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U-Boat Italo Fortana U-42 at
U-Boat Italo Fortana U-42

Sturdy and stylish with nautical cues, Italo Fontana’s U-42 model watch salutes the Italian Navy. This revised classic was originally designed for Italian Navy pilots during WWII and is now available in limited quantities. It’s easy to read in any weather & light conditions, plus this chunky slab of titanium is good for 300 meters under the sea with looks that are totally above board.

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Tales To Take Your Breath Away at
Tales To Take Your Breath Away

It’s sad great works of literature have to be disguised as packs of cigarettes & offered up in 6-packs to give them a chance of being read. It’s also kind of funny. UK’s Tank Books came up with this sexy packaging revealing pocket-sized classics like The Metamorphosis by Kafka and The Snows Of Kilimanjaro by Hemingway. There are 6 books in all, with flip-tops, foil and a much better taste than Nicorette.

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Denon 100 Turntable at
Denon 100 Turntable

The legacy of precision & quality in Japanese consumer audio begins with the Denon DP-A100 turntable. The year was 1971. Led Zeppelin IV had just hit the airwaves and Denon’s new servo technology made their turntables hotter than Robert Plant’s bellbottoms. This anniversary edition turntable marks 100 years for the brand and comes with a 5-year warranty, certificate of authenticity & a book telling the whole Denon story.

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Rounders at

This movie came out in ’98, before poker was cool again. Before most people played in front of their computers, in the dark, in their underwear. Okay, back to the movie. Matt Damon gets burned playing cards and tries to reform himself. Gets a girl. When his buddy, Worm, gets out of prison – he loses the girl. Then they go all in, playing and betting heavy trying to win enough cash to make good on Worm’s pre-prison debt. Guess what happens?

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Nomad Motorcycle Tent at
Nomad Motorcycle Tent

You’ll sleep better knowing that prying eyes can’t see your bike parked at the campsite. And, if you have to do a little wrenching in the morning when you wake up, you can do it right there in the shade of the vestibule without even getting dressed. Or if you prefer, you can stand upright in the tent and put on some clothes.

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Burger King New York Pizza Burger at
Burger King New York Pizza Burger

Are you ready to join Burger King’s royal court? Ok then, you have to pass the initiation. First, go to the exclusive new Whopper Bar in Manhattan, where the menu features new gourmet variations on classic BK burgers. Next, you have to eat the New York Pizza Burger. Its man vs. food. This massive slab consists of four Whopper patties topped with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce & a Tuscan pesto sauce. If you’re still standing after that, you’re in!

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Canon EOS 60D at
Canon EOS 60D

Want to step up your photography? You need to get into Canon’s legendary EOS family of DSLRs – the 60D is the perfect entry point to the next level. Not only will you get truly professional quality still images in massive 18 megapixel files, you will also be able to shoot cinematic HD video. And the greatest feature of all, the 60D takes all of Canon’s 50+ EF series lenses.

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Yellow Traffic Light at
Yellow Traffic Light

And you thought yellow lights were just a signal to stomp on the gas. Well, slow it down, buddy. Maybe then you’d notice how warm and mellow the yellow is. This designer pendulum light is made of re-used & up-cycled traffic light parts. Lets just say it’s a lot better for the environment than your driving.

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Aspiral Clocks at
Aspiral Clocks

This is functional art. The Aspiral clock was designed by two British gents with a lot of time on their hands. So, they devised a new way to tell time. The dial of the clock spins round & round. At twelve on the dot, the ball drops into the center to pop out again at the outside of the spiral. Each clock is guaranteed accurate and handmade just for you.

BUY IT   $440 Categories: Decor, Space

Chapfix Men’s Lip Balm at
Chapfix Men’s Lip Balm

Ladies love skiers, surfers & mountainmen. They dig all kinds of outdoorsy jocks…but they draw the line at crispy lips. If you play outside in the sun, wind and water – you’ve gotta protect. With SPF 15, beeswax and coconut oil, Chapfix does the trick. The package is also very manly…going well with stubble.

BUY IT   $12 - 3 pack Categories: Accessories, Groom
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