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GoPro Hero3+ at
GoPro Hero3+

GoPro is the leader of the action-camera pack and their newest, the Hero3+ camera got some sweet improvements: a new 2.8f lens that is sharper and brighter is aided by improved imaging software, Auto Low Light Mode, and a battery that lasts 25% longer. It’s also a bit smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor.

BUY IT   $299-399 Categories: Photography, Tech

Nymi at

Germophobes hate everything but they might like the Nymi. It does everything your hands would normally do: typing, unlocking the car, keying in your passwords, paying for the latte, swiping screens, checking into the hotel. It uses your heartbeat to unlock all the codes in your life so you only have to touch the stuff you want to.

BUY IT   $79 Categories: Uncategorized

Crash and Burn at
Crash and Burn

The Howard Stern Show just hasn’t been the same since Artie Lange left. Instead of moving on to bigger & better things as one of America’s most beloved comics, the big, fat funny man fell victim to heroin & coke addiction, and disappeared. Amazingly, Artie recovered and put the whole crazy story down on paper in his new book Crash & Burn.

BUY IT   $18.77 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Fortified Afterburner & Aviator Bike Lights at
Fortified Afterburner & Aviator Bike Lights

Fortified Bike Lights was born when one of the brand’s founders had his bike light stolen & then got nailed by a car. The MIT grads at Fortified set out to design & develop a super-bright, anti-theft bike light & that’s exactly what they’ve done. Their Li-Ion powered headlight & taillight system is simple, solid, and comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

BUY IT   $45-65 Categories: Bike, Gear

Alfa Pizza Forno Ciao Outdoor Pizza Oven at
Alfa Pizza Forno Ciao Outdoor Pizza Oven

Backyard pizza making is a big deal these days. If you’re ready to give it a try, the Forno Ciao is great place to start. It’s an Italian-made, outdoor wood-fired oven that heats up to cooking temp in 10 minutes & can turn out up to 30 pizzas an hour.

BUY IT   $2000 Categories: Outdoor, Space

Eton BoostTurbine 4000 Charger at
Eton BoostTurbine 4000 Charger

One-minute of cranking it. Surely you can last that long. And if you do, the Eton BT 4000 boost turbine charger will give your phone 4-minutes of battery life for the effort. So keep cranking & if your arm gets tired just close your eyes and pretend someone else is doing it. Or if you want to stick it in the wall socket instead, you’ll be fully charged up in 4.5 hours

BUY IT   $100 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Kickr at

The crew at Kickr developed an easy way to convert your existing longboard into an electric vehicle that will do 20mph. Not only will this universal drivetrain mount to your current set-up without the need for new parts or add-ons but never having to push again means your sport sandals will last much longer, too.

BUY IT   $300 Categories: Gear

Timberland 40th Anniversary LTD Boot Collection at
Timberland 40th Anniversary LTD Boot Collection

Original Timbos, they’re like the Air Force One of boots. Certified classics. This year, Timberland celebrates 40 years in business with a limited-edition collection numbered 1-1973 in 4 of their most beloved styles: the 6” Super, the World Hiker, and two colors of the SuperBoot. They’re hosting an online auction with all auction proceeds to benefit the Rainforest Alliance.

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Boots, Wear

Field Notes Drink Local at
Field Notes Drink Local

Field Notes is constantly updating their offerings with fresh colorways and occasional editions. Their latest limited run of pocket notebooks celebrate the colors of beer. Stout, IPA, Lager, Amber, etc. These notebooks also feature a new heavyweight cover stock and three packs come with a pub style coaster also designed by Field Notes frontman Aaron Draplin.

BUY IT   $10 Categories: Gear

Equus Bass 770 at
Equus Bass 770

This new-made-to-look old custom sports car from the Detroit boutique Equus garage, is called the Bass 770. It is literally dripping with nostalgia and sports familiar features taken directly from the classic late 60s fastback Mustang. Even the Equus logo & Bass name take bites of Ford history but unlike the real classics, this thing offers all the benefits of modern engineering.

BUY IT   $250,000 Categories: Exotic, Rides
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