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iRobot Scooba 230 at
iRobot Scooba 230

Why put yourself through the trauma of cleaning the bathroom floor? Instead of ruining a perfectly good Saturday morning with rubber gloves and Hazmat gear, why not do what the military bomb squads do? Send in the robot to neutralize the threat. This compact, robotic floor scrubber cleans even the tightest and grossest nooks—like behind the toilet. Using fresh cleaner as it goes, this little device eliminates 97% of common household bacteria.

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Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight at
Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight

Cops know a few things. Among these: donuts, coffee & flashlights. Police forces have been shining big, black Maglites on the guilty and innocent for decades. The heavy, durable lights also double nicely as a billy club. At only 5” long and 1” in diameter, this new, mini LED model won’t knock you out cold with one shot, but it will light things up nicely. Powered by three AAA batteries.

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Age Your Own Whiskey Kit at
Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

Leave it alone for as long as you can. This age-your-own-whiskey kit will really test your self-control. How long can you wait it out? Lucky for you the micro-barrel accelerates the aging process, so it only takes 3 to 6 months. The kit includes two 750 ml bottles of 110-proof White Dog un-aged whiskey, a 2 liter aging barrel, pouring funnel, two tasting glasses & step-by-step instructions. Tapping the barrel after 180 days reveals a brown, flavorful, complex whiskey. Drain it and refill up to 5 times.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Drink, Host

Microsoft Touch Mouse at
Microsoft Touch Mouse

We know finger-tapping on your tablet is entertaining. But, if you’re a PC user who actually uses a computer to do work, you’ll like this mouse. Designed to streamline navigation in Windows 7, this high-tech rodent will speed up scrolling, panning, paging forward & back, docking, minimizing/maximizing, showing desktop and more.

BUY IT   $79.95 Categories: Computers, Tech

Bratt Multi-functional EDC Tool at
Bratt Multi-functional EDC Tool

Behind all the products at Triple Aught Design is Patrick Ma. He’s a designer and proud ex-U.S. Army soldier.  His military experience informs his every design. Everything made by TAD is designed for durability, function & versatility. For instance, their BRATT tool. The “Be Ready Always Titanium Tool” does it all: open a beer, tighten a loose screw, pry the top off a paint can, etc. This dense little slab of titanium can even be used for self-defense. Kinda like brass knuckles only lighter. Bam!

BUY IT   $99 Categories: Gear, Tools

Lines For All Occasions at
Lines For All Occasions

When you can’t quite put your feelings into words, get some help. The Lines For All Occasions book set will help you talk your way through life’s trickiest situations. These four, handsomely bound hardcover books will help you manage a break-up, learn skills for better lying, get new pick-up lines, even learn a few new insults or excuses. No matter the occasion, don’t be at a loss for words.

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Palette Coasters at
Palette Coasters

You don’t have to be a heavy drinker to appreciate these wooden palette coasters from Barcelona-based, Labyrinth. Made from real wood, these stackable coasters carry your “fragile” cargo safely from the bar to the coffee table without incident. As long as you keep “this side up”, your drink will reach its destination—your liver—in perfect working order. Shipping & Handling not included.

BUY IT   $21 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Mansory Zapico Custom Bike at
Mansory Zapico Custom Bike

The masters at Mansory build-up high-end custom cars like Bentleys, Ferraris & Aston Martins with performance upgrades, aerodynamics packages and the deepest dish wheels money can buy. Now these guys have turned their collective perversions to designing a motorcycle, and the results are well, ridiculous. Literally wrapped in carbon fiber, the bike’s frame, fork, wheels & airbox were all handmade at Mansory’s factory in Brand, Germany. The powerplant though, it’s American: a 124-C.I. V-Twin from S&S Cycles, made right here in Viola, Wisconsin.

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Sausage Meatballs at
Sausage Meatballs

Vegetarians, this could be one of those moments when you question your lifestyle choice. In the pantheon of Truly Epic Foods, there are few dishes that match the simple perfection & indulgent flavor as well as a proper meal of Spaghetti & Meatballs. This is a dish you should have dialed. Yeah, the spaghetti part is easy, but for making legit meatballs, you should really read up.

View Recipe Categories: Food, Host

Shallow Grave at
Shallow Grave

Director Danny Boyle is one-of-a-kind: 127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire, remember Trainspotting? If you dig the frenetic, fast-paced style and sick humor, plus crave some bullets & blood, Shallow Grave will work for you. Of course it’s an action thriller and the tale involves roommates, a corpse & a bag of money. Hold on tight!

BUY IT   $13.49 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies
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