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John Snowberger Replica Indy 500 Cars at
John Snowberger Replica Indy 500 Cars

Unless you’re some sort of silver spoon son-of-a-shiek, you’re not going to buy a real 1940s Indy 500 car. You can, however, get a handmade 1/8th scale replica. Artist John Snowberger, whose dad was a famous Indy driver, creates these period-correct, super-detailed replicas, all of which are approved & endorsed by the OG racers who drove them.

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Pearl Jam Twenty at
Pearl Jam Twenty

Even with sold-out stadium tours and chart topping, radio-friendly hits, Seattle’s Pearl Jam kept their private lives on the D.L. Now, 20 years after the release of their seminal album 10, the band is offering up the whole story from the salad days of the “grunge” era. It’s a scrapbook of sorts featuring interviews, photos, tour notes & more. It’s the whole Pearl Jam story. You might even find out where they got their name.

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Axe Hanger at
Axe Hanger

After installing this handy hanger/hook on the back of your office door, make a violent smashing sound and come out looking wild-eyed. But don’t say a thing. Let your co-workers discover the axe on their own. In the workplace, being feared is better than being liked.

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USB Bombshell MP3 Player at
USB Bombshell MP3 Player

Most people in the office know better than to cruise by your desk for idle chatter. Put this speaker-radio unit that looks like a homemade bomb in your workspace and even the interns and that annoying IT guy will stay a safe distance away.  It’s got an audio jack, SD Card slot, built-in USB port and other connections making it look a lot like the real thing. Works great with your “psycho eyes” look.

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Sonic Editions Impossible Cool Prints at
Sonic Editions Impossible Cool Prints

Cool is hard to define in words, but it’s pretty easy to spot in pictures. Sonic Editions is now offering a series of high-quality, archival photo prints of the coolest pop culture icons of all time.  John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, 007, and of course the coolest of all, Steve McQueen. They come in a variety of sizes & frame options, and their pricing is pretty cool, too. (Source)

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The Original Moonshine at
The Original Moonshine

Had a taste (or two) last night. Thought I’d bring this previous post out of the archives and make more of you aware of the company.

Ever heard the term “blind-drunk”? Well, moonshine is where the term originated. Back when hillbillies were cooking up corn mash in the back yard, a bad batch could cause blindness. Sounds fun, right? Well, this stuff is a much safer introduction to the age-old tradition of copper-kettle-cooked homemade whiskey. It’s made the same way, but it’s only 80-proof and probably a little easier to get your friends to try.

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DeLORME inReach at
DeLORME inReach

For years, off-the-grid travelers have relied on expensive Satellite phones and one-way SOS beacon systems to communicate with civilization in emergencies. This new two-way GPS-powered device allows you to send and receive Twitter-length text messages. Whether you need a heli-evac or another bottle of Scotch brought up to the camp, your call will be heard no matter where you are.

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Recycled Auto Tire Chair at
Recycled Auto Tire Chair

The whole planet is polluted with used car tires. It’s cool this chair from green artist/inventor Peter Danko will keep a few out of the landfill. He uses chunks of tire to create a cushy, comfy suspension system for this task chair. The frame is made of tube steel and the seat is made from FSC-approved Ash veneers.

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The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat at
The Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat

Remember the part in the movie SuperSize Me when the expert says one McDonald’s burger contains beef from 500 different cows? Well, he said it.  And if you’re still not vegetarian, this is a book you might want to read. This book breaks down how to source and prepare sustainable, local meat and poultry. You could call it Meat Appreciation 101. And, that’s a lot smarter than burger 500.

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Slantshack Jerky at
Slantshack Jerky

The Internet and jerked beef go hand in hand for most of us, but this is new. Order custom-spiced beef jerky online and have it delivered to your door within the week. Made with grass-fed Vermont cow and a wide array of spice & flavor options, you can get your beef jerked exactly the way you like it … and you won’t even have to clear your history after ordering.

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