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Lamborghini Garden Tools at
Lamborghini Garden Tools

Get your grass in gear with these exotic Italian gardening tools. Like everything bearing the Lamborghini logo, they’re beautifully designed and built for performance. Hedge trimmers, chainsaw, shrub shears – they’ve got the whole quiver and unlike their 4-wheeled counterparts, they won’t guzzle gas. All these tools are electric or cordless-rechargeables.

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Mica Plank Maple Wood Watch at
Mica Plank Maple Wood Watch

Look closely, these watches from upstart-brand Mica, are made of wood. Not since the Golden Age of the Bavarian cuckoo clock has a wooden timepiece looked so cool. Mica offers four models carved from 100% maple. You better get one before the termites do.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Watches, Wear

Vapur Anti-Bottle at
Vapur Anti-Bottle

Backpackers and minimalists alike will love this thing. Same goes for anyone who’s ever carried around their empty water bottle wishing they could just stash it. The Vapur anti-bottle does it. It’s not just BPA-free & dishwasher-safe, it’s also crushable. Packable. Finished your drink? Okay, now just squeeze it flat and jam it in your pocket, pack, briefcase, whatever and keep on keeping on.

BUY IT   $8.95 Categories: Camping, Gear

The Dissent of Man by Bad Religion at
The Dissent of Man by Bad Religion

Punk rock will never die. Especially when the guys who do it best, Bad Religion, keep making noise and pushing buttons. This seminal group – loud and political – has never shied away from their anti-establishment roots. The Dissent Of Man is the group’s 15th album and the sound remains a burning, peeling wall of angst-ridden punk rock.

BUY IT   $11.97 Categories: Media, Music

Jimmy Page’s Photographic Autobiography at
Jimmy Page’s Photographic Autobiography

There are a few key reasons why this new book, the Jimmy Page Photographic Autobiography, is epic. One: as the guitarist of Led Zeppelin, Page is a certified Guitar God. Two: the book is fine – museum-quality, with a Moroccan leather binding and 500 archival paper pages. Third: Genesis Publications is only printing 2500 of them. You better hurry.

BUY IT   $700 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Boxed Water at
Boxed Water

The Jerk was a great movie – but Pizza In A Cup was an idea that just didn’t work. Boxed Water, on the contrary, makes almost too much sense. The carton is made of recycled paper. Shipping the cartons flat to the water supplier is way greener and unlike a plastic bottle, the used carton goes easily back into the recycling stream. On top of that, 20-percent of Boxed Water profits go back into supporting water and forestry foundations.

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Buttero Hiking Boots at
Buttero Hiking Boots

This fall, hiking boots will be at the peak of fashion – mostly in places where there are no mountains. But, in or out of the urban wilderness, these Buttero Italian hikers will keep you ahead of the troops. With features like full grain, vegetable-tanned leather uppers, metal eyes and a real Vibram sole – Buttero’s are more than just chic, they’re classic.

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Tailgate Folding Wooden Picnic Table at
Tailgate Folding Wooden Picnic Table

Whether you plan a sunset picnic in the park or serious tailgating at the big game, the suitcase table will make your night. Fold out this sturdy aluminum-frame & wood-top table with seating for four and let the chilling (and grilling) begin.

BUY IT   $134.99 Categories: Camping, Gear

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 Auction at
James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 Auction

Is this the most famous car of all time? Ask your dad. James Bond’s legendary Aston Martin DB 5, originally seen ripping along mountain roads in the Swiss Alps in the 1964 classic, Goldfinger, is up for auction. This marvel of British auto craftsmanship and Hollywood lore is sure to catch a pretty penny; especially since it comes equipped with smokescreen, machine guns & all the other 007 gadgets that made it famous. Auction date October 27, 2010

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Edifier Aurora Portable Speaker System at
Edifier Aurora Portable Speaker System

What’s the point of loading gigs & gigs of music and movies onto your computer if they sound like crap? Turn your hotel room workout or movie-watching experience up a notch. Edifier’s Aurora Portable Speaker System features an aluminum bass tube with a 2-inch woofer and two satellite mid-range speakers – together making a sweet little sound system you can take with you everywhere your computer goes.

BUY IT   $60 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech
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