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The Communist Party Tee at
The Communist Party Tee

The Threadless online store offers heaps of cool, clever graphic T-shirts. Designers submit their own designs, the best of which get printed and then sold on the site. One epic example is this kicker by Tom Burns called The Communist Party. Featuring Stalin, Lenin and other infamous Commies toting keg cups and rocking party hats, its bold, red & tongue-in-cheek funny.

BUY IT   $18 Categories: Graphic Tees, Wear

Sony Cyber-shot TX9 at
Sony Cyber-shot TX9

It’s only a little bigger than your iPhone and shoots crispy HD video. On top of that, the Cyber-shot TX9 features Sony’s 3D Intelligent Sweep, which lets you shoot ultra-wide panoramas by just panning the camera. It can also shoot bursts up to 12 frames-per-second for sequences and has a background de-focus for isolating your subject. All this means that no matter how clueless you are, you’ll get pro results.

BUY IT   $399.99 Categories: Photography, Tech

Symphonicities by Sting at
Symphonicities by Sting

Sting’s current world tour featuring the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra is like nothing you’ve ever heard. And you’d be lucky to find a ticket at this point. Therefore, this tour-accompanying release titled Symphonicities is worth a listen for true Sting fans. The RPO takes classic Sting tracks and reinvents them with the power and beauty of an orchestra -  about 100 classical musicians, who turn them into colossal pieces of music much easier to hum along to than Stravinsky or Dvořák.

BUY IT   $9.99 Categories: Media, Music

Outlier Ultralight Summer Pants at
Outlier Ultralight Summer Pants

Like flip-flops, shorts are only allowed so far from the beach – maximum distance about 1-mile. Any further, you’re committing a fashion foul. So to beat the summer heat without penalty, Outlier’s Ultralight Summer Pants will take you the rest of the way. The thin nylon-blend weave is cool, the cut is casual. They’ll take you beyond the harbor, downtown to dinner and right out to the nightclub, where someone in shorts would (and should), be turned away at the door.

BUY IT   $198 Categories: Pants, Wear

The Cooler Racer at
The Cooler Racer

Get the details at

Categories: Gear

Monowalker Hiking Trailer at
Monowalker Hiking Trailer

If you’re fed up with the modern world & want to trek off into the wilderness to hug trees forever, you’ll want a Monowalker. This single-wheel cargo carrier takes the weight of gear off your back and puts it on a reverse wheelbarrow you pull behind you. Made of aluminum & stem-bent ash, the Monowalker’s clever geometry allows you to haul a 100-pound load and stop on a dime with disk brakes. Designed by Kai Fuchs for climbers, hikers and adventurers of all sorts – it easily converts to a bike trailer and/or backpack.

BUY IT   $1100 Categories: Camping, Gear

Loewe Individual Slim TV at
Loewe Individual Slim TV

When everything in your crib is custom, what a bummer to be stuck with a box store flatscreen. Loewe’s Individual Slim series of ultra-thin, high-tech TVs remedies the sophistication quandary. Available in four screen sizes: 32, 40, 46 and 55-inches, these back-lit LCD turbo-TVs feature a 250 gig hard disk for movie storage. This is about as close as you can get to a custom-made, one-of-a-kind television.

BUY IT   From $5000 Categories: Tech, Television

Emergency Box of Cards at
Emergency Box of Cards

Forget remembering. As long as you have a box of these emergency cards, you don’t even have to try. If you space birthdays, weddings & other important days, this pre-pack of 8 cards ensures big-day damage control convincing people you’re actually thoughtful.

BUY IT   $12 Categories: Gear

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer at
Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer

Leave your meat alone. The Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer has your BBQ covered. This wireless thermometer with handy belt clip allows you to join the party, while monitoring the progress of your tri-tip. Insert the thermometer, set the desired finish: rare through well and walk away. Get up to the minute temperature readings from as far away as 300-feet. When the time comes, a pleasant electronic voice will let you know that your meat is ready.

BUY IT   $69.95 Categories: Grill, Host

Pet Camper at
Pet Camper

The Airstream revival is complete. Now, even your little diva can feel like canine celebrity when you pull one of these onto the set. A great novelty idea from Straight Line Designs, the pet Airstream camper is made of aluminum, stainless & fiberglass with dimensions of  41”W x 21”H x 19”D. Sized perfectly for small dogs with huge egos.

BUY IT Categories: Gear, Pets
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