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TidyTilt for iPhone at
TidyTilt for iPhone

Your iPhone is, in fact, like a miniature iPad so why not treat it as such? The TidyTilt contraption tames and stores your headphone cable plus the screen protector doubles as a stand for tabletop scrolling. Very tidy, yes.

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Mophie Juice Pack Outdoor Edition at
Mophie Juice Pack Outdoor Edition

If you have the iPhone 4 you already know that the battery life sucks. This new backup battery/protective case gives you the freedom to spend twice as long away from an AC power source. And while you’re roughing it out there off-the-grid, you can use Mophie’s GPS-enabling app to keep you on course while you hunt for that next outlet.

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Moog Synth for iPad at
Moog Synth for iPad

If you know the Moog, you love it. The classic, spaced-out synthesizer sound has been backing dance tracks, movie sound effects and hip-hop beats for decades. Now you can turn your iPad into a Moog with their new app, and this isn’t some noisy knockoff, the app came straight from Moog’s Intergalactic headquarters.

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Apple iPhone 4S at
Apple iPhone 4S

Sure, some may be disappointed that Apple’s latest iPhone wasn’t completely revamped, but it would be a mistake to call it a “minor” refresh. A greatly enhanced 8 megapixel camera with all-new optics, beefy A5 dual-core processor and smartly designed inbuilt voice command should provide plenty of reason for the masses to upgrade. Pre-order begins October 7 and release is set for October 14.

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Amazon Kindle Fire at
Amazon Kindle Fire

This is a legitimate iPad competitor.  It’s a content thing.  Amazon has access to content – lots of it.  By pricing its new Kindle Fire tablet at less than half the cost of an Apple iPad, Amazon is opening up the flood-gates to more mainstream tablet media consumption. And this piece of tech kit doesn’t skimp on the gadgetry. The seven-inch tablet runs a custom version of Android and is equipped with WiFi connectivity, a Dual-core processor and free Amazon Cloud storage.  Available November 15, 2011.

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Archos G9 Tablets at
Archos G9 Tablets

Mac heads absolutely deplore this. But the reality is, Android’s OS and droid–driven hardware is actually pretty damn good.  The Archos G9 tablet is a great example of neo-PC potential. It’s fast, stable, versatile, and flash enabled. What’s up, haters?

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Motorola Defy+ at
Motorola Defy+

The forthcoming Motorola Defy+ does all the same boring shit your current phone does, but it’s got one trick that smokes the competition. The Defy+ will survive a ten-minute dunk underwater. When will you ever need this? Well, if you haven’t dropped your phone in a toilet already, you will soon. Then you’ll know why this one is better.

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Sony HD Camcorder with Projector at
Sony HD Camcorder with Projector

You shoot loads of video that nobody ever sees. Probably because you don’t want to deal with downloading, uploading, editing, and compressing it before you share it. Sony’s HDR-PJ50V fixes that. It records HD video straight to hard drive and features a built-in projector, allowing you to turn any wall into an instant movie theater. It projects an image up to 60” with no TV, no cables, no nada.

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iBamboo iPhone Speaker Amplifier at
iBamboo iPhone Speaker Amplifier

Because it’s hollow, the natural resonance of bamboo amplifies music. This unique property makes bamboo an ideal material for making an all-natural, no-power-needed iPod or iPhone amplifier. So that’s exactly what Brooklyn-based artist/inventor, Anatoliy Omelchenko, did. Now you can buy his crafty, eco-friendly creation online and pump up the volume.

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iKeyboard at

Everything about tablet computing is magical, except typing. Fat fingers, hunt-n-peckers, speedwriters, we all struggle with the smooth yet annoying typing interface. Enter the iKeyboard. By delineating the keys of the keyboard, typing is faster, easier and frees your mind to think thoughts instead of finding the semicolon. Clicks right onto your iPad, no power needed.

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