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Texas Chicken Tacos at
Texas Chicken Tacos

Most of the world’s greatest foods are handheld items: the pizza slice, the burrito, the bagel, etc. And let’s not forget, the taco. Basically, it’s a vessel to get your dinner from the plate to your face with minimal effort. And it works. What you put inside the taco is up to you but this week, we’ve got a great recipe for chicken tacos. It’s easy; really easy actually.

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Lost Highway at
Lost Highway

In the realms of the surreal, dreams become reality. And for director David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Dune) surrealism is familiar territory. Follow actors Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, and Balthazar Getty into a strange montage of illusion, dread, and violence. Let’s not forget mystery, intrigue and psychedelia, too. This movie is tweaked but like all Lynch films, just let it wash over you like a dream and revel in the weirdness.

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Nikon D5100 at
Nikon D5100

Serious bang for the buck. The D5100 offers Nikon’s proven image quality in a do-it-all DSLR that combines hobby camera prices and professional quality results.  The stats: 16.2 MP file size, swiveling LCD monitor back, full HD video capabilities with full-time autofocus, plus new Effects & HDR settings for high-impact images.  It also comes with a AF-S 18-55mm VR lens included; all for less than a thousand smackers. Believe it.

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Miniot iPad 2 Wood Cover at
Miniot iPad 2 Wood Cover

We were pretty stoked when the new iPad 2 came out, but when we laid eyes on the Miniot Cover, we got wood. Is that weird? It’s a three-way stand for your pad, but most importantly, it provides protection for your easily scratched screen. Light & slim the cover features an Ultrasuede microfiber lining. The wood comes from managed, sustainable forests and Miniot even offers free engraving. Made in Holland.

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Pioneer Noise Cancellation Earphones at
Pioneer Noise Cancellation Earphones

Sick of toting around your bulky, old noise canceling cans in their special little case? Lighten your carry-on bag with these earbuds from Pioneer. They block out 90% of ambient noise and the battery lasts a marathon 120-hours. A carrying pouch, 4 ear tip sizes, 1 AAA battery and in-flight plug adapter are all included.

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Journal Bandolier at
Journal Bandolier

If you’re a regular doodler, sketch artist, scribbler, poet, or planner you’re constantly looking for a pen, right? Maybe a mechanical pencil, whatever. The point is, you need to keep an implement handy. This journal bandolier does just that. Handmade and available in a wide array of colors & styles, these elastic straps wrap around your journal with Velcro and feature loops to hold your writing utensils. Various sizes to fit all Moleskine and standard journals.

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Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL at
Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL

The Mercedes 300SL is among the most iconic cars ever made. An incredible winning streak in races throughout the 50s didn’t hurt the car’s legacy, but it was the gullwing doors that rewrote the book on auto design. This new reproduction by Texas-based custom builders, GWA, is based on the winning 1952 Panamerica car. Aside from the silhouette and period-correct looks, this car is all new. Its powered by a new V8 Benz engine, gearbox & drivetrain, and the body is made from aluminum. Classic style with modern reliability.

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Shipwreck Furniture at
Shipwreck Furniture

What was once lost at sea, finally comes home to port. South African furniture designer, Nic Kruger, makes custom furniture from shipwreck materials. Timber, metal and various structural parts dredged up from the ocean floor are reworked in Kruger’s shop to create incredibly rich and textured pieces. Worn, rusty, bent and beat, these materials make gorgeous furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Jabra Freeway at
Jabra Freeway

Don’t be the next cell phone car crash victim. Keep your hands on the wheel & your eyes on the road with this Bluetooth speaker phone and surround system for your car. Totally hands-free, this system lets you switch from rich, stereo sound to an incoming call & back without ever putting you, your passengers or other drivers at risk. When you get in the car the system automatically turns on and syncs with your phone. Voice command activated – easy as that.

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Steak Button Thermometer Set at
Steak Button Thermometer Set

You want yours to be a bloody mess, she wants hers medium, buddy over there wants his steak medium-well. Need help keeping track of everyone’s order? For your next BBQ, try some Steak Buttons. The handy, stainless steel and glass thermometer set monitors meat on the grill or in the broiler. Easy.

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