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Marshall Headphones at
Marshall Headphones

From Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page to Dave Navarro and Dave Grohl, the superb sound of Marshall amps have helped make rock-n-roll history for over 50 years. Now, these sonic specialists are packing the power of Marshall’s legendary stack into a pro-quality studio headphone. Details have been kept under wraps, but they look awesome. Scheduled for release on November 15.

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Gentry Man Collection at
Gentry Man Collection

Not long ago, you didn’t know your ascot from your elbow. Nowadays, you’re feeling a bit more comfortable in a jacket and tie. It’s time again to refine your style. The gents at Gentry make it easy by putting the finishing touches for your suit in a kit. It’s all in the details. Each wooden boxed set comes with a necktie, pocket square, tie bar, collar clip & tie pin.

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101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die at
101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die

Ever dreamed of being a writer? Well, someone beat you to the best idea for a book, ever. It’s pretty obvious what the book is about.  Author Ian Buxton, a recognized whiskey expert, introduces readers to a variety of great bottles – not just the obscure or high-priced, but simply stellar whiskeys from around the world just begging to be tasted. 224 pages.

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Fuel Cell Powered RC Car at
Fuel Cell Powered RC Car

Here’s one for the turbo nerds. Horizon Fuel Cell has developed a high-output solution for RC car enthusiasts. This zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell drops right into any Tamiya TT-01 frame and boosts power autonomy for up to 70 minutes. It’s pretty awesome for your little toy car, but imagine when this technology is scaled up to work on full size vehicles. It won’t be long now …

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Columbia Omni-Heat Sweater at
Columbia Omni-Heat Sweater

If you want to stay outside & play even when it’s freezing cold, you need the right gear. This mid-weight fleece jacket packs the power of a thermal reflective liner, helping you retain body heat keeping your core toasty warm even in the dead of winter. Wear it as a layer or on it’s own and no matter the temp, you’ll be able to stay out and play all day.

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The Pacific DVD Boxset at
The Pacific DVD Boxset

These are real war stories – the kind history books can’t and won’t ever really tell. HBO’s 10-part miniseries The Pacific follows the tales of three Marines who lived through the hardship and horrors of WWII’s Pacific theatre. This six DVD set features the complete series, plus special features to take you through an important chapter of history like you’ve never seen before. Also available on Blu-Ray.

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2011 Dodge Charger at
2011 Dodge Charger

Back in the late 60s, Dodge put some straight-up race cars on the dealer lot – dominating the burgeoning muscle-car category for the next decade. They brought it all back a few years ago and once again re-wrote the book on American-made consumer super cars. The 2011 Charger is a beast. With re-styled grill, shoulder-line & tail section, this is a nice visual update to compliment the legendary V-8 Hemi motor that pushes 370-horses.

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Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike at
Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike

With a 600-watt electric motor, this bike goes 40 – almost as fast as a Prius. But, you can take this to cooler places than the HOV lane. With massive 8-inch wide tires, you can rip down the beach or up a mountain bike single-track, where the 14-speed gearing will help you climb. Ten inches of travel in the front suspension means you can also stick some lofty drops. Try that in a Prius and you’ll be bumming.

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Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch at
Romain Jerome Moon Dust Watch

Vampires, werewolves & ocean tides use the light of the moon to tell time. Now you can do the same … sort of. Swiss watchmakers, Romain Jerome, have created this stunning watch with a face incorporating actual moon dust into its structure. Depending on the light, this unique mineral makeup creates celestial metallic tones complimenting the red gold, steel and black ceramic watchcase. This edition is limited to 1969 pieces – in recognition of the year our space program reached the moon.

BUY IT   From $15,000 Categories: Watches, Wear

HP Envy 100 at
HP Envy 100

Even in 2010 you still need a paper printout for some things. So, it’s cool to find a printer that actually looks like it belongs in this decade. Sleek, wireless & artfully designed, it prints photo-quality images from your memory card and from the web with no PC needed. A high-res touch screen menu takes you through all of the amazing features of this very modern and eco-minded unit.

BUY IT   $249.99 Categories: Computers, Tech
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