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Ferrari FF at
Ferrari FF

It took a while, but it seems Ferrari has finally realized a target market limited to millionaire bachelors is not that great for business. Most Ferraris fit two people max, maybe a wallet or magazine, too – but that’s it. Now they’ve released the FF, a model every bit the Ferrari of your dreams, but one that also will carry your luggage or a couple friends in the backseat. Founder Enzo Ferrari is rolling in his grave at the idea of a Ferrari you could carpool in, but this all-wheel drive hatchback coupe is just too sick not to love. It’s packing a massive 12-cylinder powerplant delivering 650 horsepower and about a thousand other ridiculous, high-tech performance features. Now just imagine breaking 200 miles per hour on the way to the office.

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GMC Sierra All Terrain HD at
GMC Sierra All Terrain HD

If & when you’re stepping up to a new truck, there can be no half-stepping. Going full-size means you want the power and torque of a heavy-duty V8. The GMC All-Terrain Sierra HD is the one. With nearly 400 horses and 765-foot pounds of torque, this beast will pull your RV up over the Continental Divide at 80 miles an hour. And if you feel like peeling off the pavement to bushwack through the scrub, it’ll do that, too. It’s got adjustable Fox racing shocks and nearly a foot of clearance at the skid plates. It’s serious.

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Popcorn Chicken at
Popcorn Chicken

Cooking at home doesn’t mean your dinner has to be healthy. In fact, it doesn’t even have to feel like cooking. When you’re working with boiling oil, it feels more like a science project. Drop anything edible in there and it’s gonna come out tasty. Put on your safety glasses.

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Animal Kingdom at
Animal Kingdom

This movie is wild. An Australian family of criminals lives by the ‘kill or be killed’ street code. The psycho eldest son, the “Pope”, (chillingly played by Ben Mendelsohn) is caught between fear & guilt in the Melbourne underground. As the family members are pursued by each other and the police, an internal struggle threatens to blow their sordid scene to pieces.

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Ron de Jeremy Rum at
Ron de Jeremy Rum

Break out the bottle of Ron de Jeremy and get the ladies drinking. Rum is a party drink. You think an old pirate like Ron Jeremy didn’t know that? He was a smooth operator. And now he’s got his own brand of prime Panama rum, aged 7-years. In his line of work, “The Hedgehog” likely had to put back a lot of rum in order to see certain tasks through. Seems like a guy who would know a good one when he tasted it. Right?

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SmallWorks BrickCase at
SmallWorks BrickCase

There are so many cool cases for the iPhone 4 it almost makes you want to buy an extra phone. With this Lego compatible case from SmallWorks, you could even click a few phones together into a stack, double Whopper style. And if you can figure out a way to actually link these multiple phones into a working unit, people might ignore the fact that you’re 30+ years old and still playing with Legos.

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Denon N7 at
Denon N7

This smooth and compact, format-friendly audio system will play pretty much anything. And between your computer, iPod, CDs and favorite satellite radio stations – you need versatility. Denon’s N7 does it all.  It’ll stream wireless, as well as, play any other device you want to plug into it. That includes your old analog turntable and cassette deck. Yes, really.

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Absinthe & Flamethrowers: Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously at
Absinthe & Flamethrowers: Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously

If you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll naturally be drawn to the danger of this book. As author/engineer/flamethrower, William Gurstelle, explains in this pyro’s guide to life, taking risks is part of your personality type.  Learn how to tap into your Inner MacGyver (that’s an actual chapter), make a flamethrower, and do the Absinthe dance. And it’s not just living dangerously … but artfully, too. 224 pages.

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Coachella 2011 at
Coachella 2011

Before you put your life on hold for three days to get sunburnt in the SoCal desert with tens of thousands of pill-popping poseurs, make sure there are at least a few bands you like playing at this year’s Coachella music festival. The official lineup was just released today. Check it. Kanye West? Tickets go on sale Friday.

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James Perse Polar Fleece Utility Jacket at
James Perse Polar Fleece Utility Jacket

One of life’s mundane and distracting quandaries, “Do I need a jacket?” There’s rarely an obvious answer, so we operate on the principle of maybe. If the jacket happens to be a simple but refined grey, button-front fleece, it would be the right choice 99% of the time. You could just walk out the door and go.

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