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Sriracha Cookbook at
Sriracha Cookbook

Like heroin, crack and other hard drugs, Sriracha hot sauce, aka Rooster Sauce, is highly addictive. Usually it starts with just a squirt on your late night pizza or french fries and before you know, you’re draining a big bottle every few days. If you’ve never tried it, consider this your warning. This cookbook offers 50 fresh, red hot recipes that are sure to contribute to your habit.

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Gerber FIT Multi-tool at
Gerber FIT Multi-tool

Does this Gerber multi-tool look like a train to you? Look closely. No? Okay, but it does blast a bright beam of LED light and slim as it is, houses nine other tools like screwdrivers, scissors, a bottle opener and a two-edged blade. The housing is made of anodized aluminum. The Fit will be available February 2011.

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Barrelly Made It Furniture at
Barrelly Made It Furniture

You probably drank a barrel of wine last year. Ever wonder what happens to the empty barrels? We didn’t think so. Luckily though, San Diego artist/designer, Gustaf Rooth, thought about it. He also took action. He and his small team produce handmade furniture from used wine barrels that isn’t just rad, but also built of 99% recycled material. Their designs are functional, solid and each peice is unique. We’ll drink to that.

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Cigar Box Bird Houses at
Cigar Box Bird Houses

Sure, making the birdhouse from recycled wood and finishing it with a natural, soy-based finish helps the environment. But, the part you play might be even more crucial. When you buy one of these handmade houses, you’ll be providing a new home for a bird. You’ll help turn the bird’s life around. You’ll give it hope.

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Debrett’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman at
Debrett’s Guide for the Modern Gentleman

You might not even know how clueless you really are until you read this. Ever considered what constitutes proper bedroom behavior? What about the rules of tailoring or how to fly in style? These and a hundred other gentlemanly concerns are discussed and detailed in this eclectic guide book. Check yourself.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX10/B at
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX10/B

We expect a lot from the little camera we carry around in our pocket, don’t we? Does it shoot HD video? Yes. How many megapixels? 16.2 – huge! What else does it do? It shoots 10 frames-per-second for capturing action at its peak. It also features a sweeping panorama mode. Just pan the camera across the scene and the images automatically link together to create stunning wide panoramas without distortion. It also has about 20 other tech features to keep you from blowing the shot. Would you expect any less?

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Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes at
Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes

Your golf course manners & attire should show respect for the game’s traditions. But when it comes to the hardgoods – like clubs, balls and shoes – forget tradition and trust technology. Like these Nike Lunar Control spikes.  They’re made of waterproof full grain saddle leather and feature Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning in the heel. Good for 36 … if you are.

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Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours at
Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Extended, meandering 100-city tours have made Long Beach, California’s Cold War Kids into one of the tightest live acts out. They’ve got a stack of celebrated singles, live EPs and a pair of full-length records behind them already. Their new album, Mine Is Yours, is being called things like “soul punk” and “emo rock blues.” And when nobody knows what to call it … that usually means it’s good.

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lq ArcTop 02 Notebook at
lq ArcTop 02 Notebook

For many of us, getting it down on paper is the first step to starting a project. Making notes, lists and sketching out ideas on your handheld or computer just doesn’t feel right. lq creates handmade custom notebooks featuring a simple, utilitarian design with fine paper and a cork-sheet cover. Choose a custom size, paper stock and the sturdy, high quality notebook will land in your mailbox with a Mitsubishi uni-ball pigment ball pen included.

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Lemmy The Movie at
Lemmy The Movie

You’re either down with Motörhead or you’re not. Die-hard fans say bassist Lemmy Kilmister is God. Could be. He’s definitely a rock-n-roll icon and heavy metal pioneer whose influence poisoned rock’s gene pool long ago. His Jack Daniels drinking, Marlboro smoking, full-on leather pants, ass-kicking life is chronicled in this just released multiple award-winning documentary.

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