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Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary Models at
Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary Models

Since its introduction in 1986, the Ducati Monster has consistently been one of the most universally respected motorcycles on the road. Admired by bikers of every stripe for its fierce engine tone, well-balanced Italian design, and visceral ride, Ducati is marking the Monster’s 20th birthday with 3 distinct Anniversary editions: the naked & nimble M696, the M796 featuring an all new L-Twin motor, and the burly, 100-horse, twin-valve M1100 EVO.

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Epic Frequency Wall Art at
Epic Frequency Wall Art

If conversations about the art hanging in your home all end with, “I don’t know what it is, she got it at IKEA,” these prints from Epic Frequency will give you more to talk about. They’re visual renderings derived from the waveforms of iconic audio recordings. Neil Armstrong’s “One small step”, JFK’s “Ask not …”, MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, etc. And if those don’t suit your decor, you can make a custom print with your own audio.

BUY IT   $139-299 Categories: Decor, Space

Westcomb Chrome Jacket at
Westcomb Chrome Jacket

They call it Beautiful British Columbia, which it is, but it also gets crap winter weather, making it the perfect place to design and test out outerwear. The Chrome Jacket by Westcomb combines waterproof, breathable NeoShell® fabric with stretchy, synthetic Primaloft® insulation for keeping you warm and dry in the worst weather. Even that nasty Canadian stuff.

BUY IT   $550 Categories: Cold Weather, Wear

Lansky Blademedic Knife Sharpener at
Lansky Blademedic Knife Sharpener

Bring your knives back from Dullsville with this pocket-sized blade sharpener.  The versatile design features multiple elements to re-condition all types of blades: serrated, filet, regular, and gut hooks.

BUY IT   $7 Categories: Camping, Gear

Homemade Sriracha at
Homemade Sriracha

The idea of making “homemade” Sriracha hot sauce is ambitious. Right up there with the thought of making your own “homemade” Doritos or Budweiser. But if you’re a dreamer and know your way around a pepper patch, we found the blueprint for making Sriracha at home. Give it a shot.

View Recipe Categories: Food, Host

Zeal Optics iON HD Camera at
Zeal Optics iON HD Camera

Cruising around the ski resort with a camera suction-cupped to your helmet looks about as cool as those stripes shaved into the side of your head. Sure, YOLO but why not keep your video-selfies to yourself? These new goggles with a 170º fisheye HD cam built into the frame offer a more stealthy way to capture your POV pow-shredding.

BUY IT   $399 Categories: Gear, Snow

The Longest Race at
The Longest Race

We’ll never know why people choose to run long distance races but this book by veteran ultra-marathoner Ed Ayres explains how. Testing human limits and the psychology of the long distance runner are the 60-year old author’s specialty but while pondering his own future, he also tackles his concerns about the future of humanity. After all, running 50-mile races gives you plenty of time to think.

BUY IT   $16.29 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio Special Edition at
Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio Special Edition

Your complete obliviousness to international sailing regattas doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate this new titanium-cased chronograph from Panerai. The limited edition Luminor was designed for the Transat Classique 2012 race, in which classic yachts race across 4000 miles of ocean. This manual-wind model features an 8-day power reserve and a unique lever device that seals the winding crown against water intrusion. Limited to 500 pieces.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Watches, Wear

The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray at
The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray

The dark and gritty underbelly of Gotham City will be crisp and clear in this forthcoming Blu-ray box set of The Dark Knight Trilogy. The set includes epic versions of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, & The Dark Knight Rises. Available December 4.

BUY IT   $37.09 Categories: Media, Movies

Logitech Harmony Touch at
Logitech Harmony Touch

You don’t drive a 1991 Hyundai Excel anymore so why do you still try to control your web-connected, HD flatscreen with its technological equivalent? The Harmony Touch is an inutuitive, programmable universal touchscreen remote that is much more fun to drive.

BUY IT   $249.99 Categories: Tech, Television
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