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Airwake Purifier at
Airwake Purifier

Cleaning bacteria, pollutants and viruses out of the air is a dirty job. The Airwake Purifier however, does the job beautifully. Designed by French architect & industrial designer, Jean Marie Massaud, the Airwake looks like it should be pumping out music, but instead it’s pumping in toxins that will help clean the air for children, asthmatics & people with allergies.

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The Book of Bond at
The Book of Bond

James Bond. You know he’s cool. You know he slayed the babes & drove ridiculous cars. You may even recall his Lotus Esprit was a submarine that shot torpedoes. But, your knowledge about this international man of mystery doesn’t even scratch the surface. That’s why you need to get The Book of Bond. Author, Alastair Dougall, introduces you to Bond’s tastes, skills & enemies, as well as, breaks down each of the 23 classic films.

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Vika Twofold at
Vika Twofold

Multi-task, multi-function, multi-tool … these days everything & everybody has to do more. That’s why the 2-in-1 Vika TwoFold makes sense. Who needs a work bench that just sits there? The TwoFold is a fully collapsible, portable workbench with a 24”X 30” workspace that quickly transforms into a sturdy scaffold holding 500 lbs. It even has a built-in powerstrip to plug your tools into. When you’re done with the job, simply fold it up, stash it & get back to the other five things you were doing.

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Falling Whistles at
Falling Whistles

In the Congo, African children too small to carry a gun are sent to the frontlines of war armed only with a whistle. Unthinkable, right? But sadly true. Wearing the Falling Whistle helps you share the tragic story of these forgotten children & gives them a voice. 100% of the proceeds goes to rehabilitating kids traumatized by the ongoing wars in Africa.

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The Camera Lens Mug at
The Camera Lens Mug

Get that morning zoom when you coffee-up. Camera geeks will be stoked with this mug looking just like a Canon EF 24-105mm lens.  If you’re just a coffee lover, you’ll like the stainless steel lining & 16 oz. capacity. At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, these were given out to media photogs. Now, you can get your very own & fuel up for a focused day with a few “shots” of  caffeine.

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At Close Range at
At Close Range

Christopher Walken in one the most perfectly cast roles of his career: the slimy, sinister crook father of Sean Penn who makes robbery and crime look like fun. Young Penn is a muscular teenage bastard stuck in Farmtown-nowhere. When dad rolls into town, Penn is exposed to the easy money and good times a life of crime could grant him. When he sees Walken kill a man, he has second thoughts. That’s when the story really starts cooking. Based on a true story, At Close Range also features 80s angel, Mary Stuart Masterson & Sean’s brother, Chris Penn.

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Steak Station at
Steak Station

Bloody or blackened? When it comes to meat – we all want it just the way we like. The Steak Station allows the chef to monitor up to four different steaks at once – so everyone’s meat is done properly. Four color-coded, stainless steel thermometers plug into the digital monitor for easy steak supervision on the grill or in the oven. Handle everyone’s meat properly at your next dinner party -  your guests will love it.

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Kevin Smith x Etnies at
Kevin Smith x Etnies

The mellower product collabs are the good ones. Kevin Smith makes cool movies, like Clerks, Mall Rats, and Chasing Amy. Etnies makes cool shoes for skateboarding & hanging out. Multiply these two characters and you have the Kevin Smith x Etnies collection. Some casual kicks logo’d down with IDs from Smith’s flicks. No big deal…but definitely dope even if you’re not “Schmokin weed, drinkin’ beeaz …”

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Linus Bikes at
Linus Bikes

Riding a bike as basic transportation is something foreign to the American mindset. Most of us think of biking in terms of recreation, exercise or something we did as “kids.” Obesity, gas prices and the level of CO2 in the air are starting to change things up. Linus Bikes are on to it. Styled after bikes from the 50s & 60s, their line of steel-framed, upright cycles are simple and functional: a perfectly healthy way for getting from point A to point B.

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2011 Ducati 848 EVO at
2011 Ducati 848 EVO

It’s pretty much a given – if it’s Italian and has a motor, it’s gonna be stylish, powerful & superbly designed. It’s tradition. Think Ferrari, Maserati, Moto Guzzi and of course, Ducati. The tradition lives on in their latest superbike, the Ducati 848 EVO. It’s fresh & mean with it’s upgraded 140 HP Testastretta and sings with that signature growling exhaust tone. Viva Italia!

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