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The iBottleopener at
The iBottleopener

Do you want to drive your “recovering” friend to the point of insanity? Just get him on speakerphone during his AA meeting and use your iBottleOpener to crack a beer in his ear. The thirst-quenching pop will ruin him. It’s the perfect payback for what he said to your girlfriend that one time. The bastard deserves it. He really does.

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Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit at
Adirondack Firestone Starter Kit

So you weren’t a Boy Scout. Do one better. Use this traditional Adirondack firelighter to start your fireplace. The firestone soaks in a vessel of simple lamp oil. Just take it out, roll it in the ashes, light, and place it under the firewood. It will have your fire cracking in minutes flat. Instead of crumbling up newspaper and hunting around the house for stuff to burn, you can just kick back & get cozy.

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Industrial Edition Playing Cards at
Industrial Edition Playing Cards

It would seem designer, Homer Liwag, created these industrial-strength playing cards for a dark sci-fi movie set in a casino or prison of the future. But, he made them for the real world. With thick card stock and the look of stamped military steel, you’ll think you’re betting to save the remains of the human race or some such futuristic weirdness.

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Wool Beer Cozy at
Wool Beer Cozy

Granddad always swore by wool – it’s the greatest natural insulator there is. The old guy also knew a thing or two about throwing back a few cold ones. Now, remix granddad’s wisdom with the beer cozy. The wool blend keeps your beverage cold and your hand warm. You don’t have to be some book smart college boy to see the sense in that.

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Intacto at

Lottery tickets, betting on the big games, or taking the annual trip to Vegas – it’s all fun & games. Playing the odds is a thrill and sometimes luck even feels like skill. But in the 2001 Spanish thriller, Intacto, the stakes are much higher and nobody’s smiling. Four people tangled up in a strange, clandestine gambling ring are betting with their lives to come out ahead of the house. Even if you never bet a dime, we’ll bet several scenes in this movie will make you sweat.

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Antler & Co. at
Antler & Co.

Bringing nature indoors is a dominant design trend right now. The two guys behind Antler & Co. nailed it. Groovy, natural racks for your home made of real, cast-off American deer antlers. They anchor easily to your wall creating a place to hang your hat, jacket, even artwork. You should know male deer naturally shed their antlers every season, so there’s no harm in their charm.

BUY IT   $50+ Categories: Decor, Space

Rockwell Lithium Tech H3 Hammer Drill at
Rockwell Lithium Tech H3 Hammer Drill

You probably think of yourself as a guy who can hammer, drill and drive all at the same time. You may even think you have the tool for the job already. But it’s not the H3.  The H3 is a cordless 12-volt hammer-drill that’ll drive holes or screws into 4200-psi concrete, plus tackle easier drilling jobs like wood & metal, no sweat. Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, it fully recharges in just 30-minutes.

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Q Rapping Paper at
Q Rapping Paper

If you don’t know already, QR codes are basically bar codes your phone can read. Download a scanning app, scan, and you’re instantly linked to websites & e-commerce checkout lines. But this interactive wrapping paper pattern features codes that link to funny Christmas videos, so the poor soul who gets your re-gifted white elephant surprise can at least have some fun before ripping into the gift.

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Scotch Malt Whiskey Society at
Scotch Malt Whiskey Society

The old saying, “membership has its privileges” has always been BS until now. The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society delivers incredible Scotch that’s not just single malt, it’s single cask. Meaning unfiltered, truly small batch whiskey chosen by an expert panel of Scotch wizards. If you want to delve deeper into your love & appreciation for rare,unique Scotch … join and rejoice.

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America Lost and Found: The BBS Story at
America Lost and Found: The BBS Story

The movies Easy Rider and The Last Picture Show were two seminal films in the emerging “New Hollywood” of the 1960s. These and five other acclaimed movies, featuring Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and the like, are part of a new Criterion collection showcasing the work of BBS Productions. A group of counterculture kids who turned Hollywood on its head funded by the money they made off inventing the fake pop group, The Monkees. True story. All in Blu-Ray HD.

BUY IT   $87.99 Categories: Media, Movies
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