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Sloppy Joe Sliders at
Sloppy Joe Sliders

Done properly, there is nothing green, leafy or particularly healthy about a Sloppy Joe. It’s all about meat and bread – and of course, the spicy sauce that glues it all together. When you’re looking down at a plate of Sloppy Joes, you know you’re filling up. But if you’re making them for your date, maybe a little side salad is a good idea.

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Kodak Playsport Burton Edition Camera at
Kodak Playsport Burton Edition Camera

Get the details at

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Owning Mahowny at
Owning Mahowny

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a great creep. As Truman Capote, he won an Oscar. In 2009’s Doubt, he was nominated for another. He’s up to his patented smarmy style in this 80s-era story of compulsive (and dangerous) gambling. During the day, he’s a putz assistant bank manager – after hours, he’s a hardcore gambling addict. When his habit gets too big to fund, he turns to the closest source of capital: the bank. Embezzlement begins and so does Mahowny’s undoing. It’s a sick and tragicomic look into the seedy world of gambling. Are you in?

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2011 Eddie Bauer Airstream at
2011 Eddie Bauer Airstream

Few brands can lay claim to a true classic legacy. As American as mom’s apple pie, Eddie Bauer and Airstream are exceptional brands that have stood the test of time with simple style. The two have now combined forces to create a special edition 25’ Airstream camper outfitted for sporty, rugged adventures from sea to shining sea.

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Aviator Wing Desk at
Aviator Wing Desk

If you run out of impressive things to talk about, you can say it’s a souvenir from the plane crash you survived. It does look pretty real. With the polished aluminum patchwork, exposed screwheads and a fat 78” width, it’s nearly true to scale. This time, your tall tale might actually fly.

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2011 Bike EXIF Calendar at
2011 Bike EXIF Calendar

You like bikes. Cafés, chops, street trackers, customs … they’re all good. Bike EXIF is the place you’ll find your daily dose of cycle culture and 2-wheeled perversion. They’ve made a great calendar of the year’s best bikes. Sorry, there are no bikini-clad vixens, but there are also no OC Choppers. It’s a fair trade if you ask us. Just this once.

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Miranda Watkins Martini Set at
Miranda Watkins Martini Set

A fusion of minimalist refinement and structural precision gives British designer, Miranda Watkins’, creations a look of distinction. Her “Martini” travel cocktail set, commissioned for a Wallpaper Magazine exhibition, combines pewter & cork in an elegant outcome.

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The War for Late Night at
The War for Late Night

Even if you agree that neither Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien are even the least bit funny, you might still get a kick out of this exposé chronicling the battle between the two late night goofs. This book by TV expert, Bill Carter, reveals the mysterious backstory of television politics & pop-cultural chaos that unfolded when network bosses tried to change the schedule …

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Rimowa Aluminum Luggage at
Rimowa Aluminum Luggage

You’ve likely seen a Rimowa aluminum suitcase rolling gracefully through a foreign airport pulled along behind a well-dressed businessman with impossibly pointy shoes. The German luggage maker has been refining this timeless, all-aluminum design since it was first offered in the 1950s. Rimowa cases are offered in a variety of  sizes and will always compliment your attire; maybe even your shoes.

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Poco Pro Credit Card Sized High Definition Camera at
Poco Pro Credit Card Sized High Definition Camera

It’s going to take quite a few more system upgrades before your phone is smart enough to match the features of the POCO. This 14.6 megapixel video and still camera in a magnesium case is the size of a credit card and records 1080p video at 60fps, has auto focus, super macro, image stabilization, face recognition, and manual controls. Enough to make your smart phone feel kinda stupid, actually.

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