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Rapha Leather Town Gloves at
Rapha Leather Town Gloves

Even if you’re just cruising around the windy city on foot, these cycling gloves from Rapha will keep your digits toasty. Rapha makes understated, high-quality cycling gear that is both timeless and constructed for serious use. So riding or not, these African sheep leather gloves work like a charm.

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Velskoen Shoes by Herbert Schier at
Velskoen Shoes by Herbert Schier

And you thought Clark’s were the original. Nope. Velskoen shoes, known as “vellies”, were first made in the 1600s. Worn worldwide today, these predecessors of the modern desert boot are the OG style. Made of vegetable-dyed, African Kudu leather, and wild antelope leather from a controlled herd, these boots are handmade in Namibia by African craftsmen. It doesn’t get much more original than that now, does it?

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Hamilton Pulsomatic at
Hamilton Pulsomatic

It looks like it came from the future, but there’s something about it that feels retro. Maybe that’s why Swiss watchmakers, Hamilton, named it the Pulsomatic. There’s a bit of a 1950s futurist feel to it, with the block digital display, smooth stainless steel case & rubber strap. But no – you can’t video chat on it. You need your phone to do that.

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Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph at
Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph

If all that mattered was telling the time, nobody would wear a watch. We’d all just look at our phones. It’s because men can’t really wear jewelry (except Elton John, Li’l Wayne, etc.) that makes the timepiece a status symbol. Wearing a watch the caliber of a Harry Winston chronograph denotes not just good taste, an appreciation of refinement and fashion sense, it also says you’ve got scads of disposable income. Get it in the red gold finish, Weezy would.

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New Balance 576 Pub Pack at
New Balance 576 Pub Pack

Put your drinking shoes on. New Balance has just released their classic 576 model in a unique collection paying tribute to traditional British pub cheer. The three models, named the King’s Head, the Red Lion, and the Royal Oak are all made of full-grain European leather and feature tricky interior linings that’ll make you thirsty for a pint before you’ve even walked halfway to the bar. Available at select Neiman Marcus stores.

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JeanRichard Titanium Diverscope at
JeanRichard Titanium Diverscope

For Swiss watchmakers, JeanRichard, tradition goes back 250 years. Inside every JR watchcase is an advanced, self-winding proprietary mechanical movement. Unlike many brands, JR does not just build watches around re-packaged Japanese quartz systems. When you’re shopping for a watch of this caliber, this stuff counts. The clean lines & sandblasted Titanium case of the Diverscope highlight JeanRichard’s dedication to quality and your sense of good taste.

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WestComb Flow FX Hoody at
WestComb Flow FX Hoody

They know how to stay warm up there in the Great White North. Canadian outerwear brand, Westcomb, combines function & fashion for great looking winter gear that really performs. This minimalist shell is lined with a soft and cozy high loft velour. When the wind starts whipping, you’ll love that fuzz.

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Patagonia Wanaka Down Jacket at
Patagonia Wanaka Down Jacket

Get the epic warming power of a down parka without the I’m-on-an-Arctic-adventure-look. This 600-fill down insulated jacket is as home on the streets as on the mountain and features cozy fleece-lined pockets, a recycled nylon liner & a hood that’s removable.

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Diadora Queen 70s at
Diadora Queen 70s

The last time you saw a pair of Diadora’s was probably on the soccer pitch back in high school. But this Italian legacy brand has been making athlete-endorsed classic kicks since long before the Swoosh. Olympians and World Champs from tennis to track & field wore Diadora’s through the 70s and 80s and now they’ve brought back these heritage styles in winning form.

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Bad At-At at
Bad At-At

Stomping across the frozen tundra of Hoth can make the old dog thirsty. Clever kings, Threadless Designs feature heaps of hilarious artist-submitted T-Shirt graphics like this one.  If this one went right over your head, check their site for something you get and get it.

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