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The Serial Killer Whisperer at
The Serial Killer Whisperer

We’ll recommend this book in as few words as possible: Brain-injured outcast teen begins writing to jailed serial killers and develops trusting friendships, then the killers confess more crimes to him. Sounds good? NBC bought the script rights to this one. Happy Holidays.

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Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses at
Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Carved and sculpted entirely from pink Himalayan salt, this set of shot glasses with matching serving tray will add the perfect snap of saltiness to your favorite tequila.

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McIntosh Mantle Clock at
McIntosh Mantle Clock

Being an audiophile technically is a kind of perversion, so you creeps who know about McIntosh amps will be feeling warm and weird right now. The McIntosh mantle clock is a tribute to the design and styling of the brand’s classic stereo amps, using the same faceplates, meters, and trippy blue lights. Looks like it’s time to rock-and-roll.

BUY IT   $1600 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Destino Samurai at
Destino Samurai

Custom bike culture is big in Australia and Destino Custom Garage is one of the country’s best builders. They take stock, boring metric cruisers and turn them into works of rideable art like what you see here. One of only four made (and sold by invitation only) the Samurai is built off an unnamed 1100-cc powerplant and absolutely dripping with custom fabbed parts. Source

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Menu Kettle Thermo Carbon at
Menu Kettle Thermo Carbon

Once hot buttered rum cools down it tastes like crap. Keep it hot for the holidays with this architect-designed kettle. Clean lines and proven insulating power make this a great alternative to sipping slimy rum out in the cold.

BUY IT   $69.95 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever at
Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever

Unless you were in all the right places to be in NYC from New Year’s Day 1973 to New Year’s Eve 1977, you missed it. These were transformative, experimental years in the city’s music scene and even though you missed out, you can read about it now in this new book. Punk rock, hip hop, disco, salsa, jazz and cross-pollination of all types went down. Read up and act like you know.

BUY IT   $19.80 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Baxter of California x PORTER Grooming Kit at
Baxter of California x PORTER Grooming Kit

Sometimes the whole “collabo” thing gets a little weird. We’re not saying that’s the case with this Baxter of California x PORTER Japan limited edition grooming kit. Not at all. This travel-friendly kit includes high-quality German-made tweezers, a nail clipper, and a glass nail file. Nothing weird about that.

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Beauty in Decay: The Art of Urban Exploration at
Beauty in Decay: The Art of Urban Exploration

Beauty in Decay: The Art of Urban ExplorationYou may not know there’s an international community of wingnuts (or cultural historians) called Urban Explorers who explore abandoned buildings, sewers and storm drains, transit tunnels, and even ancient catacombs for pleasure. Well, it’s true. And if the Urbex movement sounds interesting, read this new guidebook and get out there.

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Ion Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric at
Ion Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric

Time goes forward. Design however, seems to be stuck in reverse. But look back over your shoulder and you’ll recognize the power of classic craftsmanship. The Ion Lamp, with its triple-coil Edison bulb, porcelain base, and twisted cloth power cord is about as retro as you can get without a time machine.

BUY IT   $85 Categories: Lighting, Space

Holiday Eggnog at
Holiday Eggnog

Do you want to go big this holiday season? No, we don’t mean “unlocking dead equity” in your home to buy gifts. We mean going big with holiday spirit. If you step up to making your own homemade eggnog you’ll be the biggest holiday hit since The Clapper.

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