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Palette Coasters at
Palette Coasters

You don’t have to be a heavy drinker to appreciate these wooden palette coasters from Barcelona-based, Labyrinth. Made from real wood, these stackable coasters carry your “fragile” cargo safely from the bar to the coffee table without incident. As long as you keep “this side up”, your drink will reach its destination—your liver—in perfect working order. Shipping & Handling not included.

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Mansory Zapico Custom Bike at
Mansory Zapico Custom Bike

The masters at Mansory build-up high-end custom cars like Bentleys, Ferraris & Aston Martins with performance upgrades, aerodynamics packages and the deepest dish wheels money can buy. Now these guys have turned their collective perversions to designing a motorcycle, and the results are well, ridiculous. Literally wrapped in carbon fiber, the bike’s frame, fork, wheels & airbox were all handmade at Mansory’s factory in Brand, Germany. The powerplant though, it’s American: a 124-C.I. V-Twin from S&S Cycles, made right here in Viola, Wisconsin.

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Sausage Meatballs at
Sausage Meatballs

Vegetarians, this could be one of those moments when you question your lifestyle choice. In the pantheon of Truly Epic Foods, there are few dishes that match the simple perfection & indulgent flavor as well as a proper meal of Spaghetti & Meatballs. This is a dish you should have dialed. Yeah, the spaghetti part is easy, but for making legit meatballs, you should really read up.

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Shallow Grave at
Shallow Grave

Director Danny Boyle is one-of-a-kind: 127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire, remember Trainspotting? If you dig the frenetic, fast-paced style and sick humor, plus crave some bullets & blood, Shallow Grave will work for you. Of course it’s an action thriller and the tale involves roommates, a corpse & a bag of money. Hold on tight!

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Light Mine Professional at
Light Mine Professional

This thing is the bomb. The Light Mine Professional is a super-bright LED task light with a unique design. Using magnets, this baseball-size light will stick to any metal surface for tricky jobs under the car, the house or anywhere you need a compact, hands-free light that can rotate any which way for full 360º coverage. It has 4 light functions: low power spot, high output flood, red night vision & a high visibility signal beacon. A sizable upgrade from the original.

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Lamborghini Aventador at
Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini makes monsters. Their latest creation, the 2012 Aventador LP700-4 is a perfect example. This beast has a breathtaking 691-horsepower V12 engine pushing the new Italian lowrider past 200-mph. And this new model is not merely a re-made Murcielago or Gallardo, the Aventador has been totally re-engineered. Among its most innovative features is the one-piece passenger cell made entirely of Boeing Aerospace carbon fiber composites. Yeah, this thing practically flies.

BUY IT   $379,700 Categories: Exotic, Rides

The Quotable Drunkard at
The Quotable Drunkard

Unlike the speech your best man made on your wedding night, the liquor-fueled quotables in this book are coherent. From around the world and across time, The Quotable Drunkard soaks you with a steady flow of wit and wisdom on alcohol and its magical effects. Memorable musings from ancient Greek philosophers like Euripides to modern geniuses like Homer Simpson make this a colorful, comical collection of quotes, drink recipes, bar advice & history. 256 pages.

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Scorpion Salsa at
Scorpion Salsa

The Scorpion chili pepper is melt-your-face-off hot. It’s so hot, it can’t even be eaten on it’s own; so hot the pepper pickers have to wear Hazmat suits.  But by blending just a bit of this specially-grown New Mexican pepper into salsa, you can survive its powerful blast of heat. Granted, your forehead will bead up with sweat after one bite, but that’s the fun of it. Try it, we dare you.

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CableDrop at

Our wireless world is still pretty tangled-up in wires, cords and cables. Tame the chaos in your workspace with these handy little adhesive doodads. Keep your power supply up on the table with you instead of sliding off on to the floor when you unplug. Simply stick the adhesive-backed cable clips where you need them, drop your cable into the slot and get back to work.

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iBike Dash at
iBike Dash

Put the computing power of your iPhone or iPod Touch to work on your rides. The handlebar-mounted Phone Booth holds your device for easy viewing and touchscreen capability, while the improved iBike app tracks & analyzes info from your ride. Let the app keep track of your time, speed, distance and more. Add the optional +Power supply and get your heart rate, elevation and wind speed, too.

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