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Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone at
Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone

Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone explores the life of prototypical punk pioneers and relentless rockers, The Ramones. Johnny and the boys went strong for over 20 years. Never sold out. Never sucked. Read & learn how they pulled off this nearly impossible feat.

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Specialized Turbo at
Specialized Turbo

Try to ignore all the hipster clichés in the site’s video and focus on the fact that trusted bike brand Specialized has created a lightweight, high performance electric bike. The C-rated Lithium-Ion battery accelerates quick and gets a full recharge in just two hours. This bike is called the Turbo because it goes 45 KPH. That’s metric for just under 28 MPH. At that speed you’ll probably need some ironic nerd glasses to keep your eyes form watering. Available in Europe May 2012.

BUY IT   $7300 Categories: Bike, Sport

2012 Nike Free Running Shoe at
2012 Nike Free Running Shoe

It appears that Nike’s senior footwear designer Mark Miner spends more time at the hair salon and tattoo parlor than he does jogging but there’s no denying his Free outsole and shoe designs are hot stuff. The latest collection debuts April 5th featuring three new running shoes all built around concepts of natural motion. Watch the video.

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2013 Lincoln MKZ at
2013 Lincoln MKZ

Here’s something very different from Lincoln. The MKZ is a luxury machine entering a very competitive field of European and Japanese imports. Its strengths are the sculptural, elegant bodylines and a luxurious leather interior. Fresh features like a retractable glass roof, push-button shifting, and LED headlights, keep pace with competition. Would you finally buy American?

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Garmin Approach S3 at
Garmin Approach S3

We always thought the perfect golf watch would make the beer cart appear with just the push of a button but Garmin had a different idea. Their Approach S3 watch is a GPS-enabled unit that gives you info and assistance for over 27,000 global golf courses. But sadly no, no beer cart button.

BUY IT   $349 Categories: Golf, Watches

Michael Jordan x Converse Limited Edition Signed Commemorative Pack at
Michael Jordan x Converse Limited Edition Signed Commemorative Pack

Before Michael Jordan re-invented the game of basketball and permanently stamped the Nike swoosh into pop culture, he was a UNC Tarheel who carried the team to a national championship in a pair of size 13 Converse in 1982. To commemorate this 30-year milestone, Nike, (which owns Converse) is releasing an ultra-limited edition package that includes a signed pair of leather Converse LTDs, and a number 23 UNC jersey. 100% of the proceeds of this collabo kit go to the James R. Jordan Foundation. Auction ends April 6.

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The Barefoot Bandit at
The Barefoot Bandit

The Barefoot Bandit was a news-making teenage punk from the Pacific Northwest who was a burglar, car, boat and identity thief. The kid even stole a plane without ever taking a flying lesson. His infamy grew as he continued to evade the police and federal agents who sought to end his harmless crime spree that was making them all look like bumbling boobs. Colton Harris-Moore is the barefoot bandit and his true life tale is told by Orcas Island resident-writer Bob Friel.

BUY IT   $17.15 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Salvaged Wood Wall Clock at
Salvaged Wood Wall Clock

Etsy is amazing. Where else could someone sell something as beautifully ridiculous as a piece of raw wood with a clock in it? The little quartz-drive clock is German-made and the wood, well, that was made in the forest through a process called photosynthesis.

BUY IT   $58 Categories: Decor, Space

TrekPak at

If you’re serious about shooting photos or video or both, you know how important a good bag is for carrying your expensive gear. But even the best camera bags are not as adjustable as they should be. Enter TrekPak. This padded insert for camera bags and hard cases uses a pin system that allows you almost infinite adjustment for securing and organizing your gear.

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Tat7 iPhone Scuba Case at
Tat7 iPhone Scuba Case

Buying a water-housing for your SLR camera will cost you some serious coin and chances are pretty good that the camera in your iPhone 4 or 4S shoots a comparable quality image. Therefore, the Tat7 waterproof case is a brilliant idea.  It costs a lot less than a big, bulky housing and is scuba-worthy down to depths of 100 feet. You can even use SIRI on your 4S for texting and messaging without taking it out of the case.

BUY IT   $84.95 Categories: Gear
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