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Full Moon on Abbey Road Tee at
Full Moon on Abbey Road Tee

Full Moon on Abbey Road Tee
SoCal-based design house, Valhalla Design & Conquer, is known for their clever visuals. They hit a Halloween home run with their twist on The Beatles iconic Abbey Road cover. Instead of John, Paul, George and Ringo, this shirt has Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and Werewolf crossing in the moonlight. Eight-color screen on a soft cotton tee. Use the coupon code “werd” to knock 25% off the price.

BUY IT   $22 Categories: Graphic Tees, Wear

Nixon x Third Man Records Headphones at
Nixon x Third Man Records Headphones

It doesn’t really matter if you like the White Stripes, Dead Weather or any of the other pretentious artístes on Third Man Records because these headphones will play the music you really dig. And they’ll sound damn good doing it. The ear cans and headband are made of leather while the headphone unit itself is made of lightweight metal. Strap ’em on and zone out to whatever floats your boat.

BUY IT   $225 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Sorcerer at

This movie’s director was king of the 70s. After his work on two massive, game changing flicks – The French Connection and The Exorcist – William Friedkin got a huge budget to produce the action-suspense thriller, Sorcerer.  See what a couple million bucks worth of explosives looks like blowing up in the jungles of Central America.

BUY IT   $12.99 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies

Gerber Remix Knife at
Gerber Remix Knife

Just stick your finger in the hole and everything will be okay. Really, flip it open and put your index finger through the hole. This unique design offers maximum blade control and a degree of safety when wielding the super-sharp 2-inch pocketknife. Just watch out for those other nine fingers. The blade is stainless steel with a lightweight aluminum frame. Clips to a ’biner or pocket so it’s easy to whip out.

BUY IT   $21.77 Categories: Gear, Tools

Tretorn Strala Rubber Boots at
Tretorn Strala Rubber Boots

Ever see those weird ladies at the farmer’s market wearing the big knee-high rubber galoshes? They’re cool on little kids, but lady, you’re like 45 and it’s a sunny day! Don’t be fashion’s fool. Get some sweet wet-weather footwear, like these cool, ankle high, natural rubber boots. Just promise to wear them only when you need to … like, when it’s raining.

BUY IT   $72 Categories: Shoes, Wear

Gummy Brain at
Gummy Brain

Tired of treats? How about a trick? Get those annoying neighbor’s kids out of your house and out of your hair. Try this. Squirt a little cherry fake blood sauce on half of this gummy brain, walk into the den where they’re playing video games and take a big bite. Make sure to let some blood drip on to one of them. Looking demented will help, too.

BUY IT   $9.99 Categories: Food

Portable iPod Boombox at
Portable iPod Boombox

Good luck explaining this one to your kids. “It’s a boombox, we used to play tapes in them & breakdance.” Yeah … good luck. Anyway, this is an updated boombox, not for cassettes. Plug your iPod right in and just start poppin’, lockin’ and Moonwalking. Totally portable in case you want to take your show on the road. You can even record the radio right into your iPod with this unit. Why you would, who knows?

BUY IT   $149.95 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Samurai Umbrella at
Samurai Umbrella

You’re riding the train to work when some annoying punk saunters up, wafting his stink in your direction. With the samurai umbrella clutched in your hand, it’s impossible to resist the fantasy of taking a mighty swing & chopping his head off. You tighten your grip … but, it’s only in your mind of course. You get off at the next stop thinking to yourself you’ve gotta lay off the video games.

BUY IT   $36 Categories: Gear

Sirius XM Snap at
Sirius XM Snap

Do you need Howard Stern in your life? Whether you’re a Stern super-fan or not, hundreds of custom satellite radio channels is pretty enticing. Especially when you see this simple, plug-in device from Sirius XM. Subscribe online, plug this into your car’s lighter, tune into an open FM station and behold, music from outer space! Or just Howard & the rest of the WackPack, live from New York every day. (Releases sometime October 2010)

BUY IT   $59.95 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Renard Grand Tourer GT at
Renard Grand Tourer GT

Raw like an uncooked steak. Let’s say rare, too. Custom-built in Estonia by Renard Motorcycles, this stunning bike boasts an ultra lightweight carbon fiber monocoque unibody that weighs, well … nothing. It packs a custom-built air-cooled 90º v-twin engine with a top speed over 140-mph. Components are aluminum, Kevlar or carbon fiber. Look at it, this thing is a beast & they’re only making ten of them this year.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Motorcycles, Rides
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