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The Observatory Class Telescope at
The Observatory Class Telescope

You won’t even be able see Uranus with that lame astronomy app for your iPad. If you really want to see what’s up, you’ll need serious hardware & this 20-inch diameter GPS-enabled telescope goes deep space. You’ll be able to watch the counter-rotation of the bands around Jupiter and see stellar winds in the Orion nebula. All kinds of stuff the iPad can’t deliver.

BUY IT   $35,000 Categories: Gear

Vitra Tyde Desk at
Vitra Tyde Desk

These tables telescope using whisper-quiet electronic motors so you can adjust them from a sit-down desk to a stand-up one in seconds. The design also allows for quick conversion into other configurations, like a conference table or double workstation.

BUY IT   $ Inquire Categories: Space, Table

Acre Supply by Mission Workshop at
Acre Supply by Mission Workshop

Acre is a new S.F.-based brand that makes cycling apparel and weatherproof packs for all-mountain riding. Their packs are hydration compatible and made in the USA while the apparel collection utilizes premium materials like Merino wools and Schoeller waterproof/breathable technologies. Coming soon. via

BUY IT   $ TBD Categories: Bags, Gear

Pressy at

Fact: your phone’s Android operating system isn’t perfect. If this wasn’t true, Pressy wouldn’t exist. It’s a button that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack & links up with a programmable app that let’s you create simple push-button controls for all your phone’s functions. Snap a pic, answer a call, play a song, record video, all without scrolling through all the screens and opening apps. Just press the button.

BUY IT   $20 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot at
Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot

There’s no mistaking that old school AF1 look but this new version is actually a bad-weather boot. It features a padded wool collar, heavier lugs on the sole, and a full-grain leather upper coated with Watershield to keep out rain, sleet, & snow.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Boots, Wear

The Hangover Trilogy Blu-ray at
The Hangover Trilogy Blu-ray

Instead of misquoting all those quotable lines from your favorite movie and its two sub-par sequels, instead buy this Blu-ray set of the whole Hangover trilogy. After making your own marathon a few times, you’ll be able to speak exclusively in Alan Garnerisms. Drops December 3rd.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Media, Movies

Rideye at

Rideye is a black box for your bike, an onboard crash recorder that features HD video, one-touch operation, & a one month battery life to keep an accurate, objective record of your car versus bicycle battles.

BUY IT   $119 Categories: Bike, Gadgets

Ian Fleming Biography at
Ian Fleming Biography

Now that the flood of James Bond 50th Anniversary ephemera has begun to recede, something new emerges from the Bond vault – a new biography on Ian Fleming, the British aristocrat, intelligence officer, and James Bond creator. Andrew Lycett tells all the details of his dramatic, marvelous and mysterious, yet short life.

BUY IT   $22 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Cold Bruer at
Cold Bruer

If you want an amazing iced coffee in the next 3 to 12 hours, this unique cold brew system will give you what you’re very patiently fiending for. Once you’re done watching the paint dry and the grass grow, you can go back to the kitchen and while away the afternoon as your black gold drips from one chamber to the next in exquisite simplicity. And if you’ve ever enjoyed a cold brewed cup, you know it’s worth the wait.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Fujifilm X-A1 at
Fujifilm X-A1

Fuji’s latest entry into the crowded camera segment referred to as CSC’s (Compact System Cameras), the X-A1 offers the versatility of interchangeable lenses in a small, portable package plus wi-fi and a 16.3 MP optic sensor but what it doesn’t have is the exorbitant price tag featured on many of its peers.

BUY IT   $600 Categories: Photography, Tech
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