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YETI Hopper Cooler at
YETI Hopper Cooler

Yeti makes serious, industrial-quality coolers & they’ve just released their first soft-sided model. The Hopper is a 6.5-gallon tote that features 1.5-inch thick insulation and seals up with a waterproof zipper ensuring maximum cold with no risk of leakage. Handles, shoulder strap, and a bombproof design means this cooler is always ready for action. Available October 2014.

BUY IT   $300 Categories: Gear

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Carry-On at
Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Carry-On

The convenient, dual-access design of this carry on from Victorinox earned it the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Award. A panel on the front allows easy access to your travel essentials without the need to open the bag’s main compartment. An internal electronics organizer can also be easily removed when you need more room for other stuff. via

BUY IT   $350 Categories: Bags, Gear

EcoDrain at

The EcoDrain recycles the hot water that goes down the drain in your shower and reuses it to heat the incoming cold water & thus saves energy. What makes this drain heat exchanger different than others is the horizontal design that makes it easy to install directly under the shower & your bathroom floor to catch the used water at its hottest.

BUY IT   $440 Categories: Bath, Space

Operation Shakespeare: The True Story of an Elite International Sting at
Operation Shakespeare: The True Story of an Elite International Sting

In this investigative true spy story Reuters reporter and Pulitzer prize winner John Shiffman tells the incredible tale of a high-tech Homeland Security sting designed to keep America’s military weaponry out of the hands of our enemies in Iran & China.

BUY IT   $20.52 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Mercedes-Benz Unimog Doppelkabine at
Mercedes-Benz Unimog Doppelkabine

The Mercedes Unimog is a legendary WWII-era German 4X4 that’s developed a fanatical global following. This perfectly restored 1976 4-seater lived its first life as a military airfield vehicle and features an 84-horse diesel motor and a fresh glossy coat of army green paint.

BUY IT   $ Auction Categories: Exotic, Rides

Chimney Box at
Chimney Box

Handmade in Texas, the Chimney Box is an outdoor fireplace that’s built to last. Constructed using heavy gauge steel, its triangular teepee-shaped design reflects heat better and makes it easier to light & clean out than a chiminea or firebowl. Integrated wheels & a cool-touch handle make it easy to move when the wind changes direction.

BUY IT   $1500 Categories: Outdoor, Space

Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, and the Quest to End Baseball’s Steroid Era at
Blood Sport: Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, and the Quest to End Baseball’s Steroid Era

Every athlete & most fans know that illegal, performance-enhancing steroids are as prevalent in pro sports as Gatorade and trophy wives. Why only cycling and baseball take the wrap is much less clear. This book explores the highly public Biogenesis steroid scandal that brought A-Rod from being the highest paid athlete in baseball down to, well, actually he still makes the most.

BUY IT   $21.13 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection on Blu-ray at
Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection on Blu-ray

Blu-ray versions of Spielberg classics like Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and Jurassic Park are just a few of the highlights in this expansive 8-disc collection celebrating one of America’s most prolific directors. Hours upon hours of supplemental films and featurettes dig into the archives, special effects, and making-of his most popular films.

BUY IT   $180 Categories: Media, Movies

Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker at
Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker

Toughness is a trait that’s all too rare when it comes to wireless portable speakers but the Tough Speaker from Fugoo looks ready for battle. The body is made of fiber-reinforced resin and aluminum.  A rubberized slide-on jacket makes it shock resistant & dustproof as well as waterproof to 1.5 meters for up to half-an-hour. The design also offers 360º sound & a 40-hour battery.

BUY IT   $230 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Social Grill at
Social Grill

Sometimes it’s more peaceful to stand over by the grill, sip your beer, and stay out of the nonsense dinner-party chatter. On the other hand, instead of playing chef for your guests, this tabletop charcoal grill makes everyone responsible for cooking their own dinner. Steak not right? Not your fault.

BUY IT   $160 Categories: Grill, Host
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