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Croupier at

What better place for a down and out writer than working in a casino? It helps pay the bills and makes his pathetic life seem pretty okay compared to the addicted zeroes he encounters on the casino floor. Getting tangled up in a sex-fueled caper with his greedy co-workers gives the protagonist Jack (Clive Owen) just the plot twist he was looking for. Or does it?

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Victorinox Original Swiss Army Watch at
Victorinox Original Swiss Army Watch

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife watch doesn’t have a tool to remove a splinter, open a bottle of wine, or cut down saplings, but it tells time like a mothereffer. Don’t be fooled by imposter pieces, unless is says Victorinox on the face, it’s not the genuine article.

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Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda at
Counterstrike: The Untold Story of America’s Secret Campaign Against Al Qaeda

If you think scrolling global news sites or watching AC360 is giving you the whole story on Al Qaeda, you’re not alone. But maybe reading the untold story of America’s paranoia-fueled approach to “counter-terrorism” will actually explain this unending political nightmare. A pair of New York Times journos dug very deep to write this investigative exposé, and they leave no stone unturned.

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CineSkates at

Of course your homemade videos lack the smooth, fluid cinematics of a real movie. That’s because movies are shot using cameras on wheels or dollies, so they can sweep through the shots, creating a smooth, natural pan. Now an MIT engineering student has created a simpler, more portable and much cheaper way for you to get the dolly effect.  It’s called Cineskate, basically, a tripod on wheels.

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Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition at
Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition

The Ducati Diavel is a stand-alone masterpiece from Italy’s most progressive moto maker. Ducati certainly doesn’t need to team up with Mercedes-Benz customizers AMG to make this bike better but they did. AMG’s upgraded wheels, Alcantara exhaust and a few other cosmetics complete the package making an already silly-sick bike even gnarlier.

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S3 Krypton Series Handheld Laser at
S3 Krypton Series Handheld Laser

Remember to save the receipt when you buy the “world’s brightest laser you can legally own.” Because when the taxman comes knocking, you’ll want to add this splurge to your other “business” expenses. You’ll get the deduction because nobody in the world, including your tax guy, knows what handheld lasers are really for.

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Cherkees Beef Jerky Potato Chips at
Cherkees Beef Jerky Potato Chips

If you’re the traditional meat and potatoes type, you should probably try Cherkees. They’re potato chips loaded with chunks of beef jerky. The good news: they’re not fried plus they’re low in fat and pack 12 grams of protein per serving.

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Motocrossboard at

Before you take your Motocrossboard into the woods for some high-speed tree slalom, you might want to switch your HMO to a PPO. Sure, the deductible is higher but the catastrophic coverage is much better. We’re not saying you’re guaranteed to wreck yourself but standing atop a 50CC motor while weaving through the woods is asking for it. Begging actually.

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Android-powered Parrot Asteroid at
Android-powered Parrot Asteroid

It looks like a phone but it’s not a phone, it’s a car stereo. The Parrot Asteroid, an Android-powered, in-car receiver offers tons of service apps, thousands of web radio stations, voice recognition, and hands-free calling. But no, unfortunately it won’t play your old tapes.

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Canon Powershot ELPH 510 HS at
Canon Powershot ELPH 510 HS

If your girl’s current camera was underwear, it’d be those big, white, saggy granny panties. Can’t have that. Now, on the other hand if this new Canon Powershot ELPH was underwear, it would be a hot pink, silk number. If you go out and buy her one, it’s kinda like a gift for both of you.

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