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“B” The Flying RC Car at
“B” The Flying RC Car

Simply called The B, it’s two RC vehicles in one: a car and a quad-copter. Powered by a Li-Ion battery, the B will fly & drive for 15 minutes on a charge, and its sturdy, flexible polycarbonate body & crash-worthy parts mean you can learn how to fly this bird without the worry of a crash & burn. A nose-mounted video camera also allows you to record your epic action in 720P HD. via

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Confessions from Correspondentland at
Confessions from Correspondentland

Australian journalist Nick Bryant is a foreign correspondent for the BBC. He covers war, politics, and other chaos all over the world. In his new book, he says all the things he cannot say in the dull and overlooked reporting he sends back to the newsroom.

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Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in America’s Loudest City at
Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in America’s Loudest City

This book is an oral history told by the people who made up Detroit Rock City from the late 60s to today. Names like Iggy Pop, Jack White, Wayne Kramer and Ted Nugent; classic venues like the Grande Ballroom & Eastown Theatre, and more, tell the tale of a city that really rocks.

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Grilled Kielbasa and Pesto Penne at
Grilled Kielbasa and Pesto Penne

You know dinner will be healthier & taste better if it’s not handed to you in a paper bag through a small window. So try this recipe. It’s almost as easy as drive-thru dining with the added bonus of no disgusting teenagers handling your food before you do.

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Sitka Hobo Knife at
Sitka Hobo Knife

You can use the blade to cut off all your ratty Coachella party bracelets, then use the fork & spoon to shovel in organic edibles from Whole Foods before stashing it back in your Cone Denim bedroll and heading to the railyard to hop the next freight-train back to Fantasyland.

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Braun CoolTec Shaver at
Braun CoolTec Shaver

Whether you shave with a blade or an electric, you know that dragging blades all over your face can cause serious irritation, burning, & redness. Braun’s innovative, new CoolTec shaver features an integrated cooling bar that cools your skin while you shave, resulting in a smoother, more skin-friendly shave.

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August Smart Lock at
August Smart Lock

Replace your current door lock with this thing and you’ll never need to put down the 3 bags of groceries to fish the keys out of your pocket ever again. The August Smart lock is controlled by your smartphone and autmomatically unlocks when you arrive. It also enables you to control who can & can’t enter your home without keys or codes.

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Portable Mosquito Repeller at
Portable Mosquito Repeller

One quick google search on the dangers of DEET and you’ll see why this portable tabletop mosquito repeller is a much better option. The 6-inch tall, AA-battery powered unit emits a safe, floral scent of geranium, peppermint, & lemongrass, essential oils that naturally repel mosquitoes, gnats, & midges without the use of any toxins that can damage your nervous system.

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Crumpler Karachi Outpost at
Crumpler Karachi Outpost

It looks like a vintage knapsack but inside it’s got a padded, 31-liter, adjustable camera pod with 12 dividers for a custom DSLR or video camera set-up. There’s also a padded sleeve for an iPad or 11-inch MacBook Air, external pockets, and the design is backed with a lifetime guarantee. via

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Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light at
Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light

When it comes to cordless tools, they don’t get much better or beefier than Milwaukee Tools’ M12 Lithium-Ion system. Soon-to-be-released, the new 200-lumen LED Stick Light runs 4 hours on a charge, working both as a handheld light or a hanging work light thanks to the fold-away stainless hook for hanging it in hard-to-reach places.

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