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Golfer’s Six Pack at
Golfer’s Six Pack

On the way to play your Dad’s Day 18, make one pit stop and get everything you need for a round on the links. No, not at the Pro Shop. Stop in the beer aisle at the supermarket. If you’re lucky, you’ll find these Ultimate special-edition six-packs featuring 5 Michelob Ultras and a 3-sleeve of Bridgestone e-6 golf balls.

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Fridge Monkey at
Fridge Monkey

Don’t expect the ASPCA or PETA to come knocking when you get your Fridge Monkey delivered. It’s not a real monkey—so no bites, rabies or poo-flinging to worry about. This ‘monkey’ is a silicone rubber mat helping you organize cans and bottles in your fridge. Throw the mat down, stack the bottles, that’s it. Why is it even called a monkey? Who knows, does it really matter?

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Nike Lunarglide+ 3 at
Nike Lunarglide+ 3

Nike’s new Lunarglide+ 3 is the latest addition to the Lunarglide line of runners built upon the light & cushy, mixed-density Lunarlon midsole. This model’s most notable design feature is the new midfoot strap. This strap is built into the lacing system and offers additional stability in the arch and forefoot. Available Fall 2011.

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Go the F*&k To Sleep Bedtime Book at
Go the F*&k To Sleep Bedtime Book

Go The F*&k To Sleep by California Book Award-winning author, Adam Mansbach, is a kid’s book for adults. It’s also a bedtime story you should NOT read to your kids. This book captures the familiar & unspoken tribulations parents endure in simply trying to put their kids to bed. One critic called it “pants-wettingly” funny. Sound good? Illustrated by Ricardo Cortes, 32 pages.

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Treasure Wheels at
Treasure Wheels

Junk picker, antique hunter, self-mover, whatever you call yourself – you can’t call yourself a pro until you’ve got a pair of Treasure Wheels at the ready. Simply screw the clamp to that big, cumbersome object of your desire, and roll it on home. Easy as that.

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iPhone Alarm Dock at
iPhone Alarm Dock

Using your iPhone as an alarm clock can leave your bedside table looking a little barren. Maybe this handmade wooden dock simulating the look of an old school, pre-digital alarm clock is what you need. Get the Beech wood dock & the free clock app and send your iPhone back to the future. The design also lets you run the power cord through the back for a clean, classic look.

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The Dark Side Of The Moon – Immersion Box Set at
The Dark Side Of The Moon – Immersion Box Set

Even if you never ’shroomed and listened to The Dark Side Of The Moon on repeat for 9 hours straight, there’s gotta be a few tunes on this album you know & love. Pink Floyd’s new box set features a re-mastered version of their chart-crushing album plus 5 more discs of live, rare, video and unreleased material. The set also includes two books: one of rare period photos, plus a bunch of collectible chotchkies.

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Lumix G3 at
Lumix G3

The Lumix G3 is a complex camera. Rather than rattle off a list of tech specs, let us just say this thing will give even the most clueless shutterbug professional, high quality results. And like all the best digital cameras, this little beauty shoots crispy HD video, too. If you like a no-brainer, just snap the G3 on Intelligent Automatic mode and get great images without even pretending to think about it.

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Easy Beef Enchiladas at
Easy Beef Enchiladas

Pound for pound, bite for bite, Mexican food is the most comforting of all comfort cuisines. And enchiladas, with their spicy sauce and cheese-loaded goodness, just can’t be beat. Learn how to make mean beef enchiladas at home and you’ll feel like a real bandito.

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Salvador at

In this gritty, action-packed thriller directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, JFK), actor James Woods plays a sleazy Photojournalist who is past his prime. Trying to revive his faltering career, he heads to El Salvador to document the ongoing civil war. As he works to extract his girlfriend from the war zone, keep his dirtbag pal (Jim Belushi) out of trouble and get the story, the plot reaches a boiling point.

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