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Swedish Army Belt at
Swedish Army Belt

Military surplus has had a steady influence on fashion through the years, but these days it seems everything is a reproduction. Finding real vintage, military-issued garments and accessories is tough. The guys at the Inventory store hit the jackpot when they unearthed this lot of real Swedish Army belts. They are natural tanned leather and built to withstand the rigors of Scandinavian warfare. Genuine articles, as they say.

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Tanner Goods Belts at
Tanner Goods Belts

The term “Made in America” should’ve never gone away and we think it’s a good sign it’s making a comeback. Portland, Oregon’s Tanner Goods makes quality leather products the old-fashioned way, with timeless styling. Their vegetable tanned leather belts, featuring heavy-duty brass and nickel-plated buckles, are built to last by American craftsmen. This is what we call positive change.

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Rapha Leather Town Gloves at
Rapha Leather Town Gloves

Even if you’re just cruising around the windy city on foot, these cycling gloves from Rapha will keep your digits toasty. Rapha makes understated, high-quality cycling gear that is both timeless and constructed for serious use. So riding or not, these African sheep leather gloves work like a charm.

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Gentry Man Collection at
Gentry Man Collection

Not long ago, you didn’t know your ascot from your elbow. Nowadays, you’re feeling a bit more comfortable in a jacket and tie. It’s time again to refine your style. The gents at Gentry make it easy by putting the finishing touches for your suit in a kit. It’s all in the details. Each wooden boxed set comes with a necktie, pocket square, tie bar, collar clip & tie pin.

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141 Eyewear at
141 Eyewear

The next time someone calls you four eyes, correct them. If you’re wearing prescription glasses from 141, you’re actually eight eyes. That’s because for every pair of glasses that 141 Eyewear sells, they donate a pair of prescription glasses to a child in need. It’s plain to see how cool their mission is. It’s one for one: one pair for you, one pair for someone else…and it all adds up to eight eyes.

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Falling Whistles at
Falling Whistles

In the Congo, African children too small to carry a gun are sent to the frontlines of war armed only with a whistle. Unthinkable, right? But sadly true. Wearing the Falling Whistle helps you share the tragic story of these forgotten children & gives them a voice. 100% of the proceeds goes to rehabilitating kids traumatized by the ongoing wars in Africa.

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Alchemy Goods Bicycle Tube Belt at
Alchemy Goods Bicycle Tube Belt

Alchemy Goods is a brand really focused on recycling or upcycling as they call it – making used & discarded products into something new. In the case of their new belt, the ’cycling that inspired this product was actual cycling. As in bicycling. Made from rubber bike inner tubes, this belt is stitched into something stylish & functional to hold up your trousers. And, it’s made right here in Seattle, Washington.

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AllSaints Spitalfield’s Handkerchiefs 4-Pack at
AllSaints Spitalfield’s Handkerchiefs 4-Pack

A little Goth from the gents across the pond. AllSaints Spitalfield’s 4-pack isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking to edge up your current style – here’s a sound starter kit.

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Billykirk Hidden Buckle Belt at
Billykirk Hidden Buckle Belt

Two NY brothers, Chris and Kirk, kick out these killer leather goods. The Hidden Buckle was inspired by a 1950s auto-worker’s uniform. The leather flap protected the product’s freshly painted finish. Billykirk’s Belt is 1 1/4″ hand-stitched by Pennsylvania-Amish.

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FIGS Ties at

Africa’s problems are endless. Strict school uniform regulations keep many poverty-stricken children from receiving an education. Santa Monica-based, FIGS provides a uniform for a needy child with the purchase of every tie. Stylish wool & silk neckwear for the good of not only your future, but someone elses.

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