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Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice at
Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice

It’s a party on wheels. This rolling grill and cooler system is perfectly portable. With 7-inch rubber tires you can take it on off-road adventures like beach barbecues and camping. The compact gas grill features Char-Broil’s Infrared technology for higher, more consistent grill temps resulting in juicier steaks, burgers and brats. Beneath the grill are two detachable, 30-quart coolers for your sport-sodas. Pack it up & roll out.

BUY IT   $174.98 Categories: Grill, Host

The 3D Art Book at
The 3D Art Book

An impressive list of innovative contemporary artists jumped at the chance to work on this retro 3D art book with renowned designer/artist, Tristan Eaton. Over 100 pieces from artists as various as Shepard Fairey, Eric White, Tokidoki, Ron English, Claw Money and others are rendered in classic 3D style. The book includes a pair of blue & red glasses and features a historical account on the history of this 50s-era form by cultural critic, Carlo McCormick.

BUY IT   $20.79 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Garmin GTU 10 at
Garmin GTU 10

A GPS-based tracking device? Think of the Garmin GTU-10 as a house arrest anklet, like all the celebs are wearing, only easier to remove. Combining GPS-technology with a web-based tracking system, you can simply log in and pinpoint the location of your tracking beacon. Find your late-for-dinner kid in the neighbor’s tree fort or your runaway dog on the other side of town. Also works well for the insanely jealous spouse.

BUY IT   $199 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Adam Cornish’s Wooden Hammock at
Adam Cornish’s Wooden Hammock

The progressive, award-winning designs of Australian artist, Adam Cornish straddle the line between fine art and furniture. His wooden hammock is constructed from one piece of plantation-grown plywood modeled after the human spine providing perfect posture in the prone position.

BUY IT   $2900 Categories: Seating, Space

The Knuckle Forged BBQ Tool Set at
The Knuckle Forged BBQ Tool Set

You’re a man cooking meat over an open flame; get the right tools for the job. Do you really need titanium or Scandinavian design to make your steak just right? Didn’t think so. Try this forged, hand-hammered steel BBQ tool set: each spatula, fork & steak turner is one-of-a-kind.

BUY IT   $200 Categories: Grill, Host

Steve McQueen ‘Le Mans’ Porsche 911S Auction at
Steve McQueen ‘Le Mans’ Porsche 911S Auction

The “King Of Cool” Steve McQueen first drove the 1970 Porsche 911S in the opening scene of the iconic Hollywood racing epic Le Mans. He liked the car so much, he kept it after the movie wrapped up. Now, this original classic right out of McQueen’s stable, is going up for auction. This is about as close as you can get to buying “cool” and it’ll cost you.

BUY IT   Auction Categories: Exotic, Rides

Tembo Trunks Earbud Speakers at
Tembo Trunks Earbud Speakers

Can you travel light and still travel in style? With innovative products like these rubber, power-free earbud speakers – you can. Virtually indestructible, they turn your earbud headphones into great little travel speakers. On an extended African safari, the two Australian guys behind the Trunks design realized their iPod headphones could do more. Several prototypes later, they set up a crowd-funding campaign to bring their Tembo Trunks to market.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Festool CSX Cordless Drill at
Festool CSX Cordless Drill

A compact cordless drill is handy to have, but most of your choices are nutless, down-sized little weaklings. Don’t screw yourself buying some chintzy tool made for “household” jobs. The new Festool CXS is a little beast, a pro-grade cordless drill with an array of interchangeable chucks to tackle a wide variety of screwjobs around the house.

BUY IT   $225 Categories: Gear, Tools

Upcycled Messenger Bags at
Upcycled Messenger Bags

You might have to define “upcycling” when people ask about your messenger bag. But that’s cool. It means taking a discarded product and giving it a new life. This bag uses salvaged hardware and recycled leather to create a totally new carry-all.  It’s got all the features you need in a messenger bag: zip & Velcro outer pockets, adjustable shoulder strap, etc., and each bag is handmade to order.

BUY IT Categories: Bags, Gear

Six-Pack Frame Cinch at
Six-Pack Frame Cinch

This handmade leather cinch was originally designed to hold a hipster’s fixie-polo mallets. But that went out of style in about a week, so the Portland-based designers found a new use. The simple, adjustable leather cinch secures a 6-pack perfectly to your bike’s top tube for a safer ride back from the liquor store. It’ll hold a lot of other stuff too, but what’s more important than beer?

BUY IT   $22 Categories: Bike, Gear
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