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WaveJet Surfboards at
WaveJet Surfboards

Yes, the locals will call you a kook when you cruise out into the lineup on a motorized surfboard but you’ll get the last laugh when you crank up the WaveJet’s wristband accelerator and zip past them catching wave after wave.

BUY IT   $4395 Categories: Rides

The Sting Collector’s Series Blu-ray at
The Sting Collector’s Series Blu-ray

When Paul Newman and Robert Redford teamed up for the period crime-comedy The Sting in 1973, they were Hollywood superstars in their prime. The movie won seven Oscars and Redford was even nominated for Best Actor in his performance as a 1930s Chicago hustler. Surprisingly he was beat out by some other dude in a movie about a guy who hitchhikes across the country to find a cat named Tonto. This re-mastered Blu-ray disc is bound to make the two co-stars look even more handsome than you remember.

BUY IT   $24.99 Categories: Media, Movies

Slayer “Reign in Blood” Cabernet Sauvignon at
Slayer “Reign in Blood” Cabernet Sauvignon

If you know the deal with thrash-speed-death metal pioneers Slayer, you also know that few if any of their fans drink wine. Fact is, this Reign In Blood cabernet should really be actual human blood and instead of a pricetag of a mere $105 dollars, it should really be priced at exactly $666. Source

BUY IT   $105 Categories: Uncategorized

RoboReel at

We Americans have surely earned our reputation as the world’s fattest & laziest country.  On the other hand we like to think of ourselves as the most innovative, too. The RoboReel brings these two convergent views together. Their motorized hose and extension cord reels totally eliminate effort but you have to admit that’s a great idea.

BUY IT   $389 Categories: Gear, Lawn

Dror for Tumi at
Dror for Tumi

Tumi is offering a new luggage collection created with award-winning artist and designer Dror Benshetrit, a guy whose work can be seen in both museums and boutique showrooms around the world. The Dror for Tumi collection includes an expandable carry-on, brief, backpack, messenger bag, and more, all featuring premium materials and refined details. Source

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Bags, Gear

Fat, Drunk, and Stupid: The Inside Story Behind the Making of Animal House at
Fat, Drunk, and Stupid: The Inside Story Behind the Making of Animal House

Animal House is an undisputed American comedy classic. It was at first rejected by producers for being too stupid, then made over $600 million. It launched the careers of Kevin Bacon & John Belushi, and was filmed in only 4 weeks. The story behind this film is as legendary as the movie itself. Read all about it in this new book you filthy animal.

BUY IT   $17.15 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Gerber Multi-Plier 600 at
Gerber Multi-Plier 600

Gerber’s stealth black, 9 oz. Multiplier 600 was designed for the combat engineer. The odds that you’ll ever need the punch for opening C4 explosives or the blasting cap crimper are pretty slim but nevertheless, the wire cutter, knife, screwdrivers & other tools will all come in handy in civilian life.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Gear, Tools

Battlescar Helmet at
Battlescar Helmet

Portland, Oregon’s Icon brand turns out serious, premium quality American-made motorcycle gear. The latest addition to their line is a full-face helmet rendered in raw composite. No fancy paint job, no BS. Very Mad Max. The fog- free shield is optional.

BUY IT   $400 Categories: Motorcycles

Double Stave Wine Rack at
Double Stave Wine Rack

What good is a wine barrel once it has been drained of its contents? Well, the folks from Napastyle figured something out. They’ve created this wine rack made from a pair of reclaimed oak barrel staves. It holds five bottles, which isn’t much wine really. Maybe you should get two.

BUY IT   $119 Categories: Decor, Space

PAL-V One Flying Car at
PAL-V One Flying Car

Sci-fi writers & futurists have been promising this thing to us since way back in the day. Finally, the flying car is here. The Pal-V One is a 2-seat, 3-wheeled car that gets 28 mpg and hits ground speeds over 100. In 10 minutes you can transform it into a plane with a flight range of 500 miles. And Yes, you need a pilot’s license to take this thing up.

BUY IT   $300,000 Categories: Exotic, Rides
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