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Samurai Umbrella at
Samurai Umbrella

You’re riding the train to work when some annoying punk saunters up, wafting his stink in your direction. With the samurai umbrella clutched in your hand, it’s impossible to resist the fantasy of taking a mighty swing & chopping his head off. You tighten your grip … but, it’s only in your mind of course. You get off at the next stop thinking to yourself you’ve gotta lay off the video games.

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Sirius XM Snap at
Sirius XM Snap

Do you need Howard Stern in your life? Whether you’re a Stern super-fan or not, hundreds of custom satellite radio channels is pretty enticing. Especially when you see this simple, plug-in device from Sirius XM. Subscribe online, plug this into your car’s lighter, tune into an open FM station and behold, music from outer space! Or just Howard & the rest of the WackPack, live from New York every day. (Releases sometime October 2010)

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Renard Grand Tourer GT at
Renard Grand Tourer GT

Raw like an uncooked steak. Let’s say rare, too. Custom-built in Estonia by Renard Motorcycles, this stunning bike boasts an ultra lightweight carbon fiber monocoque unibody that weighs, well … nothing. It packs a custom-built air-cooled 90º v-twin engine with a top speed over 140-mph. Components are aluminum, Kevlar or carbon fiber. Look at it, this thing is a beast & they’re only making ten of them this year.

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SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer at
SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

The noxious odor wafting out of your running shoes is not your fault. It’s caused by microbes: stinky ones. SteriShoe solves this embarrassing problem by using UVC light to kill them. It also kills stuff like athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. Totally gross…we know, so fix it fast.

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Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20 at
Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20

What kind of gift do you get for someone whose interests include “watching The Simpson’s” and “quoting Homer?” Since you can’t get him a twelver of Duffs, this is the next best thing, providing he can read. The Ultimate Episode Guide breaks down the entire Simpson’s world: every episode for twenty years. This 1200-page tome comes in a slick wraparound slipcase & don’t worry about the reading thing, there’s lots of pictures.

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Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet at
Hard Graft iPhone Fold Wallet

Put this on the list if you don’t want to unwrap a man purse on Christmas morning. Hey, you have everything, it could happen. Made of leather & wool felt, this sharp little pocket-sized wallet carries your iPhone 4, plus cards & cash and it stays closed with a metal snap. You can’t pull off the man purse, but remember, right now you’re the only who knows that for sure.

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Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare at
Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare

Like everyone else, you do nothing all day at work except Facebook. Well…bad news. This book will lead you further down the path toward uselessness. Mini Weapons Of Mass Destruction gives you step-by-step, illustrated how-to’s on making over 40 weapons -  things like CD Spindle Catapults, Bubblegum Darts and Pencil Slingshots using standard office supplies. All fun & games until someone loses an eyeball or their job.

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Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet at
Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet

You’ll use it. Chop firewood into kindling to start a fire, hammer a nail with the butt end, even scare that creepy kid who’s been lurking at the end of your street. This forged all-steel, one-piece hatchet will come in handy on camping trips and around the yard. Even if you’re just waving it menacingly, the polished finish & 3-and-a-half-inch cutting face will get the job done right.

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Bicycle Can Cage at
Bicycle Can Cage

Yes you can. Cycling isn’t all about carbon fiber and shaved legs. Those who agree will love this all-leather can holder cage. Let the sprocket-jocks eat goo, you deserve something better. Strap a tall boy in here & roll out. Mounts to the handlebar and stem tube, for easy access. Remember ride responsibly.

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2011 Harley Davidson Sportster Superlow at
2011 Harley Davidson Sportster Superlow

You don’t want a Honda-Davidson or a Yamaharley – you want the real thing. But, you don’t want to re-mortgage your life to get on the road. The Harley Super Low could be your ticket to ride. American muscle in the proven Evo 883 motor, low seat height for stability & comfort and would you believe this is the lowest-priced bike in the Harley line? It’s got classic H-D styling, plus a new fork angle for easier steering & better handling. Has the time finally come?

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