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The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival at
The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

This story is neither pulp nor fiction. But after reading it, you might wish it was. The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival is real. Set in Siberia in the 1990s, a greedy and desperate poacher tangles with the wrong tiger. Award-winning author, John Vaillant, creates a masterful narrative connecting this chilling tale to politics, history and the classic struggle between man and beast. Update: Word is that Darren Aronofsky & Brad Pitt are teaming up to put this tale on the big screen.

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The Space Bar at
The Space Bar

Are you a plug-in-every-port type of guy? Well, here’s an easy way to get more USB action out of your desktop. This little doinklet holds your monitor up top, fits your keyboard underneath and features six USB ports for you to plug your whole life into. There’s even a mini-USB port and an AC adapter port for charging the camera battery. Clean up your desk & power up your digitalia. Easy like.

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Hlaska Evergreen Billfold at
Hlaska Evergreen Billfold

The wood-grain emboss on this Italian leather wallet is from real wood. They could’ve used cheap, faux woodgrain, but no. Hlaska founder, NorCal-based designer, Anthony Mazzei, would not stand for faux. He demanded real wood grain patterns and matched them to all three colors: ebony, cedar & pine.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Gear, Wallets

Archos 70 Tablet at
Archos 70 Tablet

What are you going to do with your tablet? Like the rest of us, you’ll pretend to use it for work, but after hours or on the road, you’ll be watching movies and cruising the web to find restaurants. The design & function of this Archos tablet won’t leave you hanging. It’s smooth, light and with the newest Android 2.2 brain, it’s fast. It also boasts the highest-quality HD picture of any mobile device.

BUY IT   $319 Categories: Portable, Tech

March LA.B Shelby Special Edition Watch at
March LA.B Shelby Special Edition Watch

Automotive heritage & American style come screaming over the finish line in this unique timepiece from L.A.’s March LA.B watchmakers. This collab pays respect to muscle car designer, Carroll Shelby’s, greatest prototype, the Shelby EXP 500 aka the Green Hornet. In a black metal chassis featuring a wood grain dial matching the car’s dash and the classic Cobra logo, this limited edition watch is sure to go fast.

BUY IT   $2500 Categories: Watches, Wear

Swiss RoomBox at
Swiss RoomBox

Take the concept of the Swiss Army knife: a multitude of tools all packed into one handy, compact unit. Same principle here. Instead of tweezers, the Swiss RoomBox is a like a hotel room that fits in the trunk of your car. Depending on how you flip and unfold it, you’ve got a kitchen, bed, shower or dinner table all in one ridiculously small, modular package.

BUY IT   $8000 Categories: Camping, Gear

Camera Armor at
Camera Armor

Drop the camera once and it’s done. The lightweight plastic and aluminum body is no match for pavement impact. But instead of getting hosed on the ridiculously over-priced extended warranty, look into Camera Armor. The protective skin works just like the case you have on your phone: absorbs shock, while giving you access to all the buttons, ports and controls you need.

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Spirit of 427 Automotive Furniture at
Spirit of 427 Automotive Furniture

Car dudes, don’t worry. This is not the actual nose of a Shelby Cobra 427. The two-man design team at Poland’s LA Design Studio know better. The body panels they use for their 427 Collection of custom, Cobra-inspired furnishings are actually reproductions made to exact specs from raw aluminum. Complete with factory-correct headlights, chrome accents and hardware, they’re built to inspire, not infuriate. We repeat, no Cobras are harmed in the making of this furniture.

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Sloppy Joe Sliders at
Sloppy Joe Sliders

Done properly, there is nothing green, leafy or particularly healthy about a Sloppy Joe. It’s all about meat and bread – and of course, the spicy sauce that glues it all together. When you’re looking down at a plate of Sloppy Joes, you know you’re filling up. But if you’re making them for your date, maybe a little side salad is a good idea.

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Kodak Playsport Burton Edition Camera at
Kodak Playsport Burton Edition Camera

Get the details at

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