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2011 Nike Mag at
2011 Nike Mag

Based on an original movie prop used in Back to the Future Part II, a modern recreation of Marty McFly’s famous shoe is now on the auction block. Over the course of 10 days, 1500 pairs will be made available. All net proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

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Apolis Co-op Leather Sandals at
Apolis Co-op Leather Sandals

Before you find yourself standing around in a pair of yellow foam clogs with a name that rhymes with Cocks, consider your alternatives. These leather thong sandals are handcrafted in Israel by Apolis through a unique philanthropic partnership with global artisans. Made by humans with recycled and traditional materials, not foam.

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Old Timey Shoe Care Kit at
Old Timey Shoe Care Kit

Sitting up in one of those airport shoeshine chairs can make a man uneasy. Not sure why, but it’s weird. Get this kit with traditional, old school leather care products and get your shoes in order at home. Includes a wax polish, Sno-Seal & Huberd’s Shoe Oil all packaged in traditional containers with classic labels.

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Velskoen Shoes by Herbert Schier at
Velskoen Shoes by Herbert Schier

And you thought Clark’s were the original. Nope. Velskoen shoes, known as “vellies”, were first made in the 1600s. Worn worldwide today, these predecessors of the modern desert boot are the OG style. Made of vegetable-dyed, African Kudu leather, and wild antelope leather from a controlled herd, these boots are handmade in Namibia by African craftsmen. It doesn’t get much more original than that now, does it?

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Tretorn Strala Rubber Boots at
Tretorn Strala Rubber Boots

Ever see those weird ladies at the farmer’s market wearing the big knee-high rubber galoshes? They’re cool on little kids, but lady, you’re like 45 and it’s a sunny day! Don’t be fashion’s fool. Get some sweet wet-weather footwear, like these cool, ankle high, natural rubber boots. Just promise to wear them only when you need to … like, when it’s raining.

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Brooks England x Vans Vault at
Brooks England x Vans Vault

This is how a collab is supposed to work. Two legacy brands sharing a common sense, get together, and something sick goes down. Vans originals have been the same since ’66 and need no update. Same goes for the classic Brooks saddle. The two teamed-up to create a limited edition combo kit: A pair of Brooks-inspired leather Vans & a Van’s-inspired etched leather Brooks saddle. Crypto!

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Bed|Stü Fiorentino Cobbler Shoes at
Bed|Stü Fiorentino Cobbler Shoes

Simple fact: certain occasions call for a black leather oxford shoe. That doesn’t mean you have to follow in dad’s footsteps and don a pair of funeral Hush Puppies. Not even. The Bed|Stü Men’s Fiorentino Cobbler is a great alternative. These handcrafted cap-toe shoes are made of distressed leather with gold rivet details. Comfy too – fully cushioned insole & knobby rubber outsole. Definately not your dad’s kicks.

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SeaVees Slip On Shoes at
SeaVees Slip On Shoes

Everyone in the shoe biz makes a Vans slip-on knockoff. But, you’ve gotta hand it to clothing designer, James Perse, a man with a knack for making the “casual” category cool. This collab shoe with SeaVees has a linen canvas upper, a suede heelpatch & definitely won’t be mistaken for a skateboard shoe. 130-dollar slip-ons are for adults…not skaters.

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Dr. Martens Lewsey Black Whitney at
Dr. Martens Lewsey Black Whitney

Look who’s back. 50 years after the British shoe company debuted, Dr. Martin’s are back in black. Part of the Wasp collection, the Lewsey Whitney boasts outdoor American styling coupled with classic stitching & a distinctive yellow welt trim. A moc-toe oxford with a air-cushioned out-sole crafted from luxurious waxed leather. Serious shit kickers.

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Scotch & Soda Leather Sandals at
Scotch & Soda Leather Sandals

If you look beyond the legal marijuana & prostitution, Amsterdam supports some noteworthy up & coming designers. Straight from a renovated church in the heart of the city, Scotch & Soda’s wearables fall somewhere between vintage, varsity & fusion. Check out the essential summer sandal, crafted of leather & canvas – a classic flop right out of the red light.

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