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Rivalry Series Baseball Caps at
Rivalry Series Baseball Caps

In colors that highlight baseball’s classic rivalries, this new series of ball caps from FC Goods features construction using Ebbets Field Flannel, repurposed vintage baseball glove leather accents, and felt appliqués. Also true to the classic era, these hats have a soft, unstructured, and shallower fit. Adjustable leather strap ensures a perfect fit. Made in America.

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New Era Heritage Series 1934 Collection at
New Era Heritage Series 1934 Collection

New Era makes baseball hats. Their new Heritage Series 1934 Collection is just what it sounds like: a collection of hats modeled after styles used by MLB teams back in the 30s. They feature classic logos, period-correct construction, and come packed in a big red box, just as they would have arrived to the pros of the period. Look for additional team releases through 2014.

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The Shining Overlook Hotel Wool Cap at
The Shining Overlook Hotel Wool Cap

Inspired by King & Kubrick’s classic horror-flick The Shining, this beanie got its pattern from the haunted hotel carpet in the movie. To most it will just look like a weird, old 70s pom-pom hat you found at the Ski Swap, but to us it looks killer.

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Sonic Fabric Fedora at
Sonic Fabric Fedora

Due to a massive increase in male-pattern baldness, the unseemly fedora has had a resurgence in popularity in the last few years. So, chances are you have one. But not one of these. The Cassette Tape Fedora has a great shape, perfect brim – it’s a good hat. But, the story behind it is much cooler. It’s woven out of “Sonic Fabric,” which is a blend of actual audio tape & regular thread. Sounds cool, right? It’s the brainchild of designer, Alyce Santoro. A tie is also available.

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Brixton Hats at
Brixton Hats

The sun is high in the sky. Time to cover the dome. Inspired by music, culture & the people who surround them – Brixton is the collaboration of three SoCal friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Mix up your week with a homage to comradery.

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Still Life NYC Eka at
Still Life NYC Eka

Located in the heart of the Lower East Side, Still Life hand-crafted this classic tweed newsboy with 100% silk lining.  This & every Still Life creation is taken from concept to production in their Brooklyn millinery factory.

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