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Eton Red Cross Safety Hub at
Eton Red Cross Safety Hub

Your girl may already have plenty of junk in the trunk, but this is something you should stick in there anyway. When her car decides to die & strand her on the roadside, it’s always in some middle-of-nowhere hellhole. But with an Eton Safety Hub in the trunk, the situation is under control. This unit features a bright white LED flashlight, a red-flashing safety beacon, AM/FM/NOAA weather radio bands, AC power inputs for charging things like cell phones.

BUY IT   $69.95 Categories: Gear, Tools

Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80-based Scrambler UM-2 at
Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80-based Scrambler UM-2

If you geek out on custom bike blogs, you’ve probably noticed BMW’s R series has practically taken over Honda CB’s top spot as the #1 choice for a restoration bike. Maybe it’s the vintage look, big engine cases, horizontal cylinders and the chunky tanks. Maybe it’s the durability of German engineering. Whatever the reason, few builders are making R bikes as sweet as the ones coming out of the garage at London’s Untitled Motorcycles. Their look is all about simplicity in form & function. (Source)

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Magnetic Knife Block at
Magnetic Knife Block

If you just caught yourself thinking “cool knife holder,” you need a little more excitement in your life. But, that doesn’t mean you might not also need a handy knife rack for your kitchen. Using the power of rare earth magnets, this handmade knife holder will keep 6 of your sharpest blades within reach. It’s also hygienic and made from eco-friendly MDF. The “excitement in your life” comment was a cheap shot … sorry. Please put the knife down. Please.

BUY IT   $110 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Mercy Hangover Relief at
Mercy Hangover Relief

With age comes wisdom and brutal hangovers. Unfortunately, the former does not preclude the latter. And, when you get one of those man-sized whoppers: the 500-pound skull, blurry vision, please-kill-me hangovers – you need relief. Some Mercy. Renowned celebrity bartender and mixologist, Alex Ott, is a master of homeopathic drinks and their various effects. He formulated the natural ingredients in Mercy – things like chamomile, milk thistle & B vitamins to help you feel better. You hope. Photo courtesy Michael Falco for The New York Times

BUY IT   $9.50 4-pack Categories: Drink, Host

The Art Of War Prints at
The Art Of War Prints

The Art Of War by medieval Chinese militant, Sun Tzu, holds many secrets. And now, this classic text has been adapted into a futuristic graphic novel by Kelly Roman and artist Michael DeWeese for HarperCollins books. Sun Tzu’s warrior wisdom is delivered in dripping detail from DeWeese’s twisted artistry. The book’s limited edition, hand-signed prints are made in runs of only 200. In addition, twenty dollars of your purchase price is donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity for battle-wounded veterans.

BUY IT   $90 Categories: Decor, Space

Reclaimed Nut Bowl at
Reclaimed Nut Bowl

Society and popular culture would like us to believe there’s really not much use for old nuts. But they’re just wrong. All it takes is one creative person willing to knock the dust off and play with them. In the right hands, old discarded nuts become the implements of artistry. Just look at these beautiful nuts and try to disagree. They’re beautiful, no?

BUY IT   $130 Categories: Decor, Space

Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic at
Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic

Five thousand bucks may seem like a lot to pay for a laser level, but not if you’re dropping $100K in exotic marble flooring for your home—or any other high dollar precision project. This self-leveling unit is an advanced three-plane line laser machined from aircraft aluminum, brass & surgical steel.  Its matrix of three laser beams creates pinpoint accuracy for measurements in all three dimensions. The kit includes the laser, tripod, targets, charger, etc.

BUY IT   $5k Categories: Gear, Tools

Kacper Hamilton x Ballantine’s Aged 12 Years at
Kacper Hamilton x Ballantine’s Aged 12 Years

Hard as it is, proper whisky etiquette demands restraint. But who wants to watch their portion size when it comes to quaffing a nicely aged Scotch? Seriously. Maybe the hole in the glass will help keep you within your legal limit. Designed to give the Scotch more air in the glass, this unique serving set turns a simple drink into a worthy ritual. The kit includes a carafe, 3 glasses, a metal serving base, and of course a bottle of Ballantine’s Aged 12 Years.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Naga Speakers at
Naga Speakers

All the artist-designed space-orb speaker systems have their merits, but it’s the warmth of wood that makes these handmade American speakers from Blumenstein Ultra Fi completely rad. Using proven acoustical technology from a bygone era, these BLH cabinets (backloaded horns) sound as good as they look.

BUY IT   $1950 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Kingpin at

While you’re cruising this web site, some sleazy cyber-criminal could be hacking into your bank account and decrypting your lame passwords for a major rip-off scam. It happens every single day. Wired Magazine Senior Editor, Kevin Poulsen’s new book sheds some light on the billion-dollar business of online crime. It also follows the criminal investigation of Max Butler, a larger-than-life hacker, who stole access to 1.8 million credit cards. Feeling vulnerable? Well, you are.

BUY IT   $16.50 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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