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HexBright Flex Flashlight at
HexBright Flex Flashlight

Most people will only use the built-in USB plug to recharge the batteries in their HexBright Flex flashlight. Poindexters however will be eager to write some code and program the light to do cool stuff. Not sure exactly what that cool stuff would be, but stuff programmers do. You know.

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Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper at
Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper

Vampire stuff, yes. Zombies? Oh, definitely. This gory little stopper ought to keep your red from gushing out all over the floor as you writhe in pain at the sight of your own vital fluid pouring out. Sorry, getting amped for Halloween a little early here. It’s handmade and hand painted. Don’t be scared to support zombie art.

BUY IT   $9.95 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Guts & Glory: The Golden Age of American Football at
Guts & Glory: The Golden Age of American Football

At just 16-years old, photographer Neil Leifert snapped one of the most iconic photos in the history of football. It was Alan Amache’s sudden death touchdown, in a battle that’s been called the “greatest game ever played.” That one photo kicked off Leifert’s career in sports photography, and he’d go on to net over 160 covers of Sports Illustrated and 40 covers of Time Magazine. Now Leifert’s classic, high-impact images of football’s golden age, from ’58 to ’78, have been collected in a glossy, 296-page hardcover from Taschen.

BUY IT   $30.54 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Black & White Clock at
Black & White Clock

Prague-based designer Vadim Kibardin has taken what looks like a bold step toward a new, ultra-minimalism with his Black & White Clock. The clock is gone, and all that remains are the numbers. Four independently powered forms display nothing but accurate time when you mount them on the wall. During the day the numbers appear black, when it gets dark, the display turns white.

BUY IT   $ TBD Categories: Decor, Space

Beer Bottle Coat Hooks at
Beer Bottle Coat Hooks

When you walk in the door from a long day on the job and sling your jacket onto one of these beer bottle coat hooks, you’ll be instantly reminded where you need to go next: straight to the fridge for that ice cold beer you deserve.

BUY IT   $27 Categories: Decor, Space

Yakima Whispbar at
Yakima Whispbar

Yakima has given their big, ample racks a much-needed reduction. The surgery went fine and the new ones are much lighter and sleeker but still just as fun to put your gear on.

BUY IT   $349+ Categories: Gear

U2: Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary Box Set at
U2: Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary Box Set

It’s amazing isn’t it, that U2’s music, going all the way back, still sounds just as vibrant, unique, and powerful as it did when it came out. And that’s a good thing because if it didn’t, nobody would step up to buy any of the four different versions of their Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary box sets they’re offering. From the Bono-stalker level 6-disc Uber Deluxe set down to the I-had-the-tshirt-in-high-school, 2-disc set, it’s a good dose of the old young U2.

BUY IT   $34.07 - $658.80 Categories: Media, Music

CristalBubble at

If you can’t convince your little diva to venture out on a camping trip, the CristalBubble might help bring her around. It’s a portable self-contained living space that gives you 360-degree views. Show her the pictures of it decorated like a hotel room, just don’t mention that a bear could slash right through the wall like it was a trash bag.

BUY IT   $11,400 Categories: Camping, Gear

Walls Notebook at
Walls Notebook

Wanna get your Banksy on without the risk of arrest? Unleash your Krink pens on this sketchbook that features 80 images of clean New York City walls instead of blank pages. No need to rush or run before you’re done.

BUY IT   $16.95 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Adidas Running: adizero Feather at
Adidas Running: adizero Feather

Across many sports, from basketball to football, Adidas’ adizero technology has made for some lighter-than-ever shoe releases lately. The freshest is the Feather, a shoe Adidas is touting as “the lightest everyday running shoe” they’ve ever made. At just 6.9 ounces, it’s pretty much nothing. So, if you needed another reason not to buy those weird wetsuit-bootie-barefoot-toe-slipper things, now you’ve got one.

BUY IT   $100 Categories: Sneakers, Sport
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