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iGrow Hair Laser at
iGrow Hair Laser

She may recoil in horror if she sees you mowing the lawn in your space-age laser hair helmet, but deep down, she’ll understand. Balding dudes are desperate. Before you go full cue ball, this scientifically-tested laser therapy helmet could be the key to rejuvenating your dome. Eventually you’ll try everything to stop the loss, but maybe start here before you go to the spray-on route.

BUY IT   $695 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Norton 961 Commando SE at
Norton 961 Commando SE

Norton Motorcycles are among the most revered and collectible in the world. In the 60s & 70s, Norton bikes took big racing trophies and pushed the progression of motorcycle design and performance to the next level. The 70s-era Commando was called the last of the great British twins, but now the legendary bike is back. Soon to be released in America, this updated classic version is a 961-cc street machine that roars. The thing is, they’re only producing 200 of them. And, they’re going fast.

BUY IT   $17,999 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Filson Denim Cruiser Jacket at
Filson Denim Cruiser Jacket

Denim works. It cuts the chill and whatever muck it collects washes right out. It’s simple and tough.  Filson’s Cruiser was designed back in 1914. Named for the timber cruisers of the time whose job it was to take long walks through the forest estimating the amount of standing timber for logging. Even if your cruising is of a slightly different type, this button front, 4-pocket work coat will serve you well on all your little jaunts.

BUY IT   $178 Categories: Light Jacket, Wear

Haydel’s Traditional Mardi Gras King Cake Delivered at
Haydel’s Traditional Mardi Gras King Cake Delivered

Mardi Gras is crazy. Blame it on the King Cakes. Haydel Bakery makes these traditional Mardi Gras confections from an old Danish recipe that causes men to feel immune to the effects of booze and makes women eager to show off their rack. We can’t explain it and neither can the fine folks at Haydel’s. Maybe it’s voodoo.

BUY IT   $40 Categories: Food, Host

Stanley Black Chrome Socket Set at
Stanley Black Chrome Socket Set

Where else do you find black chrome? You find it on some Leica cameras, maybe on a custom hotrod, but tools? This is new. These are Stanley sockets, so you know they’re bomber and have a lifetime warranty.  In addition, the sizes, laser-etched into the black chrome, are easier to read. This finish is also more durable than regular chrome. Black is just better.

BUY IT   $89 Categories: Gear, Tools

James Perse Dog Bed at
James Perse Dog Bed

Sick of sharing your bed with a snoring, restless, continually farting creature? Not your girl man, the family dog. Pop clothing designer James Perse has you covered. He’s designed a dog bed to get Fido off your Egyptian cotton sheets and into his own. Actually it’s a hypoallergenic organic foam pad on a teak base with a waterproof , washable, 100% cotton cover.

BUY IT   $TBA Categories: Gear, Pets

Batman Forever Batmobile Auction at
Batman Forever Batmobile Auction

When the movie Batman Forever came out, fans were divided. Did Val Kilmer just suck? Was it the bat suit? Was it Jim Carrey stealing the show as the Riddler?  Do you even remember the movie? It was 15 years ago after all. Maybe the car will remind you.  This far-out ride is going up for auction, but there’s one legal catch. Whoever buys it can’t drive it in public. Guess you’ll need your own bat-cave to hide it in. Photo courtesy of Auctions America by RM

BUY IT   Auction Categories: Exotic, Rides

Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures at
Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures

Some people are perfectly happy with a vacation involving nothing but loafing and cocktails. Others of us prefer something a bit more adventurous than Sandals or Disney—a trip where no Starbucks can be found. Where we sweat and see new things. Veteran adventure outfitter, Abercrombie & Kent, have the trips we’re looking for. Does dogsledding in the Scandinavian Arctic or a camel safari through Kenya sound better than “the world’s biggest buffet”?  A&K’s 15 custom adventure-travel trips are sure to offer you something unexpected & amazing.

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Escape

Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip Grill at
Paul Jr. Designs Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Paul Junior of Orange County Chopper fame makes some pretty mean bikes.  He took his knowledge of motorcycle design & roadtripping and created this custom portable grill with Coleman.  This 2-burner LP gas grill features chrome accents and diamond plate side tables. It also folds right up to fit in your trunk. If you’re ready to take your “smoke show” on the road, the Paul Jr. grill is ready to roll.

BUY IT   $175 Categories: Grill, Host

Leica à la carte Configurator at
Leica à la carte Configurator

When you’re buying a legendary Leica camera, you know what you’re getting, why you’re getting it and you know exactly what you want. It makes sense that Leica has created a custom camera menu on their website. They call it the Configurator. Basically it allows you to choose from a variety of custom features and finishes. Engraving, color options, viewfinder magnification – it’s all up to you. Build your dream camera to your specs and Leica will send your custom creation to your door.

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