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Spin Chill at
Spin Chill

A can of warm beer can be turned into an ice-cold thirst quencher by spinning the can in ice for a few. Humans have known this trick since the Roman Empire but it took two beer-swilling buds to invent this little rig that mounts to your cordless drill, does the spinning for you & pops out a cold one in 30 seconds. Sorta gives new meaning to the phrase “spin one up.”

BUY IT   $12 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Star Wars: Frames at
Star Wars: Frames

George Lucas plowed through over 150,000 frames of film from the first 3 Star Wars films to select & assemble a collection of stunning still images from the making of the movies. The result is Star Wars: Frames, a hardcover collection of 1416 images; the first volume in a 2-part collection.

BUY IT   $96.75 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Nicholson: A Biography at
Nicholson: A Biography

Nicholson has been one Hollywood’s biggest stars for decades and much of his illustrious career has been about boring crap like blockbuster movies. The other stuff: like benders with Dennis Hopper, wild nights on the town with Warren Beatty, and the nonstop pursuit of Hollywood’s hottest women will make this biography worth reading.

BUY IT   $15.60 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

O Tables at
O Tables

Surfer and furniture designer Lawrence O’Toole makes these tables using surfboards that he finds at the dump near his home in Kauai. He rips the old boards apart, reshapes, colors, and re-glasses them; transforming the would-be landfill junk into sleek, stylish tables that will look great in your home or out by the pool. via

BUY IT   $595 Categories: Space, Table

KnowRoaming at

When you return from an international trip, the roaming charges on your cell bill can be a shocker. But apply this little KnowRoaming sticker to your SIM card & you’ll save 85% off those BS charges in 220 countries worldwide. It automatically switches to a local cell provider of the country you are in. Smart as hell. Check out the video.

BUY IT   $35 Categories: Portable, Tech

Freemans Isle of Man Jacket at
Freemans Isle of Man Jacket

In the Isle Of Man TT, crappy weather is par for the course and this waxed cotton storm coat from Freeman’s Sporting Club would provide a decent defense: water-resistant 8.5oz cotton, Milspec melton wool lining, and heavy duty hardware.

BUY IT   $489 Categories: Light Jacket, Wear

Brewbot at

You can say, “Yup, made that myself” when the boys are patting you on the back for your latest batch of homebrew. They never need to know that you did nothing but buy an expensive machine that automatically brews beer while you pretend to monitor the process through an app on your iPhone. Brewbot does everything but you get all the credit. Congratulations, you’re a craft brewer now.

BUY IT   $2500 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Dumpsty at

Dumpsty makes real, functioning, miniature steel dumpsters decorated with streetstyle art: bombed and stickered up, custom painted, even artist limited-editions. You can throw garbage in it if you want or just let it stand there looking tough.

BUY IT   $150-250 Categories: Gear

Baxter of California Double-Edged Safety Razor Set at
Baxter of California Double-Edged Safety Razor Set

Nothing beats the closeness of shaving with a real razor and that’s what you’ll get with this old-fashioned shaving set from Baxter Of California. It includes a badger hair brush, a double-edge safety razor and a stand.

BUY IT   $250 Categories: Groom, Shave

GoPro Hero3+ at
GoPro Hero3+

GoPro is the leader of the action-camera pack and their newest, the Hero3+ camera got some sweet improvements: a new 2.8f lens that is sharper and brighter is aided by improved imaging software, Auto Low Light Mode, and a battery that lasts 25% longer. It’s also a bit smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor.

BUY IT   $299-399 Categories: Photography, Tech
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