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2011 Breitling Colt Collection at
2011 Breitling Colt Collection

The Swiss-certified Colt Series from world-class watchmaker Breitling, has been completely re-designed from the ground up. The three stainless steel silhouettes: a chronograph, the sporty 33, and the slightly larger 44mm diameter Colt 44 are all new, sleeker and more durable than ever. Guess that means the one you’ve got now is obsolete or rather classic. Yeah, classic.

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Rapha Jeans at
Rapha Jeans

There’s nothing really groundbreaking about cycling-specific stretch denim. Although coming from the matchless core cycling brand Rapha, these jeans are certainly the real deal. They’re fast-drying and feature stealth logos and subtle hits of their signature pink stashed inside the cuff.

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Adidas Wampa Shoe at
Adidas Wampa Shoe

If the Outer Ring of planet Hoth means nothing to you don’t feel bad. Not everyone has the time to browse Wookiepedia for obscure Star Wars nomenclature. We do. That’s how we know a Wampa is a furry carnivorous critter. Now, Adidas created this fur-covered version of the classic Campus 80 Wampa-style as part of a whole Star Wars shoe series.

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IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia at
IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia

This is the most complex timepiece Swiss watchmaker IWC has ever made. It features simultaneous solar time, Sidérale time, and has a perpetual calendar on the back. The rest of the watch’s exhaustive list of premium features is so embarrassingly complex that the only other comment we can make with authority is the fact that it looks cool, too.

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Suunto Quest at
Suunto Quest

Our nation’s math scores may be the laughing stock of the world but we sure do love our statistics. Especially when we’ve got a computer keeping track for us. The Suunto Quest delivers all the workout feedback you could want: heart rate, speed, distance, cadence, laps and more. Everything at your fingertips with this low-key, all black digital training device. And fear not, it tells time, too.

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Barbour Steve McQueen Collection at
Barbour Steve McQueen Collection

For the past 75 years, Barbour Motorcycle jackets have been the standard by which all other road-worthy wearables are measured. To celebrate the coat’s Dodranscentennial (75 years) Barbour has released the Steve McQueen capsule collection. It includes the belted, waxed Baker Jacket and other various antique-ish chotchkes. If you know McQueen, you care. And even if you don’t, the collection is still wicked.

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2011 Nike Mag at
2011 Nike Mag

Based on an original movie prop used in Back to the Future Part II, a modern recreation of Marty McFly’s famous shoe is now on the auction block. Over the course of 10 days, 1500 pairs will be made available. All net proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

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Victorinox Original Swiss Army Watch at
Victorinox Original Swiss Army Watch

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife watch doesn’t have a tool to remove a splinter, open a bottle of wine, or cut down saplings, but it tells time like a mothereffer. Don’t be fooled by imposter pieces, unless is says Victorinox on the face, it’s not the genuine article.

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Filson In Black at
Filson In Black

People love Filson for the brand’s timeless, classic styling and the infinite durability of their products. Buy one and you’ll never need another. But this isn’t the best recipe for repeat business, so they wised up. Now, they’re making everything in black so technically you do have a reason to buy another.

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James Perse Fine Thermal Hoodie at
James Perse Fine Thermal Hoodie

We hate it, too, but the sad fact is, summer is pretty much toast. The days are already growing shorter and soon the nights will get downright chilly. Maybe if you cover your carcass with a cozy, pullover thermal hoodie like this fine specimen from James Perse, fall won’t feel so frigid.

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