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Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate RC Car at
Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate RC Car

Right out of the box, this RC car is race ready. There’s no tricky assembly and no waiting around to play remote racer. It’s equipped for dirt track & backyard ripping at speeds up to 40 miles an hour. The NiMH 7-cell battery charges fast – so once you’re finished, the kids can recharge and have some fun, too.

BUY IT   $484.99 Categories: Gear

True Grit at
True Grit

With the 1969 Western masterpiece, True Grit, John Wayne finally got his Oscar for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn a drunk, one-eyed, U.S. Marshal tracking down a cowboy killer. Wayne deftly plays the almost comic role of the larger-than-life lawman and all the bullets & booze really make it move. The Coen Brothers are about to release their updated remake of this Hollywood classic, which is sure to be a scorcher. So, check the original first & compare for yourself .

BUY IT   $11.49 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies

Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat at
Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat

It’s a huge claim, but nonetheless, they’re making it. The Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat is touted as the toughest motorcycle ever made and guess what? It’s American. These handmade, custom bikes are not the by-product of crafty welding & a crate motor. The technology in the Hellcat is a revolution in power-train design. They are only making 150 of these monsters, so get in line.

BUY IT   $45k Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Desile Folding Chair at
Desile Folding Chair

This is what smart industrial design looks like. Attractive and functional. French artist, Christian Desile, created this award-winning folding chair from one single slice of board, so it takes up almost no space until you need a seat. But what’s even cooler – the chairs are made of a combination of bamboo & PET, making them truly sustainable.

BUY IT   $335 Categories: Seating, Space

Suck On This Year by Denis Leary at
Suck On This Year by Denis Leary

Even if you’re not into Twitter & tweets, you have to admit a twitter-based comedy like “Shit My Dad Says” is hilarious. Yes, people be can funny in 140-characters. After all, how much space do you need for a one-liner? Well, ask Denis Leary, one of America’s sharpest comics. His new book of illustrated tweets will have you LYFAO even if you don’t know what that stands for yet.

BUY IT   $12.24 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Queen’s Royal Warrant Original Tabasco Sauce at
Queen’s Royal Warrant Original Tabasco Sauce

British cuisine is an oxymoron. Maybe that’s why Queen Elizabeth II has given this classic Louisiana hot sauce her royal seal of approval. If you had to eat stuff like Bubble & Squeak, Toad-In-The-Hole, Wet Nelly & Spotted Dick,  you’d be looking for something to set your mouth on fire, too.

BUY IT   $7.95 Categories: Food, Host

Barrett Alley Wallets at
Barrett Alley Wallets

Just a place for your cash & cards? Yes … but there’s more. The Barrett Alley brand is making hand sewn, vegetable-tanned leather wallets that are smarter. Their choice leathers are American and tanned using natural processes eliminating industrial waste – vegetable tanning creates a supple hand & warm tones in the leather. The wallets are also hand-made by humans, craftspeople, artisans … is that progressive or what?

BUY IT   $95 + Categories: Gear, Wallets

Audi RS 3 Sportback at
Audi RS 3 Sportback

Visit for the details.

Categories: Cars, Rides

All Season Sled at
All Season Sled

If you haven’t felt the thrill of shoving your kid downhill on a sled you haven’t lived! Hey, the kids like it too & now you don’t even need snow. This sled slides on two ice blocks that you freeze in your home freezer & snap onto the bottom of the sled. If it snows where you live, no ice blocks are needed.  Sturdy enough for dad-size riders, too.

BUY IT   $89.95 Categories: Gear

Xi3 Modular Computer at
Xi3 Modular Computer

Small stuff is cool. Like miniature horses and bonsai trees. Like Smart cars. Sometimes little stuff just makes more sense. This computer is a great example. It’s a cube, four-inches on a side, packing the power of a legit PC. But, what makes it really sweet is it’s modular – designed to link with other cubes for building ever-expanding, easily upgradable systems. Its components are universal, energy efficient & designed to last five-times longer than the average computer.

BUY IT   $849 Categories: Computers, Tech
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