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The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set at
The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set

You have until November 13th to buy a turntable. That’s when The Beatles limited-edition Stereo Vinyl Box set comes out. It’s 14 of their greatest re-mastered albums on 180-gram, audiophile quality vinyl & the set also includes a 252-page hardbound book full of Beatlemania.

BUY IT   $399 Categories: Media, Music

Nest Learning Thermostat: 2nd Generation at
Nest Learning Thermostat: 2nd Generation

When the Nest “smart thermometer” came out last year, tech-nerds around the world blew holes in their pocket protectors with excitement. It was that good. The new 2.0 version is better. 20% thinner & it works with 95% of home heating systems. It learns your heating habits & by adapting to them, this app-driven device helps you control your heating & costs.

BUY IT   $249.99 Categories: Gadgets, Space

Classic Wrecks at
Classic Wrecks

Junk cars are cool but if you start filling the driveway and yard with ’em, you risk castration at the hands of your better half. A 1/24-scale model of the old Pontiac or mini replica of Grandpa’s truck is probably a safer bet. Each of these models is a unique work of art aged, rusted and beat up right. Park ’em in the man room and you should be ok.

BUY IT   $75 Categories: Decor, Rides

Francis Ford Coppola: 5-Film Collection at
Francis Ford Coppola: 5-Film Collection

If you want to put your new HD jumbo flatscreen and theater surround sound to the ultimate test, cop this new box set of 5 films from groundbreaking director Francis Ford Coppola. Then pop in Apocalypse Now Redux, and hold on tight.

BUY IT   $26.86 Categories: Media, Movies

Lumberlander Camp Blanket at
Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Strap this American-made, Pendleton wool blanket to the front of your vintage chopper and hit the open road or throw the leather sling over your shoulder and amble into the wilderness with your woman. It’s a blanket, go do blanket stuff with it.

BUY IT   $180 Categories: Camping, Gear

Looxcie HD Explore at
Looxcie HD Explore

The compact and lightweight HD video cameras from Looxcie make it easy for you to film everything you do. Clip it to your helmet. Your car. Whatever. And with live streaming you can even share the action as it happens. Whether or not anyone wants to watch? Sorry, can’t help you with that.

BUY IT   $329 Categories: Photography, Tech

Anna Heater at
Anna Heater

It looks like Apple, Herman Miller, and Braun teamed up to design a skyscraper but this creation is actually a space heater from Swiss Designer Matti Walker. The sharp little unit features a ceramic heating element, tip-over safety shutoff, and it heats up to a 250 square-foot room.

BUY IT   $99 Categories: Space

The Haunted Construction Company at
The Haunted Construction Company

Halloween is about horror and there’s certainly nothing scary or interesting about toothless Jack-O-lanterns or cartoon witches. If you want to impress the neighborhood parents, get a classic horror house re-creation from the crafty creeps at Haunted Construction Company.

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Decor, Space

HiRise at

If your iMac is just standing on your desk, you’re well aware that staring down at it all day is a pain in the neck. The HiRise is an aluminum riser that elevates your iMac into a more natural, eye-level position for max ergonomic comfort during extended monitor-tanning sessions. It’s also got a little compartment in the front for storage.

BUY IT   $79.99 Categories: Computers, Tech

The Rolling Stones 50 at
The Rolling Stones 50

No band in history has had the staying power and enduring energy of The Rolling Stones. The group has been rocking steady since 1962. To mark their 50-year milestone, this new book—curated and narrated by the band themselves is a massive tome stacked with rare Stones photos, history, stories and over 1000 illustrations.

BUY IT   $37.80 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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