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2015 Cadillac Escalade at
2015 Cadillac Escalade

Hummer may be long gone but for fans of super-sized, luxury American SUVs, the Cadillac Escalade is still going strong. The 2015 model is huge and square and trimmed in chrome. Inside it’s all leather and touchscreens. But lest you think this big rig is getting all futuristic, the new 420 HP V8 still boasts an old-school 14 MPG.

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Assisted: An Autobiography by John Stockton at
Assisted: An Autobiography by John Stockton

19-year NBA veteran, 10-year all-star and the league record holder for assists, John Stockton, was one of the best to ever play pro hoops. His new autobiography offers readers a look at life on and off the court for the legendary Jazz point guard.

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Seaboard GRAND at
Seaboard GRAND

London-based ROLI Design has created an intuitive keyboard that blends the form of a standard piano with the electronic customization of a digital controller. Seaboard GRAND features flexible keys that allow the player to adjust each note in real-time. The unique, skin-like design makes each note flex under a user’s touch to produce a different pitch, volume, and timbre, depending on exactly where it’s pressed.

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Adidas Snowboarding Boot Collection at
Adidas Snowboarding Boot Collection

Continuing their tradition of following in Nike’s footsteps, Adidas just jumped into snowboarding with a line of  boots developed with the sport’s top athletes. The Jake Blauvelt Pro Model boot takes style cues from the OG Samba, featuring the classic 3 stripe vamp and tech features like Recco rescue technology, Aerotherm thermal barrier, and natural odor-neutralizers.

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Samsung Shape M7 at
Samsung Shape M7

It looks good but more importantly, it sounds good and when you link up several of Samsung’s new Shape M7 speakers in your home, this system acts as a wi-fi hub allowing you to sync up your tunes in rooms all through the house. It’s like Sonos but maybe better with an app that integrates Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn Radio and anything stored in your Amazon Cloud Player.

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2013 Whisky Advent Calendar at
2013 Whisky Advent Calendar

This season you can play the starring role in your own rendition of Bad Santa with this advent calendar that features 24 sweet 3cl sample drams of fine whisky instead of stupid chocolates. And when the whisky is spelled without an E, you know it’s top shelf. Happy holidays indeed.

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The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football at
The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football

A hundred years ago college football was about the game. Today, it’s like everything else: a corrupt mess controlled by suited dicks trying to extract maximum payoff from a billion-dollar business. And this, unlike the mechanics of the game itself, could actually make for some interesting reading.

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Beer & Bacon Mancakes at
Beer & Bacon Mancakes

After you’re done with your bee-pollen & Kale smoothie you’ll need a real breakfast. And this one is so legit it will cause your chest hair to grow chest hair. It’s a pancake recipe that includes beer and bacon on the ingredient list. Yes, man food. You’re welcome.

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Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Volume 1 at
Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Volume 1

If you prefer a physical copy of music rather than the cloud-based playlist you’re probably a “collector,” in which case, Vol. 1 of the Complete Album Collection from Bob Dylan should make its way into your stacks. The massive box set of 41 albums also comes with a  collector’s USB containing 35 studio titles & 6 live records.

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Spin Chill at
Spin Chill

A can of warm beer can be turned into an ice-cold thirst quencher by spinning the can in ice for a few. Humans have known this trick since the Roman Empire but it took two beer-swilling buds to invent this little rig that mounts to your cordless drill, does the spinning for you & pops out a cold one in 30 seconds. Sorta gives new meaning to the phrase “spin one up.”

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