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Looney Tunes Platinum Collection at
Looney Tunes Platinum Collection

If you want to laugh instead of cry this fall, turn off the election coverage and press play on the Looney Toons Platinum Collection Vol. 1. Three discs with 50 re-mastered classic cartoons have now been rendered in crisp Blu-ray radness. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and the rest of the gang may resemble our cast of candidates, but their antics are much more entertaining.

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Perrelet Turbine 007 at
Perrelet Turbine 007

The gleam you thought you saw in her eye was maybe just the reflection of a golden flash from your Swiss-Made Perrelet Turbine 007 watch. The gilded dials, numerals, and hands of this luxury timepiece catch light from all angles with the help of two spinning rotors in the case. Jigga Man had his “chain reaction” now you can have your “watch this.” Limited Edition of 888 Pieces.

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Hollow Book Safe with Flask at
Hollow Book Safe with Flask

Pretty much every book on the New York Times Best-Seller list is a hollow, unreadable sham and none of them quite measure up to the ones coming out of Indiana-based Conduit Press. Their specially crafted books actually offer something redeeming for the soul: a 4 oz. flask.

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Smartphone-Controlled TankBot at
Smartphone-Controlled TankBot

With the double-dip recession looming and so little work to actually do, office toys like these smartphone-controlled TankBots give those long days in the cubicle real meaning. Just keep bouncing from facebook to the touch-free fun of driving your little mini-tank and before you know it, this economic rough patch will be history. Source

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Coffee Rubbed Cheeseburgers with Texas Barbeque Sauce at
Coffee Rubbed Cheeseburgers with Texas Barbeque Sauce

If you have high blood pressure or hemorrhoids, you’ll probably want to stay away from coffee-rubbed barbecue burgers. But if mentioning ’roids twice hasn’t caused you to lose your appetite already, this is a recipe you’ll honestly want to try.

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The Gambler at
The Gambler

70s Hollywood bad-ass James Caan earned himself a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Alex Freed, an NYU Lit. Professor and gambling addict. It’s loosely based on the Dostoevsky novel of the same name so be sure to drop that nug when you tell people you watched it, smarty pants.

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Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker at
Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

You like minimalist design and quality sound? Well, then you probably already know about Bose. They have a new, compact wireless mobile speaker that lets you take high quality sound wherever you go. Maybe you also like minimalist reading too, so we’ll stop here.

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Nikon 1 at
Nikon 1

It seems like every week some camera company is revolutionizing photography again. Nikon is one of the few brands that may actually be doing it. Their latest creation doesn’t appear to have any buttons or controls, maybe what’s revolutionary is the fact that you can’t screw up the photo.

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Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Gin at
Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Bathtub Gin

Traditional processes and heritage craft are turning back the clock on everything from fashion to food. Booze, too. In the roaring ’20s Prohibition era everyone drank bathtub gin, they had no other choice. Fact is, bathtub gin is just grain alcohol infused with flavor. And no, it’s not actually made in a bathtub. You can probably handle it as long as you don’t jump behind the wheel of your model-T after imbibing.

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Ferrari Winter Driving Experience at
Ferrari Winter Driving Experience

You have to already be a Ferrari owner to get into the brand’s new Winter Driving Experience course in Aspen, Colorado. If you happen to fit that profile, you’ll get to test out the handling of Ferrari’s new 4-wheel drive FF on a track made of ice and snow. And since nobody who buys the FF will actually take it out in the snow, this slick, 2-day driving program really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

BUY IT   $11,300 Categories: Escape, Rides
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