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Jetlev R200 Flyer at
Jetlev R200 Flyer

Stop dreaming and start flying. The Jetlev is a jetpack made for personal flight. Yeah, just like George Jetson, but not a cartoon. Jetlev is real. Using the thrust of pressurized water, the pack carries the pilot through the air with ease. Don’t worry about how it works; it’s really complicated, but totally safe.

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Silva Bamboo MacBook Case at
Silva Bamboo MacBook Case

It’s so slim it almost looks like a Mac made of wood, but this handmade bamboo attaché is actually a protective case for your computer. To make these cases, raw bamboo is milled-out to perfectly fit your Mac laptop. The inside is lined with soft wool felt and the handle is made from a single piece of leather. The woodgrain comes to life with a hand-rubbed Tung oil finish. Renewable materials, hand-made construction, made in the U.S.A. Very smart.

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Spicy Chicken Skewers at
Spicy Chicken Skewers

You know who invented chicken skewers? Cavemen. Well, maybe they used Pteradactyl, but the prep is pretty much the same. Put meat on stick then cook. This slightly more detailed recipe will show you how to do it right in the age of gas grills, plates and stuff.

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Brazil at

Ever heard the term “non-representational art”? If not, watch this movie for the definition. It’s a futuristic nightmare comedy, a dystopian satire. It was so bizarre in fact, director Terry Gilliam almost never saw its release. As the story goes, Universal Pictures felt the movie was too weird and delayed its release. So, Gilliam screened it for the LA Film Critics Assoc. They named it Picture Of The Year for 1985 and basically embarrassed Universal into releasing it.

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2012 VW Beetle at
2012 VW Beetle

For 2012, the Volkswagen Beetle got a sex change or rather a … gender reassignment. What we’re trying to say is the “people’s car” now has some balls. A total redesign has created a new body that is lower, 3.3 inches wider and noticeably more aggressive. There are three trim options, the sportiest of which features a 2 liter, 200-horse motor. Another option is their clean diesel model hitting 40 MPG.

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Garmin Forerunner 610 at
Garmin Forerunner 610

The annoying thing about most digital watches is figuring out which buttons to push to get the info you want. The touchscreen on Garmin’s new watch/wrist computer eliminates the button BS. Swipe through various screens with ease, even in the middle of a run or cardio class. With about 500 features, the Forerunner will track your workouts in a variety of ways, helping you train smarter – not just harder.

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FlyNano at

Ingredients: JetSki, bi-plane, ultralight, snowmobile, rollercoaster, boomerang. Add all ingredients into the blender and press pureé. Once the ingredients have blended, you’ve got a FlyNano. Pour it into the water and you can now go skimming along the surface before lifting off & flying away. No pilot’s license is needed, but health insurance is highly recommended.

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Lord Nut Levington Nuts at
Lord Nut Levington Nuts

So you like your nuts a little cheesy, do you? But, maybe your girl likes them sweet. Either way, piquant peanut pervert Lord Nut Levington makes a variety of flavored nuts for you to munch on: cheddar cheese & jalapeño, Bloody Mary & cinnamon are just a few of his specialties.

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Brass Knuckle Corkscrew at
Brass Knuckle Corkscrew

Isn’t it cute? Use this darling little corkscrew to open your reds, your whites, even your pinks (admit it). Just remember, if you mix and match, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling like you got sucker-punched with the business end of these Bourgeois Brass Knuckles.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix Posters at
Formula 1 Grand Prix Posters

If you follow F-1 racing, you know the season kicked off last week in Australia. Right now they’re racing in China, and next week it’s Turkey. For this global series, Artist PJ Tierney has designed a series of high impact graphic posters for each stop on the tour. These are A2 size, high-quality digital prints hand-signed by the artist. Going fast.

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