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Rapha Bicycle Collection at
Rapha Bicycle Collection

Rapha rescued the cyclists who want function from their road wear instead of logo-covered spandex. And, they’ve gained quite a following with their class act. Enough panache in fact to offer a series of 4 custom, co-branded bikes made by cult craftsmen Cinelli, Independent Fabrications & Chris King. These bikes are ultra-limited releases, dipped in a Rapha color palette. There’s a city bike, a continental, a road-sport and a race bike … do not lag.

BUY IT   $5k+ Categories: Bike, Sport

Ammo Crate Sidetable at
Ammo Crate Sidetable

A long time ago, it was a box that carried ammo. Now, it’s a table. What caused this transformation, you ask? Art is the answer. South African designer, Katie Thompson, “re-created” this piece, adding tapered wooden legs, which turned it from discarded military surplus to a piece of functional art with a story to tell. It’s all about vision, right?

BUY IT   $620 Categories: Space, Table

Motorola Xoom at
Motorola Xoom

Dare to be different. Motorola did. They stepped confidently into the ring with their Xoom tablet ready to do battle. Powered by Android 3.0, powerful Google software designed specifically for tablet computing, this 10-inch slab will run your life like a well-oiled machine. All of Google’s services, plus Adobe flash support, makes this one a legitimate contender.

BUY IT   $TBA Categories: Portable, Tech

Mercedes Sprinter Grand Edition at
Mercedes Sprinter Grand Edition

Mercedes Sprinter Grand EditionWith vehicles like the G-Wagon and SLR McLaren, it’s obvious the German designers at Mercedes-Benz have a keen understanding of the American consumer. We’re suckers for a big, shiny 3-pointed star in the grill.  The Sprinter Grand is another home-run. This executive transporter is outfitted like the interior of a Learjet, all leather, smoked glass with a ceiling tall enough to install a stripper pole. Perfect for the executive retreat in Vegas. Offered exclusively through Mercedes-Benz Manhattan.

BUY IT   $189k Categories: Exotic, Rides

WineSkin at

Instead of bringing back a duffle bag full of purple clothes from your trip to Argentina’s wine country, the WineSkin will ensure you bring back those gift bottles of vino intact. Designed to protect and seal bottles for transport, the WineSkin works much better than wrapping those luscious bottles of Malbec in your sweaters and crossing your fingers.

BUY IT   $5 Categories: Drink, Gear

Joby gorillamobile Ori at
Joby gorillamobile Ori

Hey Quasimodo, quit hunching over that iPad. Straighten up. Try this origami-inspired iPad stand and case. Simple, smooth, and made of aluminum composite, this stand unfolds to give you multiple options and angles for viewing and working on your tablet. It also doubles as a sturdy yet lightweight case. Much better for your neck than the handheld hunch you have going on now.

BUY IT   $79.95 Categories: Portable, Tech

Land Rover Defender – Coming to America in 2013? at
Land Rover Defender – Coming to America in 2013?

The Defender is one of the most enduring vehicles ever designed. In over 60 years, it has barely changed. But it’s changing now. Speculation is that Rover will introduce a redesigned model to the U.S. in 2013 with updated emissions and safety features. It will also feature independent suspension and power from one of LR’s proven diesel motors. Basically, you’ve got two years to sell the FJ.

BUY IT Categories: Rides, Trucks

TaylorMade R11 Driver at
TaylorMade R11 Driver

In the mind of a golfer, winter is over the day after Christmas. So, now it’s spring – time to get back to the game. Before the season is in full swing, your handicap and maybe even your attitude could use a little adjustment. TaylorMade’s R11 driver is the answer. You tune this driver to match your style, technique and swing physics. Adjust loft, face angle and flight path with the simple turn of a screw. Ready to try it?

BUY IT   $399 Categories: Golf, Sport

Whiskey: A Global History at
Whiskey: A Global History

Scotch snobs might turn up their noses at Kevin Kosar’s short-and-to-the-point little book, Whiskey: A Global History. Mainly they take issue with the use of the “e” in spelling whiskey. Whatever. If your whiskey ego isn’t that well developed, you’ll appreciate this extensively researched hardcover that succinctly summarizes all the fundamental facts about whiskey you ever wanted to know.

BUY IT   $10.85 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Timberland Canvas Field Bag at
Timberland Canvas Field Bag

Have you mastered the art of traveling light? Once you’ve figured out how to split for the weekend with just one bag, you’ll need that one bag. Get a good one. This one is made of heavy canvas with leather trim. The rugged, aviator style with a weathered finish also makes it look like you’ve flown a few missions.

BUY IT   $240 Categories: Bags, Gear
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