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Croque Madame – Fork & Knife Sandwich at
Croque Madame – Fork & Knife Sandwich

Surely by this stage of your life you can fry an egg. Oh, you can? Good. Hopefully you can also operate the broiler in your oven. If you’re pretty confident with these two simple kitchen skills, you should have no problem making (and inhaling) this hot mess of a sandwich.

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Victory at

The soccer is phenomenal and the acting isn’t bad, either. This flick has Pelé, the greatest soccer player of all time, and Michael Caine, the greatest British actor of all time, sharing the screen. This 1981 sports-adventure-war drama revolves around an unlikely soccer match between Allied prisoners of war and their German captors during WWII. Sylvester Stallone, five years after making the greatest boxing movie ever, made this, the greatest soccer movie ever.

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Whiskey in a Can at
Whiskey in a Can

No Glass Allowed In Pool Area. Buzzkill. We’ve found a solution to this annoying rule and it’s not a red plastic cup. It’s actually way better. How about cracking open a frosty can of whiskey? Yes, a can of whiskey. Soon the company will launch vodka, gin and all your favorite spirits—in cans. Imagine the possibilities for poolside cocktails. It’s just incredible isn’t it?

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Volkswagen XL1 at
Volkswagen XL1

This is pretty crazy. Volkswagen’s XL1 concept car is going into production. While car geeks wondered if this thing would ever see the light of day, the German automakers got busy putting the project in motion. Only 100 of these vehicles will be made in the first run, making it a truly custom car. That’s pretty wild. But, what’s really nuts is the fact it’s powered by a 2-cylinder TDI engine & electric motor, which combine to create a futuristic fuel consumption of 261 miles per gallon.

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Victorinox Flash at
Victorinox Flash

Back in the day, most men carried a pocket knife. Nowadays, a smart phone, PDA or tablet is more the norm. If you’re stuck in the gulf between these two opposing worlds (as many of us are), we’ve found your knife. Victorinox, makers of the OG Swiss Army knife, have created a tool for the modern dude. It’s got a removable 4Gig USB drive, a retractable pen, an LED light & a nail file. It has a blade, too. So, it’s good for any unexpected action between your driveway and the office.

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The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth in Crisis at
The Day After Tomorrow: Images of Our Earth in Crisis

The pictures in this book are so vibrant and colorful you won’t even realize what you’re looking at. Abstract impressionism? Actually, no. Photographer J. Henry Fair has traveled the planet documenting the environmental destruction we humans are doling out. Haunting images of mountain-top mining in Appalachia, toxic hog waste & paper mill runoff make for beautiful colorforms and interesting patterns. But, they should really get us talking about what’s getting pumped into the oceans and rivers.

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Grace Electric Bikes at
Grace Electric Bikes

In theory electric bicycles sound like a great idea, but so far, most designs leave a lot to be desired. The Grace e-bike however looks really good. Mean even. This beast will do 28-mph and travel over 30 miles on a 1-hour charge. Power comes from Li-Ion batteries hidden in the frame and an efficient little electric motor built into the rear wheel.

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White Desert Luxury Antarctica Trips at
White Desert Luxury Antarctica Trips

If you want to experience the frozen beauty of Antarctica, you better hurry up. Science confirms our seventh continent is indeed slowly melting into the ocean. But before it goes, you can take the guided trip of a lifetime to this white desert to visit Emperor Penguins, mountains of ice and the exotic, far-flung corner of our planet where few have ever stood. Intriguing? Yes. Cold? Very.

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Union Street Camera Bag at
Union Street Camera Bag

Let’s assume your ideal look is a bit more “urban casual” than “Ohio tourist on vacation.” To make sure you’re following all the way through, try this handsome camera bag disguised as a messenger bag. The roomy, waxed cotton canvas tote holds your DSLR camera, 3 lenses, 15” laptop and more. So even if you’re snapping photos of the sunset with a flash, you’ll at least look good doing it.

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Destination Dinner Recipe Kits at
Destination Dinner Recipe Kits

Even with an exotic dish, the actual cooking is the easy part. It’s creating the whole menu and hunting down all the tricky ingredients that’s the pain in the ass. Who has the time? Nobody. Except the gourmet gurus at Destination Dinners. Their recipe kits include all the spices and authentic goodies you need to make things like Korean barbecue or Jamaican jerked chicken. All you have to do is hit the market for the main ingredients.

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