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The Generals at
The Generals

Not all of America’s highest-ranking military commanders are as scandalous as General Petraeus; in fact many have been much worse. In this new book, military historian & author Thomas Ricks focuses on how & why US Generals have become such losers since the heroic victories of World War II.

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Olive ONE HD Music Player at
Olive ONE HD Music Player

Right now your music is all over the place but this all-in-one home system called the Olive ONE gives you convenient access to your tunes by connecting all your devices with one simple touchscreen interface. The unit also boasts audiophile quality speakers plus optional customization and accessories. Made in the U.S.A.

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Custom Film Classic Action Figures at
Custom Film Classic Action Figures

Your old friend Han Solo will be collecting dust when you get your hands on these guys. Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, DeNiro from Taxi Driver, and Jason from Friday the 13th are just a few of the pose-able Hollywood classics you can find on (of course) eBay  from a dedicated dealer named Popsfartberger.

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Rockler Paint Mixing Mate at
Rockler Paint Mixing Mate

Mixing up the paint for those home improvement projects usually makes a mess & turns your floor into an accidental Jackson Pollock painting. The Mixing Mate is an all-in-one painting toy that mixes, pours, and stores your paint cans with no mess or unwanted abstract expressionism.

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Bike EXIF 2013 Customs Calendar at
Bike EXIF 2013 Customs Calendar

The Bike EXIF blog is one of the internet’s most popular custom motorcycle sites. If you’ve got a thing for hot pics of 2-wheeled vehicles, the site is practically p@rn. Their 2013 13-month wall calendar features incredible photography of the year’s most iconic bikes which you can proudly display in your office without fear of an HR infraction.

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A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths at
A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths

The Smiths were pretty much the last of the great classic British rock groups. Their influence on the 80s and subsequent decades is unquestionable. This new book explores the band’s trajectory as well as painting portraits of the outsize personalities of Morrissey & Johnny Marr and their enduring musical legacy.

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MB&F HM5 at

Paying homage to the wedge-shaped supercars of the 70s & their now vintage “futuristic” designs, MB& F has recreated a classic timepiece from the era. Their new HM5 watch is an update of the 1972 Amida Digitrend, featuring a vertical display and louvered, wedge-shaped case. Limited edition of 66 pieces.

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Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products at
Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products

Look for logos featuring crossed swords, arrows, or axes and a name that includes an ampersand, and you can be pretty sure the product is classic and made for the discerning modern man. That’s precisely the case with this line of natural grooming products from New Zealand, launched by former cricket superstar Dion Nash. via

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101 Essential Rock Records at
101 Essential Rock Records

With a list of co-authors including David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Johnny Marr & Peter Buck this hardcover guide to 101 essential rock records from the 60s & 70s is sure to shed light on some stuff you’ve never heard before as well as the most celebrated music of the era.

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Wooden Flashlight No. 1 at
Wooden Flashlight No. 1

No, we’re not kidding. This is an actual wooden flashlight. And no, it’s not lit by a candle. It’s battery powered and made using repurposed wood, leather, and brass hardware by the artists at Tauro leathers.

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