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Wilbur Desk at
Wilbur Desk

A clean, minimalist workspace often means hiding nearby there’s a giant rat’s nest of cables. Or worse, hanging out in plain view. This tricky desktop nixes the nest. This design has an integrated cable storage compartment that you access from the top. No more crawling around on the floor looking for a plug. Its way easier than that.

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Star Wars Recruitment Posters at
Star Wars Recruitment Posters

If you’re an adult still into Star Wars, you’re pretty much a Space Cadet already. Why not step-it-up and decorate your pad accordingly? Artist Steve Squall has created a unique set of Star Wars Recruitment propaganda posters that will really dress up the walls of your parent’s basement. Who knows, mom might even think you’re joining up and moving out!

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The Twig Pod at
The Twig Pod

Anthony Weiner’s photos would’ve been way better if he had this versatile, collapsible monopod in his free hand. Stick it in the ground or hold it in your hand for self-portraits. With its ball head—the monopod not the congressman—you can shoot in any direction from vertical to horizontal. Way better than the portrait-in-the-mirror approach.

BUY IT   $28 Categories: Photography, Tech

Grilled Chicken Satay at
Grilled Chicken Satay

All you need are some skewers, because chicken satay is really just grilled chicken on a stick. Sure, the secret to a sweet satay is in the marinade, but the sticks score serious presentation points. Learn how to turn your grilled breast into your grilled best with just a few simple steps. Right here.

View Recipe Categories: Food, Host

TiVo Premiere Q and TiVo Preview at
TiVo Premiere Q and TiVo Preview

In the not-too-distant future, we’ll all be able to wave a magic wand and watch anything we want at any time. Until then, we can dance merrily around the flat screen about these new TiVo systems.  What’s the big deal? Well, now you can record four different programs at one time. You probably won’t get around to watching any of them, but that’s beside the point.

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Hover Bike at
Hover Bike

It’s called the Hover Bike, but it has the same engine as most big cruiser bikes or small European cars. A 1100cc four-stroke motor powers a pair of Tasmanian Oak propellers taking you on the ride of your life. No, you won’t be commuting to work in this thing; not road legal. But, if you happen to be a cattle wrangler, power line inspector, filmmaker or aerial surveyor, this could be your new work vehicle.

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2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder at
2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder

Here’s how you can drive a Porsche without being one of those guys who drives a Porsche. The Audi R8 Spyder GT is a German beast. The Spyder title means it’s a drop-top. The GT badge means this sexy little coupe is packing an ungodly V-10 with 560 horsepower. The power to weight ratio is like putting a jet engine in a paper airplane. Will this thing fly? Yes it will and only 333 exclusive models will be imported onto U.S. roadways.

BUY IT   $200k+ Categories: Exotic, Rides

Que Eau De Barbeque at
Que Eau De Barbeque

Women don’t eat musk or pinecones or any of the other stuff that men’s cologne is made to smell like. But many of them eat meat. That’s why a little spritz of this barbecue scented cologne could reel them right in. What red-blooded female won’t swoon at the smoky, fleshy essence of grilled meat? Spray some on your carcass and find out.

BUY IT   $24.95 Categories: Fragrance, Groom

James Perse Ping Pong Table at
James Perse Ping Pong Table

If you like the cut of his shirts, you might also appreciate the cut of his limited edition teakwood ping-pong table. A sharp, minimal design, Perse also offers an optional teak tabletop to convert this big, regulation 9-by-5-foot table into a dining or conference table after the match.

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Mitsubishi 92″ 3D Home Cinema TV at
Mitsubishi 92″ 3D Home Cinema TV

Back in the day, burglars always went first for the TV. But now, if a robber broke in and found this massive 3D flatscreen, they’d be shit out of luck. They’d need a pair of technicians from the electronics store to unplug it and a small forklift to get it out through the slider. At 93-inches across, it would barely fit into the standard burglar van, so they’d also need a special vehicle. Basically, yeah, this TV is un-stealable.

BUY IT   $6,000 Categories: Tech, Television
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