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Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum at
Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum

This is a full-size, full-power upright Hoover vacuum cleaner & it’s cordless. Unlike its competitors, the Air Cordless isn’t heavy either. It weighs less than 10 pounds, cleans all types of floors, and it comes with 2 batteries each providing 50-minutes of run time.

BUY IT   $289 Categories: Gear

Definitive Technology Incline Audiophile Desktop System at
Definitive Technology Incline Audiophile Desktop System

This desktop speaker from Definitive Technology is called the Incline. As you can see it leans back. But that’s not what makes it special. The Incline is actually bipolar. Bipolar speakers radiate sound from the front and the rear, so no matter where it’s pointed, you’ll hear what you wanna hear.  If you don’t know the name Definitive Technology, head to your local audio shop and demo some speakers.  I’ve enjoyed their towers for the last 10 years.

BUY IT   $400 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Forgotten Sundays at
Forgotten Sundays

This Gerry Sandusky is not the Penn State pedo. His book would never be featured here. This unfortunately-named Gerry Sandusky is the Emmy-award winning sports commentator & son of former NFL coach John Sandusky. On the side, he’s a self-help dude. Read his book if you need some guidance in fulfilling your dreams.

BUY IT   $18.81 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Gibson Memory Cable at
Gibson Memory Cable

There you are in your tighty whiteys noodling away on your vintage Les Paul when suddenly you unlock the mystery of Hendrix’s Voodoo Child (slight return) solo. If you’re plugged into the amp with a Gibson Memory Cable, capturing this magic moment is as easy as pushing 1 button. Its built-in TASCAM recorder can save up to 13 hours of audio. If you don’t have it, your feat of fingering will be lost forever.

BUY IT   $ TBA Categories: Gear

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Band Saw at
Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless Band Saw

A brushless motor means the M18 FUEL cordless bandsaw from Milwaukee will live a long, trouble-free life & deliver serious power. It also offers the largest cut capacity in its class: 5-by-5 inches. And most importantly – no cord.

BUY IT   $200-400 Categories: Gear, Tools

Four Seasons Private Jet at
Four Seasons Private Jet

Luxury hotel & resort chain Four Seasons will soon be offering private jet tours aboard a Boeing 757 they’ve converted into a 52-passenger flying hotel hopper. The plane has comfy, lay-flat leather beds & chef-prepared meals & it will take you to the Four Seasons resort of your choice, anywhere in the world.

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Escape

Safari Condo Alto Trailer at
Safari Condo Alto Trailer

Designed like a classic teardrop camper, these new convertible campers from Canada’s Safari Condo company feature the low, compact dimensions that makes towing a teardrop easier but once parked, they pop-up. The added vertical space is made of windows that bring in light while keeping it light enough for car towing. Two models are available.

BUY IT   $23,000-30,000 Categories: Rides, Trailers

Goal Zero Lighthouse at
Goal Zero Lighthouse

This lightweight, ultra bright 250-lumen lantern from Goal Zero also features a USB port for charging electronics. If the sun isn’t shining, no worries, there’s a handcrank on top or you can plug into your GoalZero solar panel.

BUY IT   $80 Categories: Camping, Gear

Yeti Rambler at
Yeti Rambler

Maybe some people like cold coffee and warm beer but if you’re not among them, these insulated stainless steel tumblers from Yeti will make good sense to you. They’re guaranteed to keep your beverage colder or hotter twice as long as a non-insulated cup. They’re also BPA-free and feature a crystal-clear lid so you can see when you need a refill.

BUY IT   $30 Categories: Gear

Casper Mattress at
Casper Mattress

Mattress shopping pretty much sucks, one of the reasons being that your mattress is big & cumbersome. But the Casper Mattress isn’t. It comes packed in a box you can fit in the back of a taxicab. Literally. Available in six sizes, their 10-inch mattresses feature a three-inch sleep surface blending memory foam and latex foam, giving it the feel of a TempurPedic with better breathability.

BUY IT   $500-950 Categories: Space
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