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Rapha Leather Town Gloves at
Rapha Leather Town Gloves

Even if you’re just cruising around the windy city on foot, these cycling gloves from Rapha will keep your digits toasty. Rapha makes understated, high-quality cycling gear that is both timeless and constructed for serious use. So riding or not, these African sheep leather gloves work like a charm.

BUY IT   $180 Categories: Accessories, Bike, Wear

Killspencer iPad Case at
Killspencer iPad Case

Spencer Nikosey is an industrial designer based out of Los Angeles. He’s the human behind the Killspencer brand and the guy responsible for this ultra-functional iPad case. It’s made of black 22oz. waxed twill, so it’s durable & water-resistant. It’s also got a burly zipper and 3 outer pockets. Every Killspencer product is made in America.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Bags, Gear

Mavizon AutoBot at
Mavizon AutoBot

Services like OnStar and LoJack are just jacking you for cash. The Autobot offers you and your car the same services & more, for much less. The Autobot unit plugs into your car’s diagnostics port syncing with your mobile phone through your Autobot web profile. Easy as that and you’ve got security & accident alert systems, mapping & location services, plus maintenance alerts. What you don’t have is a monthly fee. Coming Spring 2011.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Rides, Tech

lighTIN Beer Can Light at
lighTIN Beer Can Light

British furniture designer, Thomas Stanley, is a man’s man. While enjoying a nice foamy Guinness in a “widget” can, a lightbulb went off in Stanley’s head and the lighTIN was born. This eco-friendly design is made of mostly recycled materials and delivers bright, long-lasting light from an LED bulb. And if Guinness is a little too heavy for you, the lighTIN also comes in Stella, Heineken & Foster’s designs.

BUY IT   $45 Categories: Lighting, Space

Opti-Vision Level at
Opti-Vision Level

Yeah … the liquid in this level sorta looks like a lava lamp, but there’s more to it than that. The high-visibility contrast color liquid makes it easier to tell if you’re crooked or plumb. It’s got a lifetime warranty and is designed to take a beating. The bright red & white color will make it easy to spot from your neighbor who “borrows” everything. Hopefully they’ll sell this in the US soon.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Gear, Tools

Toothbrush Subscription at
Toothbrush Subscription

As life gets more & more idiot-proof, the smarter we all feel. How about getting a new toothbrush delivered in the mail, on schedule every three months? Yup, one less thing to think about. What’s even wiser is that your new toothbrush is BPA-free and made of recycled yogurt cups. You can also drop the old one in with all your #5 recycling. You’ll be doing good and impressing your dentist, all without having to think.

BUY IT   $13 Categories: Groom, Health

Yamaha TSX-140 Dock at
Yamaha TSX-140 Dock

The Prius, the YZ 250, the FX Nytro – Yamaha is known for designing incredible products in many forms, including stereo equipment. This fresh iPod dock bumps concert quality sound, playing WMA, MP3 & 4s, plus features CD and AM/FM capabilities. The clean, compact design holds the full spectrum of tech features offering connectivity via USB, while supporting the whole family of Apple phones and pods.

  $399.95 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector at
SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector

Forget what the “big presentation” is even about.  Just imagine walking into the meeting empty-handed, with everything you need to floor the execs right in your back pocket. Literally. This wireless micro-projector is the same size as your iPhone and when they are synced-up, it lets you project your presentation in vivid, crystal clear color up onto the wall. Congratulations. You just crushed it. Share your Power Point, movies, photos or anything on your phone, at a size up to 100-inches wide.

BUY IT   $449.99 Categories: Portable, Tech

The iBottleopener at
The iBottleopener

Do you want to drive your “recovering” friend to the point of insanity? Just get him on speakerphone during his AA meeting and use your iBottleOpener to crack a beer in his ear. The thirst-quenching pop will ruin him. It’s the perfect payback for what he said to your girlfriend that one time. The bastard deserves it. He really does.

BUY IT   $19.95 Categories: Gear

Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit at
Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit

So you weren’t a Boy Scout. Do one better. Use this traditional Adirondack firelighter to start your fireplace. The firestone soaks in a vessel of simple lamp oil. Just take it out, roll it in the ashes, light, and place it under the firewood. It will have your fire cracking in minutes flat. Instead of crumbling up newspaper and hunting around the house for stuff to burn, you can just kick back & get cozy.

BUY IT   $99 Categories: Space
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