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Bacon BBQ Meatloaf at
Bacon BBQ Meatloaf

Meatloaf is awesome. Not the singer, he’s weird looking. We’re talking about the food; the American home-cooked classic. Everyones grandma has their own special family recipe, but unless your granny snuck bacon into hers, we’ve got her beat. Bacon equals better. Check it out.

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Shaun of the Dead at
Shaun of the Dead

Long, stressful days on the job make you want to turn your brain off at night and chill. No more thinking. Just loafing. For those nights, you need a certain type of movie. One that makes you laugh and won’t force your brain into action in the least. Shaun Of The Dead is one of those movies. The story of a regular dude who just wants to hang at his local bar unbothered and then zombies try to ruin it.

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Whiskey Holster at
Whiskey Holster

Two reasons why a leather jacket for your whiskey bottle is a great idea: the bottle might survive a drop that would destroy your iPhone. And lets face it, the contents of the bottle are way more valuable than the phone. The second reason, your old lady won’t know how much of “Daddy’s Little Helper” you’ve consumed, since the bottle is holstered in rich, vegetable tanned leather. It also mounts to your belt for easy access at parent-teacher meetings, golf, romantic walks, etc.

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Deus Café Scorpio at
Deus Café Scorpio

Everywhere in the world, except America, small displacement bikes are all over the roads. This highly modified café from Aussie style mavens Deus Ex Machina is built off a Yamaha Scorpio 225. In Indonesia for instance, this is the biggest bike Yamaha sells. For crowded city streets & incredible fuel economy, bikes of this class just can’t be beat.

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Sony Playstation Vita at
Sony Playstation Vita

Like everyone, we’re still waiting to find out when Sony’s PS Vita will hit stores. But here’s what we can share about this new handheld addiction device: there will be two models, the “wi-fi only” version will be $250 and the slightly badder-ass 3G model will be $300. Sony has been bragging for months about the touch interactivity & motion that supposedly smokes the 3DS. When the release date is announced, we’ll be camped out in line at the big box store. See you there.

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Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs at
Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs

Mosh? Maybe in his Pearl Jam days, but has Eddie Vedder ever made you want to hula? Probably not. And he won’t on this new solo record of, as the name suggests, ukulele songs. This material puts Vedder’s familiar heartfelt lyricism to the rustic twang of a ukulele. Yeah, Eddie surfs, but this ain’t beach music.

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March Lab JC-1 Shadowplay at
March Lab JC-1 Shadowplay

These days, wearing a watch has nothing to do with telling the time. Everyone has a phone or computer staring back at them for that info. Wearing a watch is purely symbolic. March Lab has been producing ‘Swiss Made’ watches since before the cellphone took over time and they’ll keep making them, like the JC-1 Shadowplay. Simple, refined and elegant. And, it will never ring in the middle of dinner.

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From the Archive: Leather Head Football at
From the Archive: Leather Head Football

Dad taught you to throw a spiral. Coach taught you to respect the game. Now, you’re teaching your friends how to tailgate like real men. To keep it all going, you need a Leather Head football. This classic football is made of 100% real leather tanned & dyed to bring out the unique tones of the hide. You don’t grill Tofu Dogs on game day…so why would you toss around a rubber ball?

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Samsung 950 Series 3D LED Monitor at
Samsung 950 Series 3D LED Monitor

As if you don’t spend enough time staring into a monitor, Samsung has a new line of 3D monitors that will curl your corneas. Pow! Pop! Bam! With incredible 3D capabilities, these monitors will turn any 2D programming into 3D. And if it’s already 3D, watch out. It’s like the picture is shooting right out of the screen and into your lap. But it’s not. Just try to remember … it’s just a movie.

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Boreas Packs at
Boreas Packs

The city of San Francisco is pretty close to the mountains. This is great for upstart backpack brand Boreas. It means easy access for R&D test missions. Their burly, but minimalist, packs come in a whole slew of sizes. From an ultralight trail-runner/day-hike size all the way up to a 60-liter weekender with bad-ass suspension.

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