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Manufactum Forged Steel Knife at
Manufactum Forged Steel Knife

This hand-forged, German kitchen knife looks like it survived a nuclear blast or was dredged up from a shipwreck, but clearly the blade’s finish is perfectly precise. Hammered into shape from one molten chunk of steel, this knife has been stripped of all but the essentials. The maker’s mark is a grasshopper, a symbol of the Luneburg Black Forge.

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WineBotas at

Before hotdoggin’ 70s skiers made them a chic alpine accessory, wineskins or bota bags had been in use in Spain for a hundred years. It’s a simple, traditional goatskin bag made for carrying wine, or more specifically, sneaking wine into places where you’re not supposed to drink. This is the original Spanish botas, like the ones Ernest Hemingway drained in The Sun Also Rises.

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Patagonia Ultralight Down Shirt at
Patagonia Ultralight Down Shirt

For days out in the elements, layering is the key to comfort. Since it weighs nothing and packs down to the size of a grapefruit, you can jam this slim-fit 800-fill down shirt into your bag or knapsack for whatever weather the day may hold. It’s the perfect insulating layer for winter or a cozy shell on its own when the sun shines.

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Emilio Estevez’s Casa Dumetz Wine at
Emilio Estevez’s Casa Dumetz Wine

Growing grapes and making wine isn’t easy. It’s even tougher when you’re an actor living in Malibu, California. But Emilio Estevez is doing it and doing it well. He and his wife are nurturing a small estate where they produce organically grown, artisanal wines.  Their Pinot Noir comes from Malibu, while their Viognier and Syrah come from vines at Tierra Alta Vineyards in Santa Ynez. Photography: New York Times

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New Balance 410 at
New Balance 410

NB’s 410 style is old school, yet looks fresh. It has a slimmer and lower profile than other vintage runners in the New Balance line and that’s a plus when you’re rocking slim jeans. Nobody wants big, bulky clown shoes.

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American Film Posters – Polish Style at
American Film Posters – Polish Style

A movie poster featuring bold design should make an impact in any language. Even Polish, where the letters C, Z, and W, tend to dominate. Is that a Polish joke? These poster designs were all created by contemporary Polish artists and measure 27 X 39 inches.

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Croque Madame – Fork & Knife Sandwich at
Croque Madame – Fork & Knife Sandwich

Surely by this stage of your life you can fry an egg. Oh, you can? Good. Hopefully you can also operate the broiler in your oven. If you’re pretty confident with these two simple kitchen skills, you should have no problem making (and inhaling) this hot mess of a sandwich.

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Victory at

The soccer is phenomenal and the acting isn’t bad, either. This flick has Pelé, the greatest soccer player of all time, and Michael Caine, the greatest British actor of all time, sharing the screen. This 1981 sports-adventure-war drama revolves around an unlikely soccer match between Allied prisoners of war and their German captors during WWII. Sylvester Stallone, five years after making the greatest boxing movie ever, made this, the greatest soccer movie ever.

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Whiskey in a Can at
Whiskey in a Can

No Glass Allowed In Pool Area. Buzzkill. We’ve found a solution to this annoying rule and it’s not a red plastic cup. It’s actually way better. How about cracking open a frosty can of whiskey? Yes, a can of whiskey. Soon the company will launch vodka, gin and all your favorite spirits—in cans. Imagine the possibilities for poolside cocktails. It’s just incredible isn’t it?

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Volkswagen XL1 at
Volkswagen XL1

This is pretty crazy. Volkswagen’s XL1 concept car is going into production. While car geeks wondered if this thing would ever see the light of day, the German automakers got busy putting the project in motion. Only 100 of these vehicles will be made in the first run, making it a truly custom car. That’s pretty wild. But, what’s really nuts is the fact it’s powered by a 2-cylinder TDI engine & electric motor, which combine to create a futuristic fuel consumption of 261 miles per gallon.

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