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Arctic Laser at
Arctic Laser

They should really just call it a Light Saber but then they’d be sued by Lucasfilm and disappear. So, being the smart fellas they are, the crew at Wicked Lasers called the world’s most powerful handheld laser the Arctic. Probably because it’s super cool.

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Coin at

Coin is an electronic device that looks and works like a credit card but what it does is store the data from all your cards, allowing you to swipe and pay with any of them while only having to carry and use the one Coin Card. Simple and cool.

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Doxie Flip at
Doxie Flip

If you’ve got some of those old-fashioned photo prints you’re dying to get back into the graveyard of your hard drive, the Doxie Flip is the device that’ll do it. It’s a flat bed scanner that will scan 4X6 originals at up to 600 dpi. The cover pops off easily to allow for scanning all types of flat stuff: images, artwork, whatever.

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The Walking Dead Monopoly at
The Walking Dead Monopoly

Maybe lots of people find regular Monopoly rather boring. Solution? Put a zombie on it. Yeah, they did and this is it. Monopoly’s The Walking Dead Edition features a completely new undead theme including metal play pieces, deadly properties, and zombie motifs throughout.

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Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football at
Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football

For guys who like football history, there’s nothing like some football history. Totally, right? This book digs into the details of the Chicago Bears incredible 1985 season and the team that made it happen. From characters like coach Mike Ditka to players like Walter Payton, The Fridge, QB Jim McMahon, and Samurai Singletary, it captures the whole story surrounding a legendary moment in time.

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Caterham Bikes at
Caterham Bikes

British sports car company Caterham is now producing 2-wheeled vehicles. At the recent International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan they debuted 3 new machines: A fat-tire on/off-road 750 motorbike, and two E-bikes. One is an retro-style cruiser with a 50-mile range & the other is a carbon MTB model inspired by F1 racing designs.

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LifeLink at

Even a big USB drive isn’t that big but being the size-obsessives that we are, we took a particular interest in this very slim device. Not that you would, but you could slide this up inside your body cavity if the need ever arose. Otherwise it will fit nicely in your wallet as it’s only 2-credit cards thick. It also features connector compatibility with Lightning, 30-pin, or Micro-USB so you can use it with all devices.

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TSL Symbioz Snowshoes at
TSL Symbioz Snowshoes

For those magical, schnapps-fueled walks in the winter woods, these new flexible snowshoes will make the staggering easier. The unique snowshoe design flexes and bends to adjust to the terrain underfoot, your gait, and the depth of the snow.

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Petchatz at

This interactive pet-cam thing lets you video chat with your pet when you’re away. You can also set it up to give him a treat or a “sniff” of the stuff he loves most. If he’s sleeping or busy giving his undercarriage a tongue-bath when you call, you can even record a video your pet will surely appreciate when he gets around to watching it.

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Rockwell Mini Circular Saw at
Rockwell Mini Circular Saw

If you’re just cutting 2-bys, this is the saw you want. Lightweight, compact, and featuring a 4-and-a-half-inch circular blade, it’ll cut through those 2-bys in one pass —so no flipping the board to get ’er done.

BUY IT   $100 Categories: Gear, Tools
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