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Burger Baskets at
Burger Baskets

Hosting a backyard barbecue is fun until everyone splits and you’re stuck cleaning up. These plastic burger baskets cut down on dishes and clean up time. And in case you didn’t immediately notice, they are also colorful, fun and festive.

BUY IT   $1.50 Categories: Host

Red-Eye Carry On Garment Bag at
Red-Eye Carry On Garment Bag

The business traveler’s old standby, the garment bag, is long overdue for an update.  Finally, the Scottish luggage brand Lat 56º has done it. Their Red-Eye garment bag is made with a semi-rigid outer shell that is impact and water resistant, while inside their TPS (torso protection system) technology keeps your suit wrinkle- and crease-free. This unique bag also features a compartment for extra shoes, dopp kit, shirt, ties, etc.

BUY IT   $399 Categories: Bags, Gear

Made In Brooklyn Bike Rack at
Made In Brooklyn Bike Rack

Whether you’re hanging a rare classic frame for display or getting your daily driver off the living room floor, your bike will look sweet perched upon this custom, made-to-order, birch veneer bike rack from Made In Brooklyn Design. The man behind every MIB creation is former pro BMXer turned artisan, Jeff Mayer, so yeah, it’s legit.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Bike, Space

harman/kardon BDS 800 Home Theater System at
harman/kardon BDS 800 Home Theater System

The BDS could stand for Badass Dolby Surround because basically, that’s what you’re getting. In addition to a built-in Blu-Ray disk player, CD/DVD player & FM tuner, you can plug just about any other device you want into this system to enjoy music or movies. Four satellite speakers and a 200-watt bass sub guarantee a rich, 360-degree sound experience.

BUY IT   $1499 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Screw Push Pins at
Screw Push Pins

Nope, no powertools needed here. Because you don’t really screw with these; you just push them in gently. They’re thumbtacks, what else can we say?

BUY IT   $4.99 Categories: Gear

Road Popper at
Road Popper

Beer & bicycles go together like peanut butter & jelly. That’s why this seat-mounted bottle opener is so unquestionably genius. Think about it: ride to store, get sixer of Microbrews, ride away. But then, you get to the park or the beach and … start looking for something to pry the lids open? That’s lame.  Mount this handmade, stainless steel opener under your seat and be prepared everywhere you roll.

BUY IT Categories: Bike, Gear

Callaway Razr Hawk Driver at
Callaway Razr Hawk Driver

We all want long balls, right? The new RAZR Hawk driver from Callaway will supposedly make this dream come true. We say “supposedly” because there is, of course, the human element (your swing). But with forged composite technology, the sweet spot just got a lot bigger & easier to find.

BUY IT   $449 Categories: Golf, Sport

Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology at
Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology

Whether you really like jazz or just know you should like it, this forthcoming collection from the Smithsonian will get you up to speed. The Smithsonian Anthology is an 111-track, 6-CD set with a 200-page book that puts the history, culture and key players all in perspective. They’re calling it a “jazz appreciation course in a box.” We call that cool.

BUY IT   $97.99 Categories: Media, Music

Vintage Camp Stool at
Vintage Camp Stool

This leather and wood camp stool is not a retro reproduction, it’s the real deal: truly vintage. Did it come from an African safari? An adventure outfitter? Only the collectors at Blackbird Vintage know its true origins. The seat is 13X13 inches and the legs are 24 inches long.

BUY IT   $125 Categories: Camping, Gear

Audi x Renovo Bicycles at
Audi x Renovo Bicycles

Lots of car brands have teamed up with bike builders to create some sort of hybrid marketing showpiece. Most of the time the bikes are pretty lame. Not the case with this collaboration between Audi and Portland-based custom frame builders, Renovo. They make bike frames exclusively from wood. Yes, wood. It’s lighter than aluminum and smoother on the bumps. They’re offering three models: a city, sport & road bike style. More info here.

BUY IT   $6500+ Categories: Bike
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