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Council Tool Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Axe at
Council Tool Velvicut Premium Hudson Bay Axe

Anyone buying an axe this pretty is going to be using it as decoration. With its hickory handle and polished, 2 lb. drop-forged alloy steel head, this thing will look great leaning against the fireplace. But it really will chop wood. Just please, before you lop off your big toe or put a divet in the hardwood floor, watch a youtube video on how woodchopping is actually done.

BUY IT   $130 Categories: Gear, Tools

Zboard Electric Skateboard at
Zboard Electric Skateboard

Seventeen miles an hour on a skateboard is fast. Enough to induce snapped bones and exploded front teeth but as long as you’re not trying to get too rad, the Z-Board Pro is an awesome, pain-free vehicle for moving through the city streets. Be careful, drink no more than a few beers & on a full charge you can rip down the road for 10 miles on the Z Board’s fully-integrated Lithium Phosphate Ion battery system.

BUY IT   $499-799 Categories: Rides

Brutus Electric Motorcycle at
Brutus Electric Motorcycle

The majority of electric motorcycles look pretty much like a two-wheeled Prius. In contrast, American-made Brutus Motorcycle look like they’ve actually got some balls.  With Sport-Cruiser styling, a 100-mile minimum range and 3-hour charge time, they’re taking this whole category a solid step forward.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine at
Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine

If you’re feeling a creeping guilt about the mountain of plastic trash your K-Cup coffee maker is producing, maybe this new drip coffee maker from Bodum is the solution. It’s simple, a high-quality drip machine that features nearly boiling hot water and a stainless steel filter. Full flavor, less plastic trash; genius! Source

BUY IT   $249.95 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Bob Marley by David Burnett at
Bob Marley by David Burnett

The Bob Marley story has been told and retold again but this new book from photographer David Burnett takes a look at the life of the reggae legend from a new angle. Burnett began shooting Bob on assignment for Time Magazine in ’76 just as the star began to rise; and he kept shooting through the Exodus tour. This book includes over 100 photos from this tumultuous and important period in Marley’s short but incredible life.

BUY IT   $10.19 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X – give it a name for a chance to win one at
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X – give it a name for a chance to win one

Jeep is putting their Grand Cherokee Laredo X into production. It’s a factory-murdered big boy with standard 20-inch wheels and features tonal trim in either gloss black or obnoxious Deep Cherry Red. The “X” is not its actual moniker, this new SUV needs a name and Jeep is running an online contest letting Joe Public come up with the name. What would you call it?

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Cars, Rides

Magnus iPad Stand at
Magnus iPad Stand

Yes, your little Etsy-made piece of reclaimed two-by-four is a great stand for your iPad2 at home. But in the office you might prefer something it bit more tidy. This stand from Ten One Design is the one. Brushed aluminum that looks like Apple made it, magnetic attachment, junkshow-free styling.

BUY IT   $49.95 Categories: Gear, Photography

The Deer Hunter Blu-ray at
The Deer Hunter Blu-ray

Before Robert DeNiro skidded into his current role as an unfunny old Focker he was in some great movies. The Deer Hunter is one of the best. Christopher Walken, whose career has fared much better over the years, is in it too – and he is, as always, his batshit crazy self. It’s a story about coming home from war but never really being home again. Watch it in Blu-ray. You’ll be moved.

BUY IT   $14.99 Categories: Media, Movies

SlatGrill at

Bringing the grill on trips is usually a pain. And a mess. But the American-made SlatGrill is designed for travel. It burns just about any fuel, breaks down easily and packs flat for camping & tailgating. Since it’s made from stainless steel and aluminum, with no moving parts, it’ll never rust plus it’s a snap to clean. Source

BUY IT   $109 Categories: Grill, Host

Covert Lock & Key at
Covert Lock & Key

Installing a hidden webcam to keep snoopers and lurkers out of your desk or drawers is a little creepy. This tricky little magnetic lock system called the Covert accomplishes the same goal without turning you into a spy. It mounts inside drawers and cabinets and locks and unlocks using a handy little magnetic fob instead of a key. Only you know the lock is there, keeping your stuff safe and secure. Product availability unknown as Covert is still in development.

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