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Nike+ SportWatch GPS at
Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Fitness fanatics will want this watch. Nike developed the SportWatch GPS with TomTom not just to track where you’ve been, but also to compile your workout data, like calories, distance & heart rate, by syncing with the Nike+ sensor in your shoe. It also offers encouragement through workout reminders & digital high-5’s when you break personal records. And all this data also feeds into your new social network at, where you can share and compare your runs with over 4 million other road warriors.

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March LA.B Shelby Special Edition Watch at
March LA.B Shelby Special Edition Watch

Automotive heritage & American style come screaming over the finish line in this unique timepiece from L.A.’s March LA.B watchmakers. This collab pays respect to muscle car designer, Carroll Shelby’s, greatest prototype, the Shelby EXP 500 aka the Green Hornet. In a black metal chassis featuring a wood grain dial matching the car’s dash and the classic Cobra logo, this limited edition watch is sure to go fast.

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Nixon Highball Pocket Watch at
Nixon Highball Pocket Watch

Get the details at

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Tsovet SVT-AT76 at
Tsovet SVT-AT76

With the exception perhaps of the naming of their watch models, Swiss timekeepers Tsovet are making everything about their new timepieces unforgettable.  The SVT-AT76 features a handsome matte PVD gunmetal case, precision Swiss movement and a handcrafted Italian calf leather strap. This small batch model will be hand-numbered 1-25 for those who prefer ultra-limited editions.

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Tanner Goods Belts at
Tanner Goods Belts

The term “Made in America” should’ve never gone away and we think it’s a good sign it’s making a comeback. Portland, Oregon’s Tanner Goods makes quality leather products the old-fashioned way, with timeless styling. Their vegetable tanned leather belts, featuring heavy-duty brass and nickel-plated buckles, are built to last by American craftsmen. This is what we call positive change.

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Civic Duty Shoes at
Civic Duty Shoes

A uniquely durable material we usually see in the form of FedEx mailer envelopes or as a weather barrier on houses, Tyvek™is an unlikely material for sneakers. But that didn’t stop Civic Duty founder,  Steven Weinreb, who developed the material and the brand for a good cause. Offering 5 styles in pop colors, Civic Duty also creates a unique shoe each year, donating 100% of the profits to social charities.

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Rapha Leather Town Gloves at
Rapha Leather Town Gloves

Even if you’re just cruising around the windy city on foot, these cycling gloves from Rapha will keep your digits toasty. Rapha makes understated, high-quality cycling gear that is both timeless and constructed for serious use. So riding or not, these African sheep leather gloves work like a charm.

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Velskoen Shoes by Herbert Schier at
Velskoen Shoes by Herbert Schier

And you thought Clark’s were the original. Nope. Velskoen shoes, known as “vellies”, were first made in the 1600s. Worn worldwide today, these predecessors of the modern desert boot are the OG style. Made of vegetable-dyed, African Kudu leather, and wild antelope leather from a controlled herd, these boots are handmade in Namibia by African craftsmen. It doesn’t get much more original than that now, does it?

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Hamilton Pulsomatic at
Hamilton Pulsomatic

It looks like it came from the future, but there’s something about it that feels retro. Maybe that’s why Swiss watchmakers, Hamilton, named it the Pulsomatic. There’s a bit of a 1950s futurist feel to it, with the block digital display, smooth stainless steel case & rubber strap. But no – you can’t video chat on it. You need your phone to do that.

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Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph at
Harry Winston Ocean Chronograph

If all that mattered was telling the time, nobody would wear a watch. We’d all just look at our phones. It’s because men can’t really wear jewelry (except Elton John, Li’l Wayne, etc.) that makes the timepiece a status symbol. Wearing a watch the caliber of a Harry Winston chronograph denotes not just good taste, an appreciation of refinement and fashion sense, it also says you’ve got scads of disposable income. Get it in the red gold finish, Weezy would.

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