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Panasonic Lumix GF3 at
Panasonic Lumix GF3

We’re always featuring new digital cameras. Mainly, because a new model comes out every other day and they’re all good for about one drop off the edge of the table. Replacement is inevitable. This updated Lumix GF3 is small yet powerful, bridging the gap between pocket-size convenience and pro SLR results. Just try not to drop it.

BUY IT   $699 Categories: Photography, Tech

True Temper Total Control Wheelbarrow at
True Temper Total Control Wheelbarrow

On a hot summer day, the last thing you want to happen with your wheelbarrow full of steaming manure is to lose a grip and dump it out halfway to your destination. Talk about losing your shit! The sturdy steel loop handles on this 6-cubic foot hauler make all the difference. They help you keep a grip from portage to pour-out, no bull.

BUY IT   $119 Categories: Gear, Tools

Black & Tan Cookies at
Black & Tan Cookies

Fact: Everything is better with beer. Even cookies. These Black & Tan cookies use a bit of butterscotch ale in the ganache crust as well as good ol’ Guiness in the cookie dough. Unlike beer, these won’t make you fat & drunk … just fat. L.A.-based Batch From Scratch bakers also make a whiskey cookie. Give those a shot, too.

BUY IT   $39 dz Categories: Food, Host

Specialized McLaren Venge at
Specialized McLaren Venge

Over the years, Specialized has teamed up with dozens of brands for a variety of bike builds, but this most recent collaboration with McLaren—an institution in F-1 racing and high-end auto performance—tops all the rest.  For the absolute best and baddest in lightweight, stiff, and aerodynamic materials, Specialized tapped the dudes at McLaren and the result is a bike that is so crazy light and trick you’ll barely believe it’s UCI-legal.

BUY IT   $7995+ Categories: Bike, Sport

Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul at
Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul

The guys in Into The Cold don’t cut their arms off with a pocketknife, but there’s still some excitement. Follow explorer/environmentalist Sebastian Copeland and his partner on their 2-month, 400-mile walk around the North Pole where they brave crushing cold and the stark frozen vastness of the world’s most inhospitable place. Look at it this way,  you don’t know how this movie ends. Isn’t that exciting in itself?

BUY IT   $24.95 Categories: Media, Movies

Pinza Cord Holder at
Pinza Cord Holder

Power cords all seem to slide off the edge of the desk down into the dusty abyss. It’s enough to make you head butt the desktop repeatedly. Save your forehead, try the Pinza. It’s about as simple as putting a brick on top of the cords, but much smaller and cooler looking. Cast in Stainless steel & hand-polished, this heavy little nugget holds multiple cords in place, preventing the powerful urge to headbutt.

BUY IT   $12 Categories: Gear, Work

BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition at
BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition

When you translate “murdered out” into German, it’s something like “ermordet draußen,” which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Maybe that’s why they named their new, ultra-limited edition M3 coupe the Frozen Black Edition. It’s got a custom satin finish that’s nothing but black—sort of Batmobile-ish and stealthy. Only 20 of these black stallions are coming to America, good luck getting on that list.

BUY IT   $79,650 Categories: Exotic, Rides

Suunto Elementum Terra All Black at
Suunto Elementum Terra All Black

Even if your biggest adventures are weekend hikes or after-work jogging in the urban jungle, the Elementum Terra will keep you on track. Encased in durable stainless steel, this chronograph features a 3D compass, altimeter and ascent/descent tracking on top of time, date and alarm. And perhaps most importantly, it’s black. All black.

BUY IT   $949 Categories: Watches, Wear

Wilbur Desk at
Wilbur Desk

A clean, minimalist workspace often means hiding nearby there’s a giant rat’s nest of cables. Or worse, hanging out in plain view. This tricky desktop nixes the nest. This design has an integrated cable storage compartment that you access from the top. No more crawling around on the floor looking for a plug. Its way easier than that.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Space, Table

Star Wars Recruitment Posters at
Star Wars Recruitment Posters

If you’re an adult still into Star Wars, you’re pretty much a Space Cadet already. Why not step-it-up and decorate your pad accordingly? Artist Steve Squall has created a unique set of Star Wars Recruitment propaganda posters that will really dress up the walls of your parent’s basement. Who knows, mom might even think you’re joining up and moving out!

BUY IT   $19.49 Categories: Decor, Space
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