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Iron Design Bottle Opener at
Iron Design Bottle Opener

Iron Design Company makes hand-formed iron products like this smooth and simple, hot-punched steel bottle opener. Brand founder and metal-smith Marc Maiorana also supports an apprenticeship program for local high school kids, teaching them to work with their hands. It’s a safe bet those kids all want to make a bottle opener instead of the coat hook.

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

VW Transporter Rockton 4Motion at
VW Transporter Rockton 4Motion

Aside from those little jellybean/roller skate cars they have over there, the European car market offers much cooler choices than we have here. This burly Volkswagen Transporter is a good example. The new Rockton “expedition” package is a factory-custom kit that loads VW’s trusty cargo van with tons of off-road utility features. It’s got a lift, a beefy 2-liter TDI motor, all-wheel drive, heavy-duty suspension, and skid plates. We’re thinking gray market import right now, are you?

BUY IT   $44k Categories: Rides

Krylon Snap & Spray at
Krylon Snap & Spray

Graffiti artists would never use a tool like this. That’s okay, you’re not out bombing trains or taggin’ your name up much these days, so you might.  Just click this handle onto the can of spray paint and pull the trigger. For your household projects, you’ll get a controlled spray and even coverage but you won’t get a ticket for vandalism.

BUY IT   $3.40 Categories: Gear, Tools

Tyler Stout’s Limited Edition Star Wars Posters at
Tyler Stout’s Limited Edition Star Wars Posters

Fellow Jedi, set your alarm for Dec 31st and stay close to your internet device all day, because a limited-edition series of Star Wars movie posters will be released this Friday at a random time. The illustrated posters, designed by Tyler Stout come in an edition of 850 for $50 and another more limited run of 250 for $100. Be ready to click fast and use the force if necessary.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Decor, Space

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead at
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead

National Lampoon magazine was the voice of American humor, the source point of our greatest cultural treasures like, Animal House, Caddyshack, Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, SCTV, Spinal Tap, The Simpsons, etc. The editors and illustrator Rick Meyerowitz have now put together a big, colorful coffee table book that puts it all in perspective; telling the tales and cracking you up all over again.

BUY IT   $24 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Nixon Highball Pocket Watch at
Nixon Highball Pocket Watch

Get the details at

Categories: Watches, Wear

iGrill at

To further abuse a worn and hackneyed marketing tagline, yes, there’s an app for that. Get your meat done right without having to mother over the grill. Tip a few back with your guests instead, letting this Bluetooth-enabled thermometer send updates to the iGrill app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Track temps and cooking times on the grill from anywhere in your house.

BUY IT   $99.99 Categories: Grill, Media

Kobe & Cabernet Club at
Kobe & Cabernet Club

Some things are just meant to go together. Tender Kobe beef and rich Cabernet wine is a culinary match made in heaven. Now you devoted foodies can join an exclusive club that offers both. Treat your palate to bold Cabernets from Signorello Estates, a boutique Napa Valley vineyard and succulent American-style Kobe beef from Idaho’s Snake River Farms. This gourmet Kobe & Cabernet combo will be shipped overnight right to your door.

BUY IT   $1000 Categories: Food, Host

Green Log at
Green Log

You’re drinking Green Drink, driving a green vehicle, greening your business. Why not burn a Green Log in your fireplace? These campfire logs are made from 100% renewable Giant King grass & fused with a slow-burning compound that keeps ’em crackling for 5 hours.

BUY IT   $29.95 Categories: Space

101 Things I Learned Book Series at
101 Things I Learned Book Series

If you’re a know it all, you already know that the 101 Things I Learned book series is an invaluable source of instant expertise; which is the best kind, after all. Core knowledge of subjects ranging from culinary to architecture to business is delivered by actual experts in these slim volumes. Read up and claim their nuggets of wisdom as your own. Who knows, you might actually learn something you don’t already know.

BUY IT   $10.20 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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