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Vollebak’s Camo Clothes are Designed to Disguise Mud, Blood, & Sweat at
Vollebak’s Camo Clothes are Designed to Disguise Mud, Blood, & Sweat

Performance apparel maker Vollebak found a strategy for concealing just how grubby and gross you get when you’re working out and going hard. Their Blood Salt & Dirt Camo t-shirts are designed using mimicry and high contrast patterns to disguise cuts and bloodstains, sweat, salt and dirt. Which conveniently also makes washing optional.

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Playmat Back Massage T-shirt at
Playmat Back Massage T-shirt

You changed their diapers for years, you feed & shelter them. Now it’s time for a little payback. The Playmat T-shirt features graphics on the back that look like funtown, where junior can play with cars & trains. The kid has fun & you just lay there getting a back massage. via

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Nike Hair-itage Tees at
Nike Hair-itage Tees

All dressed in the same uniform, it’s hard for ball players to set their style apart from the rest of the team. To stand out, they’ve got to grow some wild-ass facial hair or get a haircut like Charlie Sheen’s in Major League. Many of MLB’s greatest stars had unmistakable mullets, weird beards & handlebar ’staches. Nike’s new collection of T’s tests your knowledge of the hairy history of America’s favorite game.

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Army for Japan T-Shirt at
Army for Japan T-Shirt

Even if you don’t read Japanese, you get the idea. This is a T-Shirt design from Joshua Smith for The Salvation Army. 100% of proceeds go directly to Japanese tsunami relief efforts. What else is there to say? Hurry up & place your order.

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Bad At-At at
Bad At-At

Stomping across the frozen tundra of Hoth can make the old dog thirsty. Clever kings, Threadless Designs feature heaps of hilarious artist-submitted T-Shirt graphics like this one.  If this one went right over your head, check their site for something you get and get it.

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Full Moon on Abbey Road Tee at
Full Moon on Abbey Road Tee

Full Moon on Abbey Road Tee
SoCal-based design house, Valhalla Design & Conquer, is known for their clever visuals. They hit a Halloween home run with their twist on The Beatles iconic Abbey Road cover. Instead of John, Paul, George and Ringo, this shirt has Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and Werewolf crossing in the moonlight. Eight-color screen on a soft cotton tee. Use the coupon code “werd” to knock 25% off the price.

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Out of Print Tees at
Out of Print Tees

Think about it. What does wearing a Guns-N-Roses shirt say about you & your tastes? Hold that thought. Now, imagine that same 100% cotton, slim-fit T with the cover art from the classics of world literature. Nothing says “I’m an intellectual” like wearing the book cover from Atlas Shrugged or Moby Dick. Make sure to at least read the Cliff Notes before wearing.

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The Communist Party Tee at
The Communist Party Tee

The Threadless online store offers heaps of cool, clever graphic T-shirts. Designers submit their own designs, the best of which get printed and then sold on the site. One epic example is this kicker by Tom Burns called The Communist Party. Featuring Stalin, Lenin and other infamous Commies toting keg cups and rocking party hats, its bold, red & tongue-in-cheek funny.

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Ali Laser Eyes Tee at
Ali Laser Eyes Tee

The 1965 2nd title fight between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston has always been wrought with controversy. Did the 1st round knockout punch connect? Did Liston bet against himself taking a dive to repay the mafia? Or did he fear Ali’s Islam extremist support group? Whatever the reason…Liston hit the canvas & one of the most iconic photographs in sports history was born. Today, another theory is uncovered – wear it and wonder.

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Death From Oil Tee at
Death From Oil Tee

Raise your hand if you hate big oil company profiteers who kill the creatures in our oceans. Okay, now raise your hand if you think this shirt is kinda funny in a sick way. Good, now go order one. Hopefully BP will go bankrupt cleaning-up this mess and then disappear. In the meantime, designer Ross Robinson should be applauded for his simple, yet poignant juxtaposition of two iconic symbols that tell the whole story without a single word. Oil equals death. Have a nice day.

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