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Sir Richard’s Condoms at
Sir Richard’s Condoms

You hate them, but to their credit, condoms reduce the spread of disease and you have to admit the extra “stamina” they provide us guys is actually a bonus for both involved parties. Safe sex is still sex and Sir Richards’ brand condoms are taking a unique approach to marketing their latex. For each condom sold, one is donated to contraception programs in developing & underprivileged countries. Do good while you feel good? Sure.

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The Roma at
The Roma

You want good photos, but do you want to lug a whole extra bag just for your SLR photo gear? Most of the time, we say screw it & put the point-and-shoot in our pocket instead.  Here’s a compromise. The Roma by Ona is a mini SLR case that fits a body & lens and slides right into your duffel or pack. Your camera is protected and your bag stays organized. Easy.

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Dropkick Murphys: Going Out In Style at
Dropkick Murphys: Going Out In Style

The Dropkick Murphys have been making sing-along drinking music for over 15 years. Their raw, honest sound blends a punk rock ethos with flavors of traditional Irish work-songs and manly whiskey-soaked melodies. Going Out In Style is their seventh studio record and the band’s first new release in three years. This record gives you the DM’s at their technical best but nothing, absolutely nothing, beats their live show.

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Frontgate x Viking Grill at
Frontgate x Viking Grill

Spring is just around the corner and that means Grilling Season will soon be upon us. Quit fooling around with that old kiddie grill and go big this season. Viking has teamed up with Frontgate to create a professional-quality stainless steel grill with all the tech features serious backyard chefs demand. It’s a massive 62” wide with a cooking surface of 836 square inches. That’s big enough for Brontosaurus burgers or a whole rack of Flintstone ribs.

BUY IT   $2,995 Categories: Grill, Host

Cigarette Magnet at
Cigarette Magnet

Butts are gross. Not the ones Sir-Mix-A-Lot sings about, the other ones, cigarette butts. But these aren’t the real, stinky kind. They’re just magnets, perfect for sticking pictures to your fridge. No carcinogens, no hacking cough, just a sorta sick novelty.

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Decor, Space

Forgetful Gentleman Correspondence System at
Forgetful Gentleman Correspondence System

Even if you do manage to get it in the mail on time, a last-minute birthday card from the drug store doesn’t say much. The good men at Forgetful Gentlemen make fine stationery that will give your correspondence an upgrade. Their letterpress printed card set contains 12 hand-printed cards for occasions like Birthday, Get Well, Love & Congratulations.  The cotton Italian paper stock has a smooth, luxurious texture complimenting even the worst chicken-scratch.

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Geneva Sound XL at
Geneva Sound XL

From across the room you may not recognize this as a complete home sound system. It looks more like some cubic sculpture from the 80s. Actually, it’s a Swiss designed iPod/iPhone dock, speakers, CD, AM/FM radio and amplifier all in one. Color choices include red, black, white & walnut. The six internal speakers pack a full-spectrum punch and the ultra clean design makes it blend in with any décor.

BUY IT   $1999 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

iPhone Telephoto Lens at
iPhone Telephoto Lens

Photojojo makes a bunch of cool lenses that attach magnetically to your iPhone. Their latest, an 8X telephoto lens turns your phone camera into a long-range lens. When your shoot is over, just pop the lens off and stick it  in your pocket. And check out the other lenses they make if you’re a serious phone photographer.

BUY IT   $35 Categories: Photography, Tech

Persol Roadster Edition at
Persol Roadster Edition

Italian eyewear maker, Persol, is known for classic frames—refined styles fit for bad-ass dudes like Steve McQueen and James Bond. Hell, even little Hollywood turds like Zac Efron are hip to the Persol pedigree. Their latest collection takes design cues from classic roadsters with sweeping raked frames & metallic trims. Just the thing for weekend rides in your convertible.

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Perfect Nachos at
Perfect Nachos

Sports-watching food should break free into it’s own distinct food group: hot wings, pizza, beer, pretzels and of course almighty Nachos would stand atop this pyramid of game day pleasure. How do you do your nachos, gourmet or ghetto? Fresh cilantro, avo and beans or nuked cheese sauce and jalapeños? If you don’t have your own custom nacho technique already, get on it. The big game is just a few days away.

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