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Halo Reach

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Sailor Jerry Playing Cards at
Sailor Jerry Playing Cards

Sailor Jerry was the godfather of classic tattoo styling. Over the past 60 years, his artwork has been copied, co-opted and made it’s way permanently onto the skin of millions. His art can also be found on shirts, shoes, rum bottles and now, a set of playing cards. This official set of cards features classic flash art with a vintage patina for that old time flavor.

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Clamp Coffee Table at
Clamp Coffee Table

Simple objects with profound design appeal – that’s what the creations from the artist’s collective of Nonlinear are all about. This table is the perfect example. Composed of simple ingredients – pickled oak, tempered glass top & sturdy legs topped with adjustable clamps – it begs the question, why? The answer may be up for debate, but the table’s good looks are unquestionable.

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Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream at
Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream

Alcohol infused whipped cream – it was only a matter of time. But now that you think of it, what took so long? All those Spring Break Jell-O shots and aprés-ski Irish Coffees were just one form of booze. Finally, you can step it up. With 6 flavors – raspberry, cherry, vanilla, chocolate, caramel & orange – mixing drinks is about to get a lot more fun, especially at 30-proof. Whip it good…indeed.

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2012 Nissan GT-R at
2012 Nissan GT-R

Automobile paparazzi have spent the last 6 months doing surveillance at test tracks around the world, leaking images of the 2012 Nissan GT-R all over the web. Man…it looks good. Unfortunately, not a lot of performance specifics have leaked. What we do know – it features enhanced aerodynamics in the nose & rear and has shed some 350-pounds, making it leaner than its predecessor. But, the 3.8-liter twin turbo still packs nearly 500 horses, which is really heavy.

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The Boxee Box at
The Boxee Box

Just released – click here for details.

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Aether Fall Line Black Jacket at
Aether Fall Line Black Jacket

There’s a growing trend toward minimalism in technical outerwear design. For many reasons. We’d like to think one reason is because we have too many pockets in which to lose car keys, cell phones & wallets, already. The two guys behind Aether must feel this way also – because you’d be hard-pressed to find a more stripped-down, performance-fabric jacket than this, anywhere.

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141 Eyewear at
141 Eyewear

The next time someone calls you four eyes, correct them. If you’re wearing prescription glasses from 141, you’re actually eight eyes. That’s because for every pair of glasses that 141 Eyewear sells, they donate a pair of prescription glasses to a child in need. It’s plain to see how cool their mission is. It’s one for one: one pair for you, one pair for someone else…and it all adds up to eight eyes.

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HDT Military Grade Motorcycle at
HDT Military Grade Motorcycle

Like a creation right out of a Mad Max movie, the M1030-M2 motorcycle may just be the burliest bike in the world. There’s nothing Hollywood about a bike that can run on diesel, jet fuel or about 5 other types of military fuel. This thing is a combat beast. With 670cc of thump and a clutchless 5-speed tranny, it’s not just built for getting into the shit, but getting the hell out of it, too. Comes in black, army green or desert tan. Nobody who’d ride this thing would want a red one.

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Bob Dylan: Witmark Demos and Complete Mono Recordings at
Bob Dylan: Witmark Demos and Complete Mono Recordings

Going all the way back to the early 60s, the forthcoming release of Bob Dylan’s Witmark Demos and Complete Mono Recordings capture the young spirit of Dylan in his early days.  The Witmark Demos feature 47 songs with Dylan, his acoustic guitar and bits of harmonica & piano. The Mono Recordings are Dylan’s first eight albums heard as they were originally recorded. Available on both CD & vinyl LP – this is real, honest-to-goodness Bob Dylan.

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