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Toyota GT 86 at
Toyota GT 86

From a distance, Toyota’s GT 86 concept car could pass for next year’s Hyundai Tiburon but lucky for Toyota this thing’s got a lot more nut. Few details have leaked so far but the car blogs are all claiming 200-mph from a 2.0-liter boxer powerplant. Worth a closer look? We think so.

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Ace Bottle Opener at
Ace Bottle Opener

If you’re a drinker and a gambler, you’ll feel like the luckiest guy alive every time you draw this card. Beer opener, stainless steel, wallet size, winning.

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Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season at
Boardwalk Empire: The Complete First Season

If you don’t have time to know about, follow, and TiVo the cool shows while they’re on, be thankful you can play catch up with the trusty old box set. HBO’s bristling Prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire is a series you want to see. This 5-disc season one set drops 01/10/12.

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Vintage Leather Belt Flooring at
Vintage Leather Belt Flooring

We were searching the web for something we can’t really talk about here when we found flooring made from leather belts. That’s right. Vintage leather belts are hand selected for quality, cleaned, cut, and made into tiles available in 12X12 or 18X18 sizes. They’re durable and suitable for floors, tabletops or counters.

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Ural M70 Anniversary Edition at
Ural M70 Anniversary Edition

The Russian Ural is a long-standing cult classic. This heritage bike brand continues to turn out new versions of their M-70, a WW2-era sidecar model, which was a knock-off of the German BMW R71. This 2011 model blends classic styling with some modern upgrades that make it a legit daily driver. Source

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In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption at
In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for Redemption

Another unreal but true story. Jimmy Keene, the screw-up son of a cop in suburban Chicago makes some bad moves & ends up in prison on a ten-year bid. But, if he can get a fellow prisoner, a serial killer who could walk on appeal, to give a confession, Keene will be set free. Or he will end up dead.

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Radiator Booster at
Radiator Booster

Unless you find something strangely erotic about your lady cruising around the house in a Snuggie, maybe you should try these radiator boosters to beef up your underpowered radiant heating system. They mount directly to your heaters and blow heat from the wall out into the room where you want it. Source

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Schott NYC Perfecto Leather Jacket at
Schott NYC Perfecto Leather Jacket

Amazingly, the Schott Perfecto leather jacket is one product from the golden age of motorcycling that isn’t endorsed by Steve McQueen. But this slim-cut leather classic from New York’s Schott Leather is a jacket we know he’d love. Zip-front, snap collar closure, distressed top-grain cowhide. Motorcycle optional,  aviator shades not included.

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Calepino Panoplie Writing Kit at
Calepino Panoplie Writing Kit

Calepino is kind of like the Field Notes of France. They make classic, round-cornered, pocket notebooks. But Calepino also makes pens and wooden pencils; all locally produced near Paris. The Panoplie collection includes 3 notebooks and a 6-pack each of the pencils and black ink M10 ballpoint pens.

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Machine Shop Lighting at
Machine Shop Lighting

Machine Shops Lighting’s handmade light fixtures balance form and function in simple, utilitarian designs that showcase materials and minimalism. From the hand-blown glass work to the steel craft these lights are all-American craftsmanship at it’s finest. Source

BUY IT   $650 Categories: Lighting, Space
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