dirty-grey rubber sole. The older, more mature, Jeff Spicoli would definitely give these a thumbs up.

BUY IT   $475 Categories: Shoes, Wear

Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station at
Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station

OK…techies. This one’s for you. Do you have several USB hard drives and a printer you want to share with other computers? Plug into Iomega’s four USB ports & you’ve created a robust, network storage solution. Supports both PC and Mac. Wireless bliss.

BUY IT   $99.99 Categories: Computers, Tech

Milwaukee M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera at
Milwaukee M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera

This tool calls out the Inspector Gadget in all of us. Milwaukee’s Cordless Inspection Camera uses digital imaging technology to display 320×240 res images on a 2.5″ color LCD. Now you can see if the diamond is actually in the drain before wasting the day playing Joe Plumber.

BUY IT   $99 Categories: Gear, Tools

Andrea: A Plant-Based Air Purifier at
Andrea: A Plant-Based Air Purifier

Put that housewarming gift to use. Andrea’s whisper-quiet fan propels air through a plant’s leaves & root system then into a water & soil filtration.  The resulting air is toxin free. Breathe.

BUY IT   $199.99 Categories: Space

2011 Nissan Juke at
2011 Nissan Juke

Nissan’s 2011 AWD urban cruiser features a center console inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank. The bold design doesn’t end there. The Juke’s 16 value engine is pure SUV, while the top is unmistakeably sport.

BUY IT Categories: Cars, Rides

Insound Classic 20 Tees at
Insound Classic 20 Tees

Time to retire the old concert tee. 20 years of punk, new wave & indie rock are available on screen-printed American Apparel. Designed by legendary, Oakland-based Jason Munn, each item is limited edition.

BUY IT   $20 Categories: Graphic Tees, Wear
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