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Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack at
Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack

If you run through all your ammo wearing this thing – you’ll be in the hurt locker for sure. It holds 12 beers, each in its own easy-to-reach insulated holster. The next time you’re on patrol, keep yourself hydrated. Just remember to keep the safety on when you’re packing this much firepower.

BUY IT   $29.95 Categories: Gear

Razorpit Blade Sharpener at
Razorpit Blade Sharpener

Second only to toilet paper, there is no bigger waste of money than buying razorblades. Use one once, throw it in the trash. At twenty bucks for five blades…that’s…well, you do the math. Or…re-use a blade & hamburger your face off. Those are the options even with the best, most expensive and futuristic blades you can find. But now there’s a solution. Get 150 shaves out of one blade with the Razorpit.

BUY IT   $32 Categories: Groom, Shave

Solid Brass Anchor Light at
Solid Brass Anchor Light

The anchor light stands out for its commanding looks & enduring practicality. Brass sheet beats rust and even acid rain. A hand-made glass lens distributes light 360º. Heavy-cast handles fold down when not in use, but are available for hooking-up the lamp using a bracket, rope or tree branch. It functions on lamp oil, but is easily converted to electric. Its classic shape is handsome, sturdy and will last a lifetime.

BUY IT   $379 Categories: Outdoor, Space

The Cricket Trailer at
The Cricket Trailer

Light enough to be towed by a Subaru Forester, the Cricket trailer is a car-camper’s dream. Actually, it’s the realized dream of NASA “space architect”, Garrett Finney, who wanted to make a light, comfortable camper for his family. With an airy pop-top and cool features like a stove & shower – it’s like your own little space shuttle.

BUY IT   From $10,000 Categories: Rides, Trailers

Big Rock Forge Handcrafted Knives at
Big Rock Forge Handcrafted Knives

Hand-forged in Wisconsin, these knives could be artifacts from an archaeology dig or period weaponry from a Viking movie. But that’s just because bladesmith & photographer, Scott A. Roush, makes his knives the old-fashioned way – they are handcrafted using traditional techniques and processes.

BUY IT   Pricing Varies Categories: Uncategorized

Cyglo Night Bright Tyre at
Cyglo Night Bright Tyre

Don’t risk the drive home, ride your bike to the rave. Illuminated Cyglo tires will make your trip even safer. With LED bulbs embedded deep into the tread, the glowing lights add an element of safety to nighttime riding. Motion sensors in the tires turn the light on, so as soon as you’re pedaling, you have running lights.  And even if you couldn’t care less about the safety aspect of the Cyglo tires, they look super cool, especially on the way home from the rave.

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Kalifornia at

You’ve gotta hand it to Brad Pitt, for being so pretty, he has sure played some ugly parts. In Kalifornia, he’s a white-trash criminal who gets in on a cross-country ride-share with a writer (David Duchovny) and his girlfriend. As they ride along, Pitt charms Duchovny with his brashness & bold violence. Their weird tour grows ever more tense, but what the rest of the crew doesn’t know (except Pitt’s girl, Juliette Lewis) is that he’s leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

BUY IT   $11.49 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies

Hammarhead Jack Pine at
Hammarhead Jack Pine

Triumph was ahead of the retro-curve when they reintroduced their modern version of the Scrambler back in 2005. 865cc’s of no-BS in an on/off-road set-up that’s a nod to Steve McQueen & the enduro dirt dogs of the 60s. Basically, it was cool right out of the wrapper. But then, Philly-based custom shop, Hammarhead Industries, got busy on it.  Stripping it down to its essence, they created the Jack Pine, a bare-knuckle brawler looking so good you may feel bad about getting it all muddy. Actually…no you won’t…you’ll feel like Steve McQueen, himself.

BUY IT   $14,500 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Camera Phone Lenses at
Camera Phone Lenses

That friend of yours who thinks he’s a pro photographer (& always totes a big DSLR around his neck, cramping your style) is gonna hate you when you break one of these out. These glass-optics lenses mount onto your phone camera using a simple, but sturdy, magnetic ring to transform your little phone into an artist’s eyepiece. Choose the fisheye or combination macro/wide-angle lens & shoot like a pro.

BUY IT   From $20 Categories: Photography, Tech

Shipping Container Homes at
Shipping Container Homes

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