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Phiaton PS 20 NC Noise Canceling Earphones at
Phiaton PS 20 NC Noise Canceling Earphones

Whether you’re stuck on Screaming Baby Airlines or just really want to hear Sade’s new album, the Phiaton PS-20 NC noise-canceling earphones have you covered. Phiaton’s exclusive “Noise Blocker” technology cuts 95% of outside noise to get you in the zone. And, unlike those giant over-the-ear models, these are perfect for travel and small enough to keep on during taxi, takeoff & landing, even though you’re not supposed to.

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Panasonic Lumix G2 Digital Camera at
Panasonic Lumix G2 Digital Camera

Lumix has packed every conceivable (and even a few inconceivable) features into this small camera. The DMC-G2 comes with a 14-42mm lens, but also runs an array of interchangeable lenses. It features a huge 12MP optical sensor & a touch-sensitive control panel on the oversize LCD screen. It shoots 720p HD video. There’s even a sensor in the viewfinder that registers when your eye is close to the camera to disengage touch-controls on the LCD. That way your nose won’t change the settings and ruin the shot. Seriously, it has that.

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Poker Lessons with Jamie Gold at
Poker Lessons with Jamie Gold

The stakes would have to be pretty high in your next tournament to drop 40-grand on poker lessons. But then again, one-on-one coaching from World Poker Champion, Jamie Gold, is a safe bet you’ll make it to the final table. Cloud 9 Living makes it happen. They are a nationwide dream-fulfillment organization offering a myriad of incredible experiences tailored to blow people’s minds – like poker lessons from Jamie Gold & other unbelievable, outlandish, but totally real stuff.

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The Original Record Wallet at
The Original Record Wallet

These unisex wallets featuring classic album art will take you back to the days of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Metallica’s Kill ’Em All. Hell, just carrying one of these wallets is a throwback to the old days when face-to-face transactions involving shopping in public and carrying paper money was in. Totally retro.

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Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy at
Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy

You know what they say about dog owners and their pets growing to look alike? Well…now you can really hook it up. The Bark Reynolds Fetch Toy will have Fido looking like a 4-legged, hipster version of you. Plus, you and the dog both know the bitches can’t resist a tight ’stache. Now…if you could only teach him to ride a fixie…

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Off-Road Commode at
Off-Road Commode

Get the details at

Categories: Camping, Gear

Havaianas x Threadless at
Havaianas x Threadless

First, the Threadless brand pioneered the custom-graphic T-shirt store with unique, artist-submitted designs. Now, they’re moving into custom graphic footwear by teaming up with Havaianas, makers of classic rubber flip-flops. With designs borrowed from some of Threadless’ most popular Tees, the vibrant graphic flip-flop footbeds are looking really good right now…especially compared to your toes.

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CB Premium Accord Shop at
CB Premium Accord Shop

Christopher Brosius has been called one of the most innovative perfumers of the 21st century. Yet, like most of us, he hates perfume. Instead of fruity mall store concoctions, CB’s scents smell good and honest. Simple. Nobody with taste wants to smell like some Guido-gone-clubbing. We want something manly. Scents like North Atlantic or Burnt Wood, odors subtly accentuating our hygiene…not masking our lack of it.

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Trunk Club Outfitters For Men

It’s almost universal among men: every time we walk into the mall to buy clothes, we feel stupid. Well, that’s because shopping in the traditional way is stupid. It’s 2010 and we all have better things to do with our time. Now you can feel smart. Check out the wardrobe/stylist service Trunk Club. They assign you an expert, create your custom profile & then do the shopping for you. Even better, they ship your new duds via Fedex (for free) and you keep what you like. Logic in shopping, who would’ve thought …

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Microphone Light Pendant at
Microphone Light Pendant

If you have a house party at your place, this will get broken or at least torn out of the socket by its 15-ft cord. But that’s to be expected, it looks exactly like a classic rock-n-roll microphone. Which, for the record, is a Shure SM58. Anyway…this unique pendant light holds a soft 6-watt bulb & is made of cherry wood veneer with metal mesh over the bulb.

BUY IT   $200 Categories: Lighting, Space
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