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G-Form XTREME iPhone 5 Case at
G-Form XTREME iPhone 5 Case

Protecting your iPhone 5 from the inevitable smashings it will endure no longer means hermetically sealing it in a giant PVC case with bulky rubber bumpers. G-Form’s XTREME iPhone 5 case uses a 3-layer system with soft but smashproof materials like TPE & RPT. Easily fits in the pocket of even the skinniest jeans.

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Ecovacs Winbot at
Ecovacs Winbot

Second only to cleaning toilets, the impossibly mundane task of cleaning windows can now be handed over to someone, actually something, better suited to the task than higher beings such as ourselves. This window cleaning robot suctions to the glass and gets it done in a thorough, streak-free way that you never would. Even if you tried. Available mid-2013.

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Beef and Cheese Nachos with Chorizo Sausage at
Beef and Cheese Nachos with Chorizo Sausage

For regular season games, regular old, run-of-the-mill nachos are fine. But for the Superbowl, your nachos should be super, too. Whether your team wins or loses, this recipe, that adds spicy chorizo sausage to the mix will get the extra points on game day.

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Homelite 5-Ton Log Splitter at
Homelite 5-Ton Log Splitter

It didn’t take long to figure out that the five hundred dollar Brooklyn-made chrome axe sucked for actual use, and now you need something to get the wood chopped. This 5-ton electric splitter will do it. It goes through logs up to 20-inches in diameter like a hot knife through butter powered by a 15 amp electric motor. Source

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Reservoir Dogs Action Figures at
Reservoir Dogs Action Figures

If someone utters the phrase “adult toys” and the first thing that pops into your head is “action figures” then there’s obviously a market for something as unseemly as these Reservoir Dogs action figures. Tarantino’s cast of suited scammers, Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. Brown, & Mr. Blonde come with glasses, guns, and a display case for safe storage in your adult toybox.

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Uuni Wood-fired Pizza Oven at
Uuni Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Try as you may, it’s impossible to get homemade pizza to come out of your oven as bubbly, crisp, and chewy as a real woodfired pizza oven does. Enter the Uuni, a compact woodfired mini-oven for making your own gourmet woodfired pies at home. Once you prep the Uuni, it’ll reach temps of up to 800º, cooking your pizzas to perfection in just 3-4 minutes. Shipping this summer. Source

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Cinch Wallet at
Cinch Wallet

A swollen, Costanza-style wallet stuffed with receipts and business cards is just not practical. Try something slimmer, like this minimalist Cinch. It features an oak backbone and stretchy, black elastic band that will hold all your essential cards and cash plus it won’t make your butt look big in those jeans.

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Limited Edition Giclée Star Wars Prints at
Limited Edition Giclée Star Wars Prints

Where you hang these high-quality archival gicleé prints of your favorite Star Wars vehicles is up to you. Created by sci-fi artist Berg for Editions of 100, these limited edition prints, on heavyweight 230gsm, size A2 paper are hand-signed by the artist and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Via X-Truck at
Via X-Truck

Via Motors is an American carmaker that specializes in custom electric vehicles, mainly turning popular full-size GM cars & trucks into long-range plug-in electrics. Their latest, the 2013 Chevy Silverado-based X-Truck just debuted at the Detroit auto show last week. The truck has been heavily modified inside and out with beefed-up and mean looking body panels, bumpers, and suspension, while achieving the fuel economy of a Prius.

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WakaWaka Light at
WakaWaka Light

The WakaWaka Light is a powerful, award-winning little portable solar LED light that burns bright for 16 hours on an 8-hour charge. That is cool. What’s cooler is WakaWaka’s mission to bring light to places without electricity: off-the-grid zones, refugee camps, and disaster areas. When you buy one, you help give one to those in need.

BUY IT   $39 Categories: Gear
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