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Porsche Design P’6520 Compass Watch at
Porsche Design P’6520 Compass Watch

The slightly over-sized, black titanium Porsche Design P’6520 tells the time with incredible style. But that’s not all. It also points you in the right direction. Beneath the flip top, 3-hand face hides a liquid compass. Staying on track and on time is easy with this on your wrist.

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2013 BMW i3 and 2014 BMW i8 at
2013 BMW i3 and 2014 BMW i8

Just a couple more years of driving around in your underpowered little hybrid rollerskate. In 2013, you’ll be able to upgrade to an electric Beemer. And thankfully, the forthcoming 4-seater doesn’t look like a wireless mouse on wheels. It actually looks like a German sports car and 78 miles-per-gallon has never looked so good.

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Vans x Dennis Hopper at
Vans x Dennis Hopper

In the visual arts, Dennis Hopper was an American icon. Actually, more like iconoclast. Influential in film, photography, and the underground art world, Hopper’s work spans decades. Before this colorful old bastard kicked the bucket he designed a line with Vans that includes cool shoes and a whole array of signature apparel. Pay your respects to his amazing career by buying his stuff at Urban Outfitters.

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NFL M&M’s at

Alongside nachos, beer, and hot wings, M&M’s are perfect game day snacks. Now you can get M&M’s in your favorite teams’ colors and stamped with their logos. If you like the Cleveland Browns these NFL M&M’s won’t be that exciting, but then, neither is their offensive line. Sorry Ohio, it’s true.

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LaCie CloudBox at
LaCie CloudBox

Backing up your files would be easier if you didn’t have to think about it. Thanks to the geniuses at LaCie, their new CloudBox makes a life-safer into a no-brainer. Simply load your valuable files onto the box and they’ll be automatically backed up online to the cloud. The CloudBox includes a 1-year, 100GB subscription to cloud storage that’s easily renewable.

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Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids at
Handy Dad: 25 Awesome Projects for Dads and Kids

You get few chances in life to truly be a hero. But if you’re the dad on the block who breaks out the powertools and plywood and builds his kids a skate ramp, you’re the man. This book, from HGTV’s Over Your Head host Todd Davis will show you how to build ramps, tree forts, a tire swing, and other cool projects that most dads blow off in favor of golf or watching the game. But that’s not you, is it?

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Who Wants a Big Box of Tasty Junk Food? at
Who Wants a Big Box of Tasty Junk Food?

The folks at Thanasi Foods sent over a bulging box of snacks for us to try out. While we enjoy a good jerky treat as much as the next guy, we couldn’t possibly dive into this much goodness all by ourselves. So, we are passing it along to one of you. They have some interesting brand partnerships that make for unique flavors… like Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Soaked Beef Jerky and Vlasic Dill Pickle flavored Sunflower seeds.

Who Wants a Big Box of Tasty Junk Food?

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Sony CMT-CX5 Wall-mountable Hi-Fi System at
Sony CMT-CX5 Wall-mountable Hi-Fi System

This ultra-slim home audio system from Sony does everything is should. All types of playback, sweet stereo surround sound, ample jacks. So, what’s rad about it? Well, you can hang this thing on the wall. That seems like a much better place to spread out the warm sounds of your favorite music, doesn’t it? We think so. Available September 2011.

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Elecom Silicone Stand at
Elecom Silicone Stand

Know how when you’re driving in the summer with no shirt on and your back sticks to the seat-back? Basically, this stand does the same thing. Just sub-in your tablet or phone for the sweaty back and this stand is the seat. Comprendé? The only difference is that instead of sweat, this stand uses an ultra-soft, tacky silicone pad to hold the device.

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Suntory Whisky Box at
Suntory Whisky Box

Price tag and pedigree is what determines an ultra-premium liquor, but usually it’s the packaging that sucks us in. Suntory is among Japan’s most distinguished whisky makers, the brand Bill Murray was working for in Lost In Translation. Suntory’s latest high-end offering: three of their ultra-premium whiskies come handsomely packed in a decorative Paulownia wood box. Each boxed bottle also includes a porcelain jig for tasting this Japanese whisky in the traditional style.

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