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Game Stick at
Game Stick

Put your phone down. Plug in & play games on any TV anywhere you go with the portable Game Stick console. This little USB device lets you bring your games to the big screen with a wireless bluetooth controller and a rapidly expanding library of games.

BUY IT   $79 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

2013 Honda VFR1200F at
2013 Honda VFR1200F

Year after year, Honda’s legendary VFR1200 ranks among the most advanced and fastest production bikes on the road. Along with ABS braking, traction control, and its super-compact 1237cc V4 motor, the 2013 gets a standard setting dual-clutch transmission for paddle-style speed shifting through all 6 gears.

BUY IT   $15,999 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

The Dude and the Zen Master at
The Dude and the Zen Master

For the Big Lebowski fanatic who has every offshoot product from the classic film (which amounts to a Hoarders-style mountain of “stuff”), this new book by the Dude himself, Jeff Bridges and his real-life Zen Master, will be The Bible. Yes, words to live by from the dude. Read up, man.

BUY IT   $14.48 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

2013 LG Smart TVs at
2013 LG Smart TVs

It’s all about function. The Smart Share feature lets you share content from your devices like your phone or tablet with your TV, the On Now function discovers VoD content that is “trending” so you don’t have to think about what you want to watch or hunt for it, and with CPUs that are 120% faster than before, the entire line of new LG Smart TVs is smarter.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Tech, Television

Bottle Grenade at
Bottle Grenade

If you’re going to take that leap and wear “accessories” at least choose functional ones. Unlike assless chaps, this grenade-shaped beer opener/multi-tool/keychain will look sharp hanging from your belt and it has ¼” & 7/16”  hex wrenches plus several ways to pop your brews.

BUY IT   $25 Categories: Bar Ware, Gear

BEM Speaker Trio at
BEM Speaker Trio

This wireless speaker system includes a trio of speakers that share a single charging base yet allow you the freedom to pick one up and take it to any room in your home. Even take them outside. The 120-foot wireless range makes it easy to bring your soundtrack all over the place.

BUY IT   $299 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

One Line Prints at
One Line Prints

These iconic prints of characters from film and pop culture are drawn using a single line by a minimalist artist named Quibe. You get the idea.

BUY IT   $18.72 Categories: Decor, Space

History of Pin-up Magazines at
History of Pin-up Magazines

History of Pin up MagazinesThis compact, three-volume book set chronicles the rise of pin-up girly magazines from 1900-1969 covering their tame beginnings in France through their post-WWII heyday to the launch of Playboy and fetish mags in the 60s. There are even some words to read in these books if you want to do that.

BUY IT   $22.58 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Sauna Box at
Sauna Box

You’ve seen shipping containers re-purposed into living spaces, pop-up stores, office space, etc., but how about a sauna? This custom sauna is clad in red cedar and features a wood-burning stove and solar panel that makes it self-sufficient, so you can put one anywhere.

BUY IT   $41,000 Categories: Space

JustMount at

This magnetic wall mount organizer will get clutter like your keys, iPhone, and earbuds up off your workspace and keep them easily within reach. And speaking of reach, another use for the device is the convenience of “hands-free” video calls, popular with couples in long distance relationships.

BUY IT   $19 Categories: Gear
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