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Sonic Fabric Fedora at
Sonic Fabric Fedora

Due to a massive increase in male-pattern baldness, the unseemly fedora has had a resurgence in popularity in the last few years. So, chances are you have one. But not one of these. The Cassette Tape Fedora has a great shape, perfect brim – it’s a good hat. But, the story behind it is much cooler. It’s woven out of “Sonic Fabric,” which is a blend of actual audio tape & regular thread. Sounds cool, right? It’s the brainchild of designer, Alyce Santoro. A tie is also available.

BUY IT   $165 Categories: Hats, Wear

Francis Coppola Reserve Wines at
Francis Coppola Reserve Wines

Whether you’re talking wine or movies, Francis Ford Coppola needs little introduction. His latest fruit of the vine is his FC Reserve with bottle labels designed by longtime collaborator & friend, Dean Tavoularis. Tavoularis is a film production designer & visual artist who has worked with Coppola on such classics as The Godfather and the interior design at the Coppola Winery in Sonoma, California.

BUY IT   From $25 Categories: Drink, Host

NCAA Football 11

If you’re a little burnt on playing Madden - EA’s latest football game, NCAA 11, for Xbox will get you out on the gridiron. Simple improvements have made this version the best yet. The players movements are more fluid & realistic, due to new Locomotions animation technology, and the blocking is much improved. There’s actually a long complicated list of all the feature improvements EA has built-in to upgrade this game…but, we’ll let the nerds who care to read tackle it on their own. Let us just say, NCAA 11 is the balls.

BUY IT   $56.07 Categories: Games, Media

Recycled Turntable Clock at
Recycled Turntable Clock

After all the old vinyl is auctioned off on eBay, there’s at least one practical use for an obsolete 80s turntable. Brought back to life through the magic of recycling, this Technics turntable (complete with Heart record) makes a sharp wall clock telling time perfectly. No matter how long it plays, you won’t have to flip it over to keep the day going. Well…not until the single C battery wears out anyway.

BUY IT   $119 Categories: Decor, Space

Gorilla Utility Cart at
Gorilla Utility Cart

Got a big load? Get a Gorilla 2-in-1 Utility Cart & move it. This all-steel cart with 10-inch tires will tote up to 800 pounds. That’s like half of that tree you need to cut down, all the bricks for the walkway you were supposed to finish last week…lots of stuff. If you’re lucky someday, you’ll be rolling it down to the beach filled with toys and beers…but that’s a longshot right now.

BUY IT   $74.99 Categories: Gear, Lawn

The Original AppleSac at
The Original AppleSac

Accessorizing your yoga pants and Birkenstocks look just got a lot easier. No more embarrassing cross-campus treks with your black “business guy” computer bag. The Original Apple Sac is made of burlap and lined with Sherpa fleece & it comes in 3 sizes to perfectly fit your MacBook. The small outer pocket will hold your other stash.

BUY IT   $39.95 Categories: Bags, Gear

Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup at
Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup

You don’t use fluorescent yellow mustard in the squeeze bottle – so why would you still use K-Mart ketchup? Upgrade to Sir Kensington all-natural Ketchup and get less sugar, less sodium & a taste a bit more gourmet than game-day. The 11-ounce jar is also available in a “spicy” variety.

BUY IT   $7 Categories: Food, Host

Kees van der Westen Speedster Espresso Coffee Machine at
Kees van der Westen Speedster Espresso Coffee Machine

It looks like an appliance from the Jetson’s kitchen or a fragment UFO part…maybe part of a hotrod motor from the 50s.  But, no.  It’s actually a Kees van der Westen ‘Speedster’ Espresso Coffee Machine. These Dutch masters of fine coffee-making machinery are known not just for quality brews – but inspired design. This machine is handmade to order in the Netherlands & requires professional installation. A true coffee geek connoisseur would expect nothing less.

BUY IT   $6500 Categories: Kitchen, Space

WD-40 Now And Then Combo Pack at
WD-40 Now And Then Combo Pack

After 50 years on the market,  WD-40 has good reason to release this commemorative “Now & Then” twin-pack of America’s favorite household lube. Okay…second favorite lube. But, 50 years of quieting creaky hinges, dry bike chains and the like is a good run. The new can features the futuristic smart straw sprayer & the old can looks like a movie prop from the 50s, but still lubes like its 2010.

BUY IT   $10.99 Categories: Gear, Tools

GAEMS Gaming Suitcase at
GAEMS Gaming Suitcase

The way the airlines are these days, you never know how long you might get stuck somewhere. But, if you’re toting the Gaems Gaming Suitcase with your trusty Xbox stashed safely inside – you might not even care. If you’re a traveler and serious gamer, going with your console is a given. Now do it in style. This locking, polyurethane case features a 15” LCD screen padded against the jolts of travel. Play anywhere you are, stuck or not, as long as there’s a power source.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Portable, Tech
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