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Foldaway Workbench at
Foldaway Workbench

If finding enough space to do your household projects is becoming more of a challenge, the Foldaway Workbench could be your solution. It’s got a one-piece aluminum frame with an adjustable-height, solid resin worktop. And when you’re done doing your thing it folds up and away to a slim 9″ deep and requires no tools to set up or fold down.

BUY IT   $199 Categories: Garage, Space

Beer Sleeve at
Beer Sleeve

Most sketchy liquor stores will give you a little brown paper bum bag for free when you buy a bottle, making it easy for you to drink in peace. Shipley & Halmos brand makes a lot stupidly cool stuff. This printed booze bag is another one of ’em.

BUY IT   $2.50 Categories: Gear

Zombie Mall Experience at
Zombie Mall Experience

Killing zombies in the virtual world of video games is pretty fun but wouldn’t it be 100-times more gratifying to blast those undead bastards in real life? Sign up for the live zombie apocalypse experience with who offers 3-hour battles in an abandoned UK shopping mall using Airsoft guns. Nail your targets & special effect blood will spill. A manor house experience is also available if malls aren’t your thing. Source

BUY IT   $219 Categories: Escape

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses at
Gizmon Clip-On Lenses

Who doesn’t want more “likes” on the pics they post? These clip-on lenses from Gizmon help you step-up your iPhone and iPad photography for great effects without costing too much. Choose from the fisheye, circular polarizer or 3-image mirage filter.

BUY IT   $35 Categories: Photography, Tech

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series Blu-ray at
The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series Blu-ray

On June 5, 2012,  Image Entertainment is releasing a complete Blu-ray box set collection of the groundbreaking classic TV series, The Twilight Zone. At 24 discs deep, that’s nearly 75 straight hours of vintage weird.

BUY IT   $230.95 Categories: Media, Movies

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer at
Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Although we can’t confirm it, there are reportedly people who, after opening a beer and drinking some, want to close it back up and finish it later. For people with these odd tendencies there is a dual-purpose bottle opener designed to not just open but to also reseal your beverage for later consumption. It’s called the Hermetus and it provides an airtight seal.

BUY IT   $8.70 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

USB Power Strip at
USB Power Strip

Finally, somebody made a USB power strip. About damn time. With 4 USB slots, this packable little gem lets your computer or one device feed power to all your other dying devices for efficient group recharging on the fly.

BUY IT   $9.99 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Deus Yamaha Blaster at
Deus Yamaha Blaster

If all you know about motorcycles is that you need a cool one, get one from Deus Ex Machina. We feature their bikes pretty often and that’s because they don’t make any lame ones. This highly modified Yamaha is only a 225 so it’s light, easy to ride and sips gas. The wide tires are great for on or off road rallying  and the clutter-free rear end & alloy tank make it look pretty mean for it’s size.

BUY IT   $11,990 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Coach Vintage Baseball Glove Billfold at
Coach Vintage Baseball Glove Billfold

When you see their whole storefront at the mall displaying gaudy, over-sized women’s handbags in colors like fuschia and coral, baseball isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But Coach Leatherware actually got its start using baseball glove leathers. It make sense, they’re soft, durable and get better with age. Now Coach has released a new collection of baseball inspired products like this glove leather billfold. Nope, definitely not available in fuschia.

BUY IT   $348 Categories: Gear, Wallets

Zelda Fireplace Art at
Zelda Fireplace Art

Depending on how you play it, sometimes life feels like a game. This colorful work of fireplace art, for use in your decorative/non-working fireplace will add to the effect. Designed with a classic 8-bit Zelda vibe, it’ll brighten up your living room without burning a thing.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Decor, Space
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