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WACO Modern Biplane at
WACO Modern Biplane

It’s WACO Classics, not Wacko. These custom-made, FAA-certified, open-cockpit planes may look like artifacts from the first World War, but they’re brand new reproductions of classic bi-planes from the ’30s and technically speaking, they’re totally modern. Featuring advanced avionics and updated safety features, WACOs are the very finest in retro aircraft carrying you up & away to the golden age of aviation.

BUY IT   $395,000 Categories: Exotic, Rides

Zombie Reads! at
Zombie Reads!

The rise of the vampire novel in popular culture may have been the last nail in the coffin of what was once known as literature. But apparently it was undead, because the best-seller list is now getting stacked with all things zombie. Here’s a few rotten reads we unearthed just in time for Halloween.

World War Z ($6.99), Day By Day Armageddon ($10.20), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Postcard Set ($8.06), The Zombie Survival Guide ($5.63), U.S. Army Zombie Combat Skills ($10.17), The Code Of The Zombie Pirate ($9.32), The Zombie Combat Manual ($10.08), Night Of The Living Dead: Behind The Scenes ($11.53), How To Speak Zombie ($10.17), Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament ($11.20), 501 Things To Do With A Zombie ($9.95), Zombie Mosh: The Game ($17.99)

  - Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Knife & Saw Bike Shelf at
Knife & Saw Bike Shelf

Practical beauty. This handcrafted bike rack & shelf is smart. It saves space by getting your bike up off the floor – the shelf holds bike gear or a plant or whatever. It also serves as a stunning display, if you happen to have a magical bike that you want others to ogle at without knocking over. Made of woods like Chestnut and Ash, the rack is mounted to a sturdy metal tube frame.

BUY IT   $270 Categories: Bike, Space

Icon Link Flashlight at
Icon Link Flashlight

This will be your favorite flashlight, if not definitely the coolest one you’ve ever owned. It looks rad – like a piece broken off the dashboard of a UFO. The sleek all-aluminum design and ultra-bright LED beam will guide you out of the darkness. But once your kids spot it and run off with it as their own little miniature light saber, it will be like all your other flashlights: impossible to find when you really need it.

BUY IT   $27.61 Categories: Gear, Tools

City of God at
City of God

Not far from the beautiful beaches & Brazilian bootys of Ipanema, lie the filthy, ultra-violent neighborhoods of Rio’s favelas. This 2002 award-winning film takes you into this web of gang crime, poverty & desperate violence. Based on a true story, it follows a young kid as he develops his artistic eye in this sordid world and documents his life in photos. Watching this one will make you think twice about visiting Rio when they host the Summer Olympics—or anytime, really. It’s gnar.

BUY IT   $12.49 Categories: Media, Movies

1966 Batmobile Replica at
1966 Batmobile Replica

Yes, it’s an exact replica of the OG Batmobile from 1966. It’s so exact in fact, the builders, Fiberglass Freaks, were licensed by DC Comics. It’s got the flamethrower (it really works!), the dash-mounted bat phone & all the other superhero features you need to fight crime in Gotham City. It also comes stock with a brand-new 350 GM motor and leather interior. Bam! Smack! Pow!

BUY IT   $150,000 Categories: Exotic, Rides

Fallout: New Vegas at
Fallout: New Vegas

Strong language, sex, intense violence – it sounds like Vegas. The third game in the legendary Fallout series, New Vegas takes you deep inside the post-apocalyptic underbelly of America’s city of sin. With ridiculous RPG graphics, even more ridiculous weapons, and monsters to mow down – you may never be leaving Las Vegas.

BUY IT   $59.99 Categories: Games, Media

Moleskine Covers for iPhone/iPad at
Moleskine Covers for iPhone/iPad

Hide your digital device in the familiar fold of a Moleskine notebook. With iPad and iPhone 3G-specific designs, you get the classic look of a rich leather cover with its rounded corners and elastic closure, plus a blank page notebook to write-on when you’re tired of typing & swiping.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Gear, Work

James Perse Heavy Knit Fatigue Jacket at
James Perse Heavy Knit Fatigue Jacket

Soft & supple, this heavyweight fatigue coat made of imported Japanese canvas looks and feels like it already did a tour of duty in the Pacific theater. No break-in-period needed. Right off the rack, it’ll feel like an old favorite. Hidden zip and brushed twill liner. Ready for combat any day of the week.

BUY IT   $395 Categories: Light Jacket, Wear

Phoenix Fly Wingsuit at
Phoenix Fly Wingsuit

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