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minibru Coffee Mug at
minibru Coffee Mug

Space stations, petri dish sheep, the God particle; technology is super-advanced & utterly amazing, so why did it take so long to develop the single-cup French press? Who knows, but now it’s here. Drink up.

BUY IT   $25 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Bicycle Taxidermy at
Bicycle Taxidermy

We can all appreciate a nice rack. Whether the display is a deer, elk, your neighbor’s wife (don’t stare), or even the steering system off your OG mountain bike, a good mount will always draw attention. Bicycle Taxidermy offers a variety of pre-mounted bike “horns” and “antlers” as well as the parts to mount your own. Odd perhaps, but certainly less creepy than a jackalope or ogling another man’s rack.

BUY IT   $65+ Categories: Bike, Space

Whisky Explorers Club at
Whisky Explorers Club

Delivery membership clubs for everything from steaks to wine to shaving supplies are great for exposing you to new products without having to deal with the shopping. Whisky Explorers offers scheduled home delivery of the world’s great hard-to-find and limited production whiskies. Source

BUY IT   $180-575/year Categories: Drink, Host

Nike Air Max+ 2013 at
Nike Air Max+ 2013

Since its debut release way back in 1987, Nike has been constantly evolving their revolutionary Air Max model runner. Images of the latest re-design just hit the net, & the Air Max 2013 shows 360 air cushioning plus Nike’s Flywire & Hyperfuse materials. Available January 2013.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Sneakers, Wear

Gerber Go Bag at
Gerber Go Bag

It looks like a really big holster for your Gerber knife but the Go Bag is designed to hold everything you need for “survival” or just playing paranoid-tactical-dress-up. In addition to the Maxpedition sling-style bag, gear includes the Gerber MP600-ST tool, EZ-Out DPSF folding knife, a recon task light, a metal water bottle & other essentials for battle preparedness.

BUY IT   $275 Categories: Bags, Gear

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker at
Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

While offering functions similar to other activity trackers like Nike’s Fuelband and FitBit, this device called Shine from Misfit Wearables—a company founded by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley—is much sleeker, carved from a block of solid aluminum. To sync with your iPhone simply touch the device to the screen and daily activity info uploads to the Shine app automatically.

BUY IT   $79 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story at
360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story

Pre-internet, record companies were huge. They were the star-makers and few were as influential as Columbia. With a roster of legends including chartbusters from Frank Sinatra to Bob Dylan to Beyoncé, Columbia is responsible for some of the greatest music ever sold. This book chronicles the label’s history & includes over 300 rare photos.

BUY IT   $25.56 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

MENU Blade Wine Series at
MENU Blade Wine Series

Whether you drink aged, fine wines or supermarket table wine, well-designed wine tools are kitchen essentials. The Blade series includes a waiter’s corkscrew, an ergonomic twist corkscrew, a vacuum pump and an aerating decanting pourer. The design of the pourer adds 430% more oxygen to the wine as it pours, making even mediocre wine taste fine.

BUY IT   $20-60 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

10th Anniversary Samuel Adams Utopias at
10th Anniversary Samuel Adams Utopias

Sam Adam’s has developed and produced some amazing barrel-aged beers over the last decade. A series of experiments led to their potent “Utopias” brews, which, due to unusually high alcohol content, they won’t call “beers.” This year’s batch, at 29%, will really lube you up but Sam insists the Utopias are all about complex taste. Available at select specialty beer and liquor stores.

BUY IT   $190 Categories: Drink, Host

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Deluxe Edition at
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Deluxe Edition

Nobody expected Led Zeppelin to rock the house as hard as they did when the 3 surviving members, along with deceased drummer John Bonham’s son Jason on drums, played a reunion concert in 2007. But the old bastards and young Bonzo in fact tore the roof off London’s O2 arena. This 4-disc box set includes the 16 live classics they played that night plus an acclaimed HD concert film.

BUY IT   $32.27 Categories: Media, Music
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