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Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai at
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Forest Whitaker is Ghost Dog; an unlikely Samurai assassin to be sure. Ghost Dog lives in a strange mystic realm killing by the code as he’s pursued by Mafioso. Everything about this eerie thriller is strange and nothing is quite what you’d expect. If you’ve seen other Jim Jarmusch-directed films, like Dead Man or Stranger Than Paradise, you know that offbeat plots, characters & story lines add artistic elements of oddity making all his movies true cult classics.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab at
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Messages, mail, movies, menus, storage, apps, maps, navigation, organization – it’s all in here. Everything you need to get through life, can be found right here. The Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on the Android 2.2 OS, for fast & simple usability for work or play. The seven-inch screen is the perfect size for staring at all day long and a great alternative to that other tablet with the really terrible name.

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FLEXiT Light at
FLEXiT Light

Bend it & jam it in there. It’s a flexible LED light panel for any task where you need more light. Use it like a flashlight, except you don’t need a third hand. You can stick, hang & hook it instead because with magnets and a hook for hands-free operation, you can finally find bright light right where you want it.

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75 Years of DC Comics at
75 Years of DC Comics

75 Years of DC ComicsSo much for the death of print. Taschen Books, publisher of the finest art books, has created a comprehensive collection of comic book history. 75 Years of DC Comics is a massive, 720-page hardcover tome featuring over 2000 images and insights on the great characters of modern mythology: Superman to Batman and beyond …

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Topeak Bikamper at
Topeak Bikamper

It’s a romantic thought isn’t? Bike camping. Just you and the bros, pedaling out into the wild; everything you need strapped to the bike. But here’s the thing, you’ll want ultralight gear and you definitely don’t want to share a tent with your fellow spandexters. This tent addresses both needs. Instead of poles, it uses your bike’s front wheel for structure creating a nice private sleep chamber to rest your weary ass.

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Beer Cap Dog Collars at
Beer Cap Dog Collars

Man’s best friend and man’s other best friend come together in one simple, yet clever, design. Made of upcycled full grain leather & fitted with sturdy steel hardware, these handsome beer cap dog collars will give you something to think about, while you work up a thirst walking your four-legged friend around the block.

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Morgan Three Wheeler at
Morgan Three Wheeler

British custom carmaker, Morgan Motor Company, just announced they’re re-releasing their classic three-wheeler coupe. This oddly cool-looking two-seater isn’t just some car club conversation piece though – it really moves. Powered by an 1800-cc Harley-Davidson V-twin motor and a Mazda gearbox, this lightweight little rocket will hit speeds over 115 mph. It features leather interior, all aluminum body & premium features. It gets better gas mileage than your car … and because it’s only a 3-wheeler, it’s considered a motorcycle by the DMV.

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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard at
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

Typing already takes enough energy. How about Logitech’s keyboard powered by good old-fashioned daylight? It even runs off those rotten fluorescents lighting up your cubicle. It’s slim, lightweight & obviously better for the environment by removing one more energy-sucking device from the power grid. On top of that, the keyboard is PVC-free and comes packaged in a 100% recycled box. Thumbs up for that.

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Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter at
Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Ever scorch your eyebrows lighting the barbecue? Roasted a fingertip lighting your gal’s stupid candle? Well, not anymore. Zippo’s flex neck lighter is the remedy. This windproof torch will set it all aflame no matter what the angle. Your fingers and face will be glad you bought one.

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Fox 75th Anniversary Collection at
Fox 75th Anniversary Collection

75 years – that’s going way back. Back to when grandma & grandpa were in diapers the first time. Crude sure, but it helps put time into perspective. 20th Century Fox celebrates 75 years of memorable movies with an incredible 75-film collection. With classics like The Grapes Of Wrath and Patton, Star Wars, Alien, Raising Arizona, Slumdog Millionaire & Avatar – plus the other 68 we didn’t mention.

BUY IT   $374.99 Categories: Media, Movies
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