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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX10/B at
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX10/B

We expect a lot from the little camera we carry around in our pocket, don’t we? Does it shoot HD video? Yes. How many megapixels? 16.2 – huge! What else does it do? It shoots 10 frames-per-second for capturing action at its peak. It also features a sweeping panorama mode. Just pan the camera across the scene and the images automatically link together to create stunning wide panoramas without distortion. It also has about 20 other tech features to keep you from blowing the shot. Would you expect any less?

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Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes at
Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes

Your golf course manners & attire should show respect for the game’s traditions. But when it comes to the hardgoods – like clubs, balls and shoes – forget tradition and trust technology. Like these Nike Lunar Control spikes.  They’re made of waterproof full grain saddle leather and feature Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning in the heel. Good for 36 … if you are.

BUY IT   $190 Categories: Golf, Sport

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours at
Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Extended, meandering 100-city tours have made Long Beach, California’s Cold War Kids into one of the tightest live acts out. They’ve got a stack of celebrated singles, live EPs and a pair of full-length records behind them already. Their new album, Mine Is Yours, is being called things like “soul punk” and “emo rock blues.” And when nobody knows what to call it … that usually means it’s good.

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lq ArcTop 02 Notebook at
lq ArcTop 02 Notebook

For many of us, getting it down on paper is the first step to starting a project. Making notes, lists and sketching out ideas on your handheld or computer just doesn’t feel right. lq creates handmade custom notebooks featuring a simple, utilitarian design with fine paper and a cork-sheet cover. Choose a custom size, paper stock and the sturdy, high quality notebook will land in your mailbox with a Mitsubishi uni-ball pigment ball pen included.

BUY IT   $40 Categories: Gear, Work

Lemmy The Movie at
Lemmy The Movie

You’re either down with Motörhead or you’re not. Die-hard fans say bassist Lemmy Kilmister is God. Could be. He’s definitely a rock-n-roll icon and heavy metal pioneer whose influence poisoned rock’s gene pool long ago. His Jack Daniels drinking, Marlboro smoking, full-on leather pants, ass-kicking life is chronicled in this just released multiple award-winning documentary.

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Snowdozer Ice Scraper at
Snowdozer Ice Scraper

Winter isn’t over. Don’t let the January thaw fool you. The next storm is already on its way. And when it hits, don’t get caught scraping the windshield of your new ride with the same antiquated tool dad used on his ’71 Hornet. The Snowdozer has evolved the ice scraper. It has a retractable handle and multiple faces to suit the snow, ice or whatever frozen precip’ you’re scraping.

BUY IT   $16.99 Categories: Gear, Tools

Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans at
Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans

Beers of bygone days are featured in this forthcoming book by designer Dan Becker. At 350 pages, it covers beer culture, history and highlights graphic design. Ordered alphabetically by brand, this collection of over 500 beers from around the world is impressive … even if you’re more of a wine drinker these days.

BUY IT   $12.46 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Board Game Remix Kit at
Board Game Remix Kit

In the day & age when you can get a full-bars wi-fi connection from Fiji to Mount Everest, literally, the idea of sitting around playing board games is kitsch nostalgia. But games like Scrabble & Monopoly get you interacting face to face with other human beings. Fresh, right? The Board Game Remix kit rewrites the rules to the classic games collecting dust in your closet, introduces some new games and teaches you how to improvise when you’re missing pieces. Old just became new.

BUY IT   From $5 Categories: Game Room

Vintage Motorcycle Lamp at
Vintage Motorcycle Lamp

After life as a motorcycle, Virginia-based artist, Betsy Ryland, grants these vintage cycle scraps immortality by turning them into artistic industrial designs. Her lamps are made of a spring, shock absorber and transmission gear standings on a base crafted from a brake caliper. Each lamp is one of a kind, unless you order a matching set. The artist will do custom work, too.

BUY IT   $149 Categories: Lighting, Space

Ferrari FF at
Ferrari FF

It took a while, but it seems Ferrari has finally realized a target market limited to millionaire bachelors is not that great for business. Most Ferraris fit two people max, maybe a wallet or magazine, too – but that’s it. Now they’ve released the FF, a model every bit the Ferrari of your dreams, but one that also will carry your luggage or a couple friends in the backseat. Founder Enzo Ferrari is rolling in his grave at the idea of a Ferrari you could carpool in, but this all-wheel drive hatchback coupe is just too sick not to love. It’s packing a massive 12-cylinder powerplant delivering 650 horsepower and about a thousand other ridiculous, high-tech performance features. Now just imagine breaking 200 miles per hour on the way to the office.

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