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Apple iPod touch 5 at
Apple iPod touch 5

In a big day of new Apple product launches, the 5th generation iPod touch was also unveiled. This iOS 6 powered 32 or 64GB model is the thinnest iPod touch ever and features the same 4-inch Retina display as iPhone 5. And like the new phone, you can also talk to Siri with this new model. Colors options include raw aluminum, red, yellow, blue, black, and a (PRODUCT) RED version.

BUY IT   $299 Categories: Portable, Tech

The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo at
The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo

The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a heroic literary classic. If you haven’t read it yet, you never will. But if you want to hear the true-life tale of the real Count, read this new book that reveals he was the son of a black slave and rose to prominence in the military during the French Revolution.

BUY IT   $16.20 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Apple EarPods at
Apple EarPods

Apple didn’t really have to do much to improve upon their signature white, pretty-much-crap earbuds. But at the official launch today, it appears they did quite a lot. Now called “earpods” the upgraded buds feature a more directional, dual-grill design for better sound quality and will come standard with new iPod, Nano, and iPhone 5 models.

BUY IT   $29 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Apple iPod nano at
Apple iPod nano

Apple’s new nano also launched today. A full re-design brings us a 2.5-inch screen, a 38% thinner profile, plus a 30-hour battery life, built-in pedometer, FM tuner, Bluetooth, and up to 16GB of storage. That’s a lot for a little.

BUY IT   $149 Categories: Portable, Tech

Filson Limited Forestry Cloth Cruiser No-16 at
Filson Limited Forestry Cloth Cruiser No-16

Forestry cloth is a light and durable worsted wool. When it was first made by Filson a hundred years ago, it was perfect for walking and working in the woods. This button-front cruiser will work just as well today for keeping you warm and dry in all types of weather.

BUY IT   $335 Categories: Wear

Tempest by Bob Dylan at
Tempest by Bob Dylan

50 years after the release of his debut album, master songsmith Bob Dylan is back with a fresh record. Tempest features ten all-new tunes from the legendary singer-man with the voice like sand and glue.

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Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Encyclopedia at
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Encyclopedia

Before tattooing his face and the Hangover movies, Mike Tyson was boxing’s most pugilistic champ. All his knockouts had dollars and endorsements flowing in. He even had his own Nintendo game. To celebrate 25 years since NES released Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, this book catalogs everything you could ever want to learn about a truly classic video game.

BUY IT   $125 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair at
Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair

Sitting in a whiskey barrel sounds good doesn’t it? And even though it probably doesn’t sound quite as good if the old oak barrel is empty and transformed into an Adirondack chair, it would still be a comfortable spot to sit.

BUY IT   $469 Categories: Seating, Space

TufRack at

TufRacks are made for serious bikers who don’t trust strapping they’re steed to a crappy sports store bike rack. They’re constructed of super-strong laser cut 16-gauge steel and guaranteed indestructible. The modular design makes it easy to set up a custom rack for your ride.

BUY IT   $114-199 Categories: Bike, Sport

Smartype Keyboard at
Smartype Keyboard

In keyboarding class they taught us the “home row” and that looking at the keys was cheating. And what good did it do? Well, this keyboard is made for us: the hunters and peckers. What you type is displayed on a slim screen at the top of the keyboard, so you can see your mistakes without having to keep looking up.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Computers, Tech
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