Ring Video Doorbell Pro at werd.com

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Posted in Gadgets and Space

It’s a fairly discreet video doorbell that streams in 720p so you can hide inside undetected to efficiently view & ignore unwanted visitors & even record activity around your entry in 1080P. Ring Pro also offers a standard doorbell ring, 2-way conversation & optional cloud recording of your security footage.

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Million Mile Light at werd.com

Million Mile Light

Posted in Gear

Powered by motion—also known as kinetic energy—the Million Mile Light is a 30-lumen LED safety light for runners. With every stride, it flashes a pulse of light to keep you safe. It weighs just 1.5 ounces & never needs a battery.

Outlier Supermarine Doublebag at werd.com

Outlier Supermarine Doublebag

Posted in Bags and Gear

This unique, American-made bag has two separate compartments to keep your clean clothes from being poisoned by the dirty ones. Or dry clothes being soaked by wet ones. One side is ventilated Mil Spec mesh and the other is Supermarine cotton. The two compartments close-up roll-top style with cast aluminum buckles.

Newcastle Brown Ale Chili at werd.com

Newcastle Brown Ale Chili

Posted in Food and Host

Generally speaking, homemade chili is pretty simple to make. All the ingredients go into one pot, add spices, and just let it do its thing. This recipe ups the ante with the addition of a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale, which is proven to give the flavor of chili a little extra snap.

Rumpl Down Puffy at werd.com

Rumpl Down Puffy

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Filled with sustainably-sourced natural goose down, Rumpl’s Down Puffy is a toasty warm travel companion for long flights and chilly nights. It packs down to the size of a cantaloupe in the included compression stuff sack, so you can bring it pretty much anywhere.

PornBurger at werd.com


If you’ve got a burger fetish, this book is for you. Created by Washington, DC, chef, food stylist, and burger perv Mathew Ramsey, Pornburger is the ultimate guide to the beefcake, offering insights on meat blends, grinds, and cooking methods plus buns & custom condiments, all scandalously photographed.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer With Chromalight Display at werd.com

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer With Chromalight Display

Posted in Watches and Wear

A low-key, understated Rolex. Now that’s definitely something new. The Oyster Perpetual Explorer chrono with Chromalight display features a black 904L steel case, a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, and luminescent display that glows blue and is easily legible in all environments. It is powered by the renowned calibre 3132 perpetual mechanical movement.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 at werd.com

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Posted in Sneakers and Wear

Nike just unveiled their latest innovation, a self-lacing sneaker called the HyperAdapt 1.0. This groundbreaking shoe features a futuristic “adaptive” lacing system that automatically tightens when you slip your foot into it. A sensor inside the shoe senses your foot & tightens accordingly. A pair of buttons on the upper allow you to loosen & tighten for the perfect fit. Available Holiday 2016 in three colors.

BioLite SolarPanel 5+ at werd.com

BioLite SolarPanel 5+

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BioLite’s 5+ solar panel is light, rugged and portable but what sets this panel apart are a couple key features that help maximize your re-charge. There’s an integrated sundial that helps you keep the 5-watt panel perfectly aligned without drawing any power and there’s a 360º kickstand that gives you a secure, fully adjustable way to keep it properly positioned on all types of terrain.

Mifland Rolltop Rucksack at werd.com

Mifland Rolltop Rucksack

Posted in Bags and Gear

Handcrafted in America with supple, full-grain leather, the Rolltop Rucksack, like all Mifland’s bags, features a zipperless design. Instead it features a drawstring top and belt-style leather straps to keep your contents secure. Available in 3 colorways: brown, black, & cream.

Nixon Mission Smartwatch at werd.com

Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Posted in Watches and Wear

Action sports watchmaker Nixon has finally created a smartwatch tuned for surfers and skiers. The Mission offers an Android-powered brain that delivers surf and snow data from around the world with a pair of pre-loaded apps. Its AMOLED display is protected by Gorilla Glass, it’s water resistant up to 100 meters & the brand is offering lots of options for customization from various straps and finishes to custom display options.

Ray Ban RB4256 at werd.com

Ray Ban RB4256

Posted in Shades and Wear

Loosely based on the classic Ray-Ban Gatsby, this new unisex frame features a retro-inspired round lens design with classic green glass & a distinctive metal double-bridge brow.

iRobot Braava jet Mopping Robot at werd.com

iRobot Braava jet Mopping Robot

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iRobot’s newest autonomous home cleaning machine improves on previous Roomba robots because this one mops your floors. The Braava uses a jet sprayer and vibrating cleaning head to scrub your hard surface floors: wood, tile, linoleum, concrete, etc. It offers 3 different cleaning pads & modes that cover everything from “swiffering” to deep cleaning, & all controlled by your phone.

Tumi Tahoe Collection at werd.com

Tumi Tahoe Collection

Posted in Bags and Gear

American luggage maker Tumi teamed up with the Waves For Water initiative that provides access to clean drinking water for communities. Together, they created the Tahoe collection of premium adventure travel bags that includes daypacks, rolling carry-ons, & more.