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Kenneth Cole Rubber Duffle at
Kenneth Cole Rubber Duffle

A rubber duffle? Think about it. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, even a beer bursting open in there and you’re still all good. And this great idea actually has greater purpose. The devastation of HIV/AIDS has not gone away, but for some reason the talk about it seems to have fallen off. Not for Kenneth Cole, all proceeds from the sale of this duffle are donated to the HIV/AIDS research fund amfAR. Look good, do good.

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Family Guy: It’s A Trap!

It’s coming! More Family Guy Star Wars fun. Get the details at

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Koostik at

Using your iPhone’s built-in speakers, the Koostik acoustically amplifies the sound through this handsome hardwood dock, making your music louder & richer – as much as four-times louder! You’ve heard an acoustic guitar, right? Same principle here. Even better, each Koostik is handmade in a variety of fine woods.

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Doane Paper at
Doane Paper

You may be a designer, engineer, programmer, manager or marketer – but meetings are a fact of life. You might as well have the proper pad for the countless hours of doodling & scribbling you do each week. Whether you’re drawing caricatures of your boss, writing a rough draft of your résumé or just counting up the number of times the newest buzzword is used, this lined & gridded paper is perfect.

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ikyaudio Black Mambas at
ikyaudio Black Mambas

Taking cues from classic frat-house materials normally used for beer bongs & potato guns, the Black Mambas are actually desktop speakers. A 3-inch full range speaker up top is backed by a bass driver in the stand. This system is non-powered and requires a mini-amp and DIY-designers. IkyAudio makes those, too.

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The Rolling Stones 1964-1969 – Limited Edition Remastered Vinyl Box Set at
The Rolling Stones 1964-1969 – Limited Edition Remastered Vinyl Box Set

The 60s were the golden years for the Rolling Stones. Before the first round of rehab, they recorded some of the best records in rock history. Yes, records. The Stones on vinyl were at their grimy best. This box set includes nine studio albums, 2 EPs and 2 hits collections masterfully re-mastered and pressed to vinyl. With this release, you’ll hear the Stones rock with a fresh, full sound turning their 40-year-old tracks into crystal-clear classics.

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Folding Flint Striker Set at
Folding Flint Striker Set

You may feel a bit like Frodo Baggins as you wield this traditional fire starting kit, but starting a fire with a flint & striker is the way real men have been lighting fires since the dawn of history. This kit is handmade from the folding steel striker blade and char tin to the leather pouch. Learn set ablaze this way & you’ll feel more like a hero than a Hobbit.

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24: The Complete Series at
24: The Complete Series

Try to put the image of off-duty Jack Bauer shirtless in the bar with his pants down out of your head and remember Kiefer Sutherland from his better days. For eight intense seasons, Sutherland carried the drama series 24, playing the rogue counter-terrorism agent Bauer to a T. His performance won the show international acclaim and nailed him an Emmy. This DVD collection features all eight seasons & includes a bonus disk of unseen 24 treasures.

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GripTip at

By now, you’ve learned enough to remember “measure twice & cut once.”  Easier said than done.  Especially, when you’re feeding the tape up into the rafters or halfway across the kitchen. Get this handy tip for the end of your tape measure and keep the tab steady while you pull. You’ll get the job done without teaching your kids (or the neighborhood kids for that matter) more four letter words.

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Ignoble Cocoon Backpack at
Ignoble Cocoon Backpack

Sure … a nice quiet walk in the woods or up a mountainside would be nice. But you spend your time trekking through the urban wilderness. Navigating the concrete jungle on foot or dodging crosstown traffic by bike, you need a pack that’s got your back. One that can stand the test of time and city grime. It must be black. This is the one. American made.

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