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Allsop WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart at
Allsop WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart

When the summer dies, so do the leaves on the trees. That means it’s time for the good-old fall cleanup. The Allsop WheelEasy cart is a soft-sided, collapsible wheelbarrow carrying just about everything you need to this autumn—from pine needles, leaves & brush to a back-breaking 300-pound load of firewood. Do you really think your girl can lift that? Sure she can.

BUY IT   $159.99 Categories: Gear, Lawn

Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time by Santana at
Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time by Santana

Guitar Wizard, Carlos Santana, takes you on a lick-laden joyride through some of the most classic ax-driven tracks in the canon of rock-n-roll history. Carlos, a hall of famer in his own right, brings in heavyweight talent to back him up on this hit parade. Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Joe Cocker, even hip-hopper Nas sing on this record. Hit songs become bonafide classics when they’re covered by the best in the biz. Turn it up.

BUY IT   $9.99 Categories: Media, Music

Cardok Underground Parking System at
Cardok Underground Parking System

Basically, the Cardok is your own batcave. This innovative, space-saving car lift & storage system doubles your parking space by putting your car underground. Whether you’ve got limited square footage or simply prefer to store your vehicle safely under like Batman, Cardok’s electro-hydraulic mechanism lowers or lifts your vehicle with the touch of a button.

BUY IT   $60,000 Categories: Garage, Space

Bottle Reopener at
Bottle Reopener

Tip one back for Alchemy Goods out of Seattle. What was once a seatbelt clasp is now a bottle opener called the Reopener. This fine example of creative “upcycling” gives a perfectly good piece of metal a much cooler afterlife than the landfill. 100% recyclable.

BUY IT   $18 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Le Noise by Neil Young at
Le Noise by Neil Young

From the little we’ve heard of Neil Young’s forthcoming release entitled, Le Noise, the name fits. With the exception of a few acoustic tracks, its all electric…and all Neil. Belting out his heartfelt lyrics and jamming on that Les Paul, the solo release drops September 28th on CD, vinyl & iTunes. In a few months, Le Noise will release on Blu-ray and in a free app for iPhone & iPad. Neil may be old school – but he knows how to reach the people. Always has.

BUY IT   $11.88 Categories: Media, Music

Gessato Men’s Skin Care at
Gessato Men’s Skin Care

By the time you’ve read this sentence, you will be older, your skin a few seconds farther into wrinkledom. And unlike women, most men only think about skin care and worry over crow’s feet when it’s too late. Better get to work, fellas! Gessato makes luxury skin care products just for men, meaning they are simple, effective formulations that take into consideration our complete lack of understanding about such things.

BUY IT Categories: Groom, Skin

Twelve South Compass iPad Stand at
Twelve South Compass iPad Stand

Two seriously-annoying iPad shortfalls have been remedied by Twelve South with the release of their Compass iPad stand. The first: a stable, easel-style stand puts your new best friend at the perfect angle for watching movies. Second: flip in the center leg and you’ve got (finally) a comfortable stand for typing. Been waiting for this one? Yeah, so have we.

BUY IT   $39.99 Categories: Portable, Tech

Knog Strongman Bike Lock at
Knog Strongman Bike Lock

This lock is so rad someone might try to steal it. Australian bike accessory maker, Knog, builds nothing boring. They manage to squeeze unique, yet functional, features into even the most mundane products. Like, when’s the last time you saw a bike lock that looked cool? Oh, just now? Exactly. This chic, hardened steel number features a silicone inner ring to keep your frame looking fresh & scratch-free and it’s shape will fit loads of different anchors spots for locking your bike to.

BUY IT Categories: Bike, Sport

Jack Daniels’ Mr. Jack 160th Birthday Bottle at
Jack Daniels’ Mr. Jack 160th Birthday Bottle

How often does your 160th birthday come around? Usually never. Unless you’re as important a fellow as the legendary Jack Daniels. Instead of 160 candles, Old No.7 is being released in a striking, special-edition black bottle. Guess that makes this a Jack Daniels’ blackout. Ever had one of those before? Well, now you can again.

BUY IT   $29.99 Categories: Drink, Host

FanVision Handset at
FanVision Handset

Whether you’re at home on your couch or way up in the nosebleed seats, FanVision puts the gridiron in your hands – streaming live football games from a digital TV channel to your handheld device. It also gives you instant replays on demand and streams other channels, like NFL Red Zone, on a sharp, 4.3-inch screen. If the game goes into OT, no sweat, the battery lasts for 6-hours.

BUY IT   $199 Categories: Tech, Television
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