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Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage at
Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage

There are certain movies you may not want to keep permanently on your iPad, especially if it really belongs to your employer. Keep valuable memory free for operations, while accessing  loads of content like movies & music with a GoFlex mobile wireless storage unit. It lets you stream content via WiFi to up to three different iPads at once. It will also automatically sync documents and files from storage to tablet and back all with no cables … and no nonsense.

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Read werd on your iPad with FLUD at
Read werd on your iPad with FLUD

There are a lot of news readers out there, but this one just looks better. FLUD keeps you up-to-date with your favorite blogs, news sources and of course … werd. Download for your iPad & iPhone … it’s free. Visit

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Motorola Xoom at
Motorola Xoom

Dare to be different. Motorola did. They stepped confidently into the ring with their Xoom tablet ready to do battle. Powered by Android 3.0, powerful Google software designed specifically for tablet computing, this 10-inch slab will run your life like a well-oiled machine. All of Google’s services, plus Adobe flash support, makes this one a legitimate contender.

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Joby gorillamobile Ori at
Joby gorillamobile Ori

Hey Quasimodo, quit hunching over that iPad. Straighten up. Try this origami-inspired iPad stand and case. Simple, smooth, and made of aluminum composite, this stand unfolds to give you multiple options and angles for viewing and working on your tablet. It also doubles as a sturdy yet lightweight case. Much better for your neck than the handheld hunch you have going on now.

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Archos 70 Tablet at
Archos 70 Tablet

What are you going to do with your tablet? Like the rest of us, you’ll pretend to use it for work, but after hours or on the road, you’ll be watching movies and cruising the web to find restaurants. The design & function of this Archos tablet won’t leave you hanging. It’s smooth, light and with the newest Android 2.2 brain, it’s fast. It also boasts the highest-quality HD picture of any mobile device.

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Solar Vox USB Solar Charger at
Solar Vox USB Solar Charger

This solar charging station is portable and built to last for 10 years charging iPods, iPhones, PSPs, and DS’s—almost any USB device. The Detroit-based design team has created a unique power source that allows you to directly angle the panel toward the sun, plug in and with two internal AA rechargeables, let you power up even after the sun goes down. Solar Vox is currently in the funding stage, using crowd-sourcing on

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SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector at
SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector

Forget what the “big presentation” is even about.  Just imagine walking into the meeting empty-handed, with everything you need to floor the execs right in your back pocket. Literally. This wireless micro-projector is the same size as your iPhone and when they are synced-up, it lets you project your presentation in vivid, crystal clear color up onto the wall. Congratulations. You just crushed it. Share your Power Point, movies, photos or anything on your phone, at a size up to 100-inches wide.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab at
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Messages, mail, movies, menus, storage, apps, maps, navigation, organization – it’s all in here. Everything you need to get through life, can be found right here. The Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on the Android 2.2 OS, for fast & simple usability for work or play. The seven-inch screen is the perfect size for staring at all day long and a great alternative to that other tablet with the really terrible name.

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Vapor Extreme Metals Cases at
Vapor Extreme Metals Cases

Boldly stealth. These aluminum iPhone 4 cases are machined from a single piece of metal and then tricked out with a number of fine finishes. Protect & de-badge your iPhone in either the nick-plated, bead-blasted matte black or satin frosted finish.  Limited edition.

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HTC 7 Surround with Windows OS 7 at
HTC 7 Surround with Windows OS 7

Just released. Coming November 7 to AT&T. Click here for the details.

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