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LightCap 300 Solar-Powered Lantern at
LightCap 300 Solar-Powered Lantern

This is a bright idea. When you have multi-function gear you can be better prepared, while lightening your load – especially if you’re hiking, biking or camping. This solar-powered lantern is also a BPA-free waterbottle. Re-hydrate, while reading in your tent & never worry about replacing the batteries. Genius, really.

BUY IT   $29.95 Categories: Camping, Gear

The Quality Mending Company Canvas Duffle Bag at
The Quality Mending Company Canvas Duffle Bag

NYC’s Quality Mending Co. specializes in retro-vintage props and clothing. That’s why this duffle bag looks so rugged & classic. Heavy cotton canvas with leather trim and Talon zippers makes this sturdy, old school carryall perfect for the gym or a daytrip back to 1975.

BUY IT   $148 Categories: Bags, Gear

Frailty at

Though he’s no stranger to twisted flicks (like Twister and True Lies) Frailty marked the directorial debut for actor, Bill Paxton. In this psycho-thriller, Matthew McConaughey reveals to the FBI that his brother is the God’s Hands killer, who is ordered by his father (Paxton) to do the lord’s work and “destroy sinners.”  The plot totally thickens and involves an axe that is named Otis …

BUY IT   $6.99 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies

Ciclotte Stationary Bicycle at
Ciclotte Stationary Bicycle

Leave it to the Italians to create a work of art like this. While most exercise bikes seem to go better with your garage or basement décor, the Ciclotte is a gorgeous, sculptural stationary bike that will actually fit (if not compliment) your living space. Not just a pretty machine – the carbon fiber construction & performance mechanics make this a true training tool. It’s unique design employs sophisticated engineering for ease of use and comfort. And even if you just use it as a coat rack, like most people, it’ll still look good.

BUY IT   $10,700 Categories: Bike, Sport

2012 Mercedes CLS at
2012 Mercedes CLS

With its broad, flat grill and elongated hood, the body of the 2012 CLS is split between retro & futuristic styling. The shortened rear and stretched front recall the SL300 & early-60s racers, but everything else is purely modern.  Styling on this new model is clearly more aggressive than in year’s past, putting this 4-door sport coupe more in line with its Bentley and Porsche rivals.

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Genius and Heroin: The Illustrated Catalogue of Creativity, Obsession, and Reckless Abandon Through the Ages at
Genius and Heroin: The Illustrated Catalogue of Creativity, Obsession, and Reckless Abandon Through the Ages

Not just a book about junkies, but it’s still pretty interesting. Throughout history, the most creative voices and minds have also been among the most self-destructive. Writers, painters, musicians – think of pop stars like Kurt Cobain, artists like Jackson Pollack & writers like Kerouac – all of them tortured souls. In Genius and Heroin, you can learn what made them tick, their poisons of choice and the links that bind the doomed together. 368 pages.

BUY IT   $10.85 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Pub In a Box at
Pub In a Box

Almost everything you need for a party – just add beer. Preferably, pints of Guinness. This classic game collection includes all the best British pub games: dominoes, cards, cribbage, poker & regular dice and all the pieces for Rummy, Draughts, even Nine Mens Morris.

BUY IT   $29.95 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Kevin Cyr’s 20 Van Paintings at
Kevin Cyr’s 20 Van Paintings

There is something surreal…scratch that…unreal about American vans from the mid-80s. But artist, Kevin Cyr’s, oil & silkscreen paintings of them are downright ethereal. Maybe you should go to one of Cyr’s exhibitions and beg for one. Or maybe you have a sweet ’87 Econoline you could offer him for his next “subject” and he’ll trade you one of the paintings from his Van Series.  Good luck with that.

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Jack Spade Dry Dopp Kit at
Jack Spade Dry Dopp Kit

Not to be used a flotation device – but this bombproof dry bag will hold all of your lifesaving toiletries. Made of durable & water resistant tarpaulin, Jack Spade’s Dry Dopp Kit is about as manly a bag as you can find to hold your moisturizer, cologne & dental floss. Zip closure and clip down sides.

BUY IT   $95 Categories: Bags, Gear

Sony Ultimate Weapon Gaming Headset at
Sony Ultimate Weapon Gaming Headset

Block out all the BS of the real world & focus on the serious stuff – like getting high score. Sony’s Ultimate Weapon gaming-specific headset will take you deep into the cyber realm by canceling out the noise of your parents (or children) and bringing gameplay into your head with Dolby surround quality sound. If you’re into FPS games, you’ll hear your next victim’s heartbeat & never miss your target again. Seriously.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech
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