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Ventura V-Tech Sigma MGS Watch at
Ventura V-Tech Sigma MGS Watch

The ultra-smooth, minimalist designs from Ventura are not just the coolest digital watches you’ve seen, they’re also technically advanced. You’ll never wind this watch or replace a battery – it’s powered by the motion of your arm with their MGS micro generator system. The negative LCD face is also easy to read in any light. Sorry, there’s no calculator.

BUY IT   $1700 Categories: Watches, Wear

Rapha Skincare at
Rapha Skincare
London-based cycling specialists, Rapha, know a thing or two about life on the road. Their line of performance skincare products protect you from the elements and repair your weather-beaten skin. Made with essential oils & natural ingredients (like shea butter and rosemary extract) their soap, chamois cream and warming embrocation will keep you rolling smooth for miles.
BUY IT   From $11 Categories: Bike, Groom, Skin

Frost River Timber Cruiser Portage Pack at
Frost River Timber Cruiser Portage Pack

If you’re going into the wild or just lugging the weekly haul from the farmer’s market, bring this classic canoe portage pack to carry your hefty cargo. It even fits a 20-inch ash basket for crushproof stowage. The spacious, waxed canvas pack features flap cover side pockets, padded leather shoulder straps & brass buckle closures.

BUY IT   $250 Categories: Bags, Gear

Hasselblad x Ferrari H4D Limited Edition Camera at
Hasselblad x Ferrari H4D Limited Edition Camera

The Hasselblad H4D is basically the Ferrari of digital cameras, so this collaboration makes great sense. The H4D is the most advanced medium format camera on the market: the ultimate weapon for professional photographers. This limited-edition model, painted Ferrari’s “rosso fuoco,” will create images as timeless as the Italian automaker’s custom cars. Only 500 cameras will be produced.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Photography, Tech

Lamborghini Tractors at
Lamborghini Tractors

Hard to believe we haven’t seen a Lambo tractor in a hip-hop video yet, right? Really though…once California finally legalizes weed, this is what all the farmers up in Humboldt will be driving. The question is – who makes chrome spinners for 60-inch wheels?

Update: Tractors do exist in rap… enjoy:

BUY IT   A Lot Categories: Gear, Lawn

Sony Internet TV at
Sony Internet TV

Just released. Click here for more information.

BUY IT   From $599 Categories: Tech, Television

Blu-ray Player for Sony Internet TV at
Blu-ray Player for Sony Internet TV

Just released. Click here for more information.

BUY IT   $399 Categories: Tech, Television

PF Flyers Bob Cousy Hi Top at
PF Flyers Bob Cousy Hi Top

PF Flyer’s Bob Cousy hightops are the epitome of “court classic” style.  Originally released back in 1956, these fresh unlined leather models come in a wide array of sophisticated colors for a modern look in a classic silhouette.

BUY IT   $99.99 Categories: Sneakers, Wear

Recompute Sustainable Cardboard Computer at
Recompute Sustainable Cardboard Computer

There’s no heaven for PCs. Where do you think all the old ones you’ve used over the years ended up? You’d like to think they were recycled, but they’re in the landfill. The Recompute PC addresses the full life cycle of the components involved. It is a greener machine. What began as a student project has developed into a viable model of sustainable design. Less e-waste in the landfill is progress. Windows 7 anyone?

BUY IT   From $499.95 Categories: Computers, Tech

Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer at
Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer

When getting hammered is not an option, you can pound nails in hard to reach places with this cordless palm nailer, without the need of a compressor & air hose. It’s easy and it’s heavy duty, too – delivering 2.2 ft/lbs. of blow energy to sink even those big 16-penny nails. It even has a built-in LED light to illuminate the work surface.

BUY IT   $149.99 Categories: Gear, Tools
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