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Black Book Of Cards at
Black Book Of Cards

Playing cards. Stashed in a little black book. Instead of standard art & markings to denote which card is which, these feature images made of typography and also include some sort of mystical significance about birthdays and astrology that may tickle your tin foil hat but mainly, they’re just cool looking cards. Play poker with them or go fish.

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Road Shower at
Road Shower

Sure, when you’re filthy dirty on your roadtrip, you could just stop at a random motel and get a hot shower. But you might also get bedbug bites, lice and a case of athlete’s foot in the bargain. Better to stay on the road and use this instead. The Road Shower mounts to your roofrack, is solar heated and holds 5 gallons of water that you pressurize with a little shot of CO2. Much cleaner.

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Robert Plant: A Life at
Robert Plant: A Life

This new book by rock writer Paul Rees is the definitive biography of Led Zeppelin frontman and prototypical Rock God Robert Plant. Rees dug deep to deliver a full spectrum portrait of the man behind Stairway To Heaven and a hundred other anthems.

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Rookies Retro Baseball Card App at
Rookies Retro Baseball Card App

Rookies is a free photo app for your iPhone that turns your photos into retro style baseball card images. Choose from more than a dozen old school card templates to make your dumb friends look like crusty pro baseball dudes from the 80s. You can even order a wax-sealed pack of 20, printed on card stock.

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Garmin Forerunner 220/620 at
Garmin Forerunner 220/620

Garmin’s newest wi-fi enabled touchscreen smartwatches measure all the crucial fitness metrics plus they offer recovery data, training plan support, & track personal records, laps, & calories. They also offer Live Track, which allows family, friends & stalkers to follow where you are on your run.

BUY IT   $250-400 Categories: Sport, Watches

Steve McQueen’s Idaho Ranch Up For Grabs at
Steve McQueen’s Idaho Ranch Up For Grabs

They call Steve McQueen the king of cool. Fast cars, fast bikes, hit movies. But when he got burned out on burning rubber & slaying babes, he’d retreat to his home in the Idaho hills. Today, the deceased actor’s luxurious & sprawling 500-acre ranch is on the market. And now $7.4 milion will get you your own private Idaho.

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Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile at
Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile

The stories & profiles of the champions and NFL superstars are everywhere but this book is different. Slow Getting Up tells the far more common story of the NFL’s countless “expendable” & average pro football players, presenting a funny and at times shocking look at life in the NFL for guys who aren’t winning the games & making history.

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Joby MPod at
Joby MPod

Gorilla Pods are versatile & make ‘getting the shot’ way easier than other tripods because they grip onto and wrap around just about any surface. Now they’ve built one especially for your Android, Windows or iPhone device. The M-Pod works as a tripod or simply as a stand, using a secure elastic grip to keep your phone in place no matter where you put it.

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City as Canvas at
City as Canvas

Street art books are easy to find but ones like City As Canvas are rare. Offering authentic history & deep context, it chronicles the crucial first chapter of the emergence of graffiti & early street art through the collected works of foundational NYC artist Martin Wong & the voices of friends & artists who were there. The book also contains previously unpublished art by Keith Haring, Basquiat, & Futura 2000.

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Motoped at

The Motoped kit turns your little Honda XR50 pitbike into a performance motorized bicycle. The sickest looking one we’ve ever seen. All you need is the donor dirtbike & some mountain bike parts. The kits include everything else you need for the transformation: Frame, swingarm, rear hub, & so on. Watch the video!

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