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Android-powered Parrot Asteroid at
Android-powered Parrot Asteroid

It looks like a phone but it’s not a phone, it’s a car stereo. The Parrot Asteroid, an Android-powered, in-car receiver offers tons of service apps, thousands of web radio stations, voice recognition, and hands-free calling. But no, unfortunately it won’t play your old tapes.

BUY IT   $350 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Canon Powershot ELPH 510 HS at
Canon Powershot ELPH 510 HS

If your girl’s current camera was underwear, it’d be those big, white, saggy granny panties. Can’t have that. Now, on the other hand if this new Canon Powershot ELPH was underwear, it would be a hot pink, silk number. If you go out and buy her one, it’s kinda like a gift for both of you.

BUY IT   $349 Categories: Photography, Tech

Jac Zagoory’s Staple Removers at
Jac Zagoory’s Staple Removers

Who cares about a staple remover? Well, apparently “Desk Artist” Jac Zagoory does. His ferocious staple chomping creatures like a lion, bear, cobra, gator, etc., are rendered in pewter, turning the dullest office tool in the history of humanity into something special.

BUY IT   $78 Categories: Gear, Work

Foundry Cycles at
Foundry Cycles

Pointy helmets and superiority complexes, yes, but humor is not something we normally associate with carbon fiber bikes. That’s why the ironically named Foundry Bikes, who build only with carbon-fiber, is kinda funny. Their custom framesets are about to hit stores and unlike their splashy-graphic, blinged-out competitors, Foundry frames look seriously cool. What’s better than black? Shipping in early 2012.

BUY IT   $2,900+ Categories: Bike, Sport

VooMote One Universal Remote Control at
VooMote One Universal Remote Control

Which do you lose more often, your phone or the remote? Regardless, when you hook yourself up with a Voomote, you turn your iPhone into a universal remote controller, thus cutting your search time in half. Or you double it; depends on your outlook.

BUY IT   $99 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

McLaren Special Operations Division at
McLaren Special Operations Division

If you’re looking to slap down over a quarter-million dollars for something (anything) British-made, you’ve obviously got money to burn. Therefore you should look into McLaren Special Ops, a new “client customization division” for the supercar maker. Think AMG or Brabus-type custom upgrades minus the metric system.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Exotic, Rides

Filson In Black at
Filson In Black

People love Filson for the brand’s timeless, classic styling and the infinite durability of their products. Buy one and you’ll never need another. But this isn’t the best recipe for repeat business, so they wised up. Now, they’re making everything in black so technically you do have a reason to buy another.

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Wear

Custom Cedar Cigar Box Powered Speakers at
Custom Cedar Cigar Box Powered Speakers

Good Deed Audio is based in New Hampshire, the birthplace of Yankee ingenuity. These guys are clever, upcycling cedar cigar boxes into high-quality desktop speaker sets. They reinforce and refinish the boxes then add aluminum cone, 2.5” drivers, internal 10W amps, and controls to bump stereo sounds through the warmth of wood.

BUY IT   $350 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Wonder Bikes Bobber at
Wonder Bikes Bobber

Texas motorcycle-maker Jason Wonder’s Wonder Bikes are simple, elegant machines; modern classics that pack today’s technology into old school finery. The Bobber’s hardtail frame, sprung girder front end, and stripped down look are powered by the reliability of a new H-D Sportster motor. In other words, it is roadtrip ready.

BUY IT   $ Inquire Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Sony Digital Recording Binoculars at
Sony Digital Recording Binoculars

Aside from maybe spotting a rare Kirtland’s Warbler or an Ash-Throated Flycatcher, what do birdwatchers have to be excited about? Never thought about that before, have you? Well, now there’s Sony’s new digital binoculars that capture 3-D full-HD video and big, bold still images. They also feature built-in GPS for geotagging your rare bird images or whatever you might shoot.

BUY IT   $1399 Categories: Photography, Tech
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