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Tsovet SVT-AT76 at
Tsovet SVT-AT76

With the exception perhaps of the naming of their watch models, Swiss timekeepers Tsovet are making everything about their new timepieces unforgettable.  The SVT-AT76 features a handsome matte PVD gunmetal case, precision Swiss movement and a handcrafted Italian calf leather strap. This small batch model will be hand-numbered 1-25 for those who prefer ultra-limited editions.

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Tanner Goods Belts at
Tanner Goods Belts

The term “Made in America” should’ve never gone away and we think it’s a good sign it’s making a comeback. Portland, Oregon’s Tanner Goods makes quality leather products the old-fashioned way, with timeless styling. Their vegetable tanned leather belts, featuring heavy-duty brass and nickel-plated buckles, are built to last by American craftsmen. This is what we call positive change.

BUY IT   $88 Categories: Accessories, Wear

Touching The Void at
Touching The Void

True stories are the craziest ones! This true-tale of two climbers, who attempted the never-before-climbed 1985 ascent of a massive peak in the Peruvian Andes, was of course not without its dangers. When one climber is hurt, his partner has no choice but to get them both out of the high alpine and back to safety. There are complications & chaos. Will they both survive? Guess you’ll have to watch it to find out …

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De Bruir Weekender at
De Bruir Weekender

The designs of Ireland’s Garvan De Bruir are best described as modernist. The young designer employs foundational, classic motifs to form products that are totally new, yet have a traditional texture & quality. His Weekender bag is a perfect example. With its heavy, rich leathers it could be from the 1890s, but its minimalist lines and understated elegance place it squarely in the present.

BUY IT   $575 Categories: Bags, Gear

Marky Ramone’s Pasta Sauce at
Marky Ramone’s Pasta Sauce

Seminal New York punk pioneers The Ramones had a patented recipe for their songs: A 3-chord riff with a 4/4 beat. And this simple recipe has had fans eating up their records for over 30 years. But because there’s no punk-rock pension, drummer Marky Ramone is now working on another recipe. This one is called Brooklyn’s Own pasta sauce.

BUY IT   $88 Case Categories: Food, Host

Tron Skateboard at
Tron Skateboard

Get the details at

Categories: Gear

Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit at
Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit

Kenton Sorenson creates fine handmade leather goods. You may wonder if the raw leather look is your style, but what happens through use is that the leather tone becomes totally unique. It becomes yours as rich natural hues emerge. This dopp kit is sturdy and simple with a wraparound tie closure that can also be used to keep the kit open during use.

BUY IT   $145 Categories: Gear

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener at
Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener

Since one of your reject buddies already put a nice chip in your custom countertop, it might seem kinda too little, too late to get this handy beer opener fridge magnet. But it’s so easy; so right. It just sticks to your fridge, right there where even a guy who’s a few brain cells shy of a 12-pack could find it. And hey, if you won’t buy it … we bet your lady will.

BUY IT   $23 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Best Made First Aid Kit at
Best Made First Aid Kit

Nobody ever wants to rush for the med kit. But it’s a lot worse to go hunting for it, while a geyser of blood is shooting out of your fingertip. Mount this OSHA-approved unit on the wall and the big red cross will remind you where to run when something gross happens. Trauma pads, bandages, gloves, antiseptic – check.

BUY IT   $89 Categories: Accessories, Gear

LaCie Tank at
LaCie Tank

In some ways we’re pretty dumb, aren’t we? Like, we only get extra keys made after paying the locksmith 500 bucks to get us into our car. We vow to back our computers up only after losing the family photo archive. Maybe now would be a good time to think ahead. Just take a baby step. Get one of these shitstorm-proof cases from LaCie to hold your 2.5” hard drives, digital cameras, or any other small, valuable electronic-type gear you don’t want to replace. Do some damage control.

BUY IT   $30 Categories: Computers, Tech
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