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Schwinn Vestige at
Schwinn Vestige

It looks like a regular old Schwinn, but no … not quite. Winner of the 2010 Eurobike Gold Award in Design, the Vestige is the first bike to feature a biodegradable frame made from natural flax fibers. Similar to carbon fiber frames, the flax material is rigid yet dampens road vibration. The semi-translucent frame tubes feature an internal lighting system showing off the bike’s innovative materials. Bright, right?

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The King of Vodka: The Story of Pyotr Smirnov and the Upheaval of an Empire at
The King of Vodka: The Story of Pyotr Smirnov and the Upheaval of an Empire

At last year’s company Christmas party, you kinda thought you were the King Of Vodka. But sorry, no. This is the real story. The biography of Russian vodka entrepreneur, Pyotr Smirnov, as told by journalist & researcher, Linda Himelstein. Rising up against adversity and oppression in the 1800s, Smirnov went from pauper to prince creating one of the greatest alcohol empires of all time.

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Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph at
Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph

If all that mattered was telling the time, nobody would wear a watch. We’d all just look at our phones. It’s because men can’t really wear jewelry (except Elton John, Li’l Wayne, etc.) that makes the timepiece a status symbol. Wearing a watch the caliber of a Harry Winston chronograph denotes not just good taste, an appreciation of refinement and fashion sense, it also says you’ve got scads of disposable income. Get it in the red gold finish, Weezy would.

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Glif iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand at
Glif iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand

You shoot all your photos with your iPhone. So why buy that new digital camera you know you’ll never use? Instead, step up your phone-tography game. The Glif is a good place to start. This simple little doinklet has a universal tripod mount & also acts as a kickstand for your iPhone when you’re just kicking it.

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Not Music by Stereolab at
Not Music by Stereolab

Arguably the most original & influential underground pop group of the 90s, Stereolab created a unique style mixing looped motoriks, 60s-style French pop and infectious grooves. They’ve put out dozens of releases, all of which are eaten up by their cult-like following of fans. The forthcoming release Not Music is an hour-long collection of tripped-out extras from recording sessions done in 2008. It’s weird and magical … like always.

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William Wallet at
William Wallet

Flat is where it’s at. Brooklyn NYC is home to the Wintercheck factory, purveyors of the practical. The William wallet is one such design. Made of two stamped aluminum panels, the self-compressing wallet carries cards & cash in a flat, organized way. Simple and solid.

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Elfman & Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box at
Elfman & Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box

You have to be a full-on Tim Burton movie fanatic to even understand how awesome this collector’s box set is. Danny Elfman has created the soundtracks for all Burton’s greats – like Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas. This limited edition set brings together the music of 16 films, including hours of unreleased extras, a 250-page book with an intro from Johnny Depp, artwork, etc. … it’s a treasure chest of Burtonalia, dig in.

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Coleman LED Quad Lantern at
Coleman LED Quad Lantern

A lantern. Big deal, right? Actually, yes. It’s pretty rad, because it’s really five lights in one. The main lantern features four removable LED pods you can pop off and take with you into the darkness. For camping, a power outage or just walking the dog at night, these removable pods are a really bright idea.

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New Balance 576 Pub Pack at
New Balance 576 Pub Pack

Put your drinking shoes on. New Balance has just released their classic 576 model in a unique collection paying tribute to traditional British pub cheer. The three models, named the King’s Head, the Red Lion, and the Royal Oak are all made of full-grain European leather and feature tricky interior linings that’ll make you thirsty for a pint before you’ve even walked halfway to the bar. Available at select Neiman Marcus stores.

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Greatest of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali at
Greatest of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Greatest of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad AliThis book matches the larger-than-life legacy of boxing’s super-champion, Muhammad Ali. It’s a serious heavyweight, coming in at over 650 pages and paying tribute to the GOAT: that’s the Greatest Of All Time. Ali re-wrote the book on boxing & sports celebrity and now Taschen has compiled a worthy one in his honor. Thousands of classic pics, essays, interviews. It’s a knockout.

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