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Plair at

Instead of everyone breathing over your shoulder as you share that epic Youtube vid from your phone, Plair is a dongle that lets you stream videos from your phone to your TV. With a simple USB plug into any TV, your celly is connected to the telly.

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HAL 9000 Replica

HAL 9000 ReplicaOld dudes and serious sci-fi nerds will instantly recognize this replica of HAL 9000, the plucky computer/main character from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. This aluminum replica was created from the actual movie studio blueprints & features a red LED eye and randomly cycles through 15 phrases from the film.

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Motörheadphönes at

Motörhead is the loudest band in the world. For 37 years, these British headbang pioneers have been cranking out hard-hitting rock albums and never once have they played a ballad, a slow-jam, or bent over for record label brass to produce a radio-friendly slab of suck. Nope, not bastards. For them it’s strictly whiskey-fueled shredding at a breakneck pace & punishing volume.  Their new line of headphones, available in earbud and over-ear styles, are stamped with the classic Motörhead logo and built heavy-duty with oversize drivers for total ear drum destruction. And we’d expect nothing less.

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Canon Powershot N at
Canon Powershot N

In terms of bang for buck, the new Canon N Series cameras deliver. They’re small, light, & impressively powerful for their size, boasting built-in wi-fi for instant sharing. They also shoot 12.1 MP stills and full HD 1080 video. The sleek, all-new body design also features a 2.8-inch tilt-type touch screen for nailing the shot from any angle.

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Sony 4K Ultra HD TV at
Sony 4K Ultra HD TV

2013 will be the year of the 4K TV, the greatest, most cutting edge development in television in years. Tech jargon aside, image quality on 4K makes 3D HDTV look like listening to the game on the radio. This 65-inch behemoth from Sony with dual 65W speakers, TRILUMINOS display, Dynamic Edge LED backlight & wireless smartphone mirroring technology is so good it’s not even out yet.

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Belkin Thunderstorm at
Belkin Thunderstorm

Snap your iPad into this new integrated sound system from Belkin and you’ll upgrade your tablet’s tone from tinny to titanic. It delivers deep bass & room-filling cinematic sound plus a Thunderstorm app lets you customize soundscapes for watching movies, gaming, or playing music.

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Samsung NX300 at
Samsung NX300

This compact little camera from Samsung is the first of its kind to capture both still images and 1080p HD video in 3D with just a single lens. Built-in wi-fi connectivity also lets you instantly share those 3D pics & videos with everyone in one click, with the Direct Link hot key. Available March 2013.

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Nvidia Project Shield at
Nvidia Project Shield

If the side effects of gaming on your phone or tablet are worse than the symptoms of not playing at all, prescribe yourself the new Project Shield portable gaming console. It’s got a super-powerful Nvidia Quad-core processor and a full-size controller for playing your favorite Android games or connecting wirelessly to your GeForce GTX-powered PC game catalog. And remember, if your erection lasts more than four hours, call a physician.

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LaCie Blade Runner at
LaCie Blade Runner

Inspired by the sci-fi classic Blade Runner & created by award-winning designer Phillipe Starck, this high performance USB 3.0-powered 4TB hard drive will easily handle your storage needs and if you ask us, it will look damn good doing so.

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Belkin NFC Enabled HD Bluetooth Music Receiver at
Belkin NFC Enabled HD Bluetooth Music Receiver

This wireless bluetooth receiver lets you play music from your Android smartphone over your home stereo or speaker system. Built in NFC allows you to pair your mobile device to the receiver by simply tapping it on the base unit. This system also works with all iOS devices but sorry, no tap & play pairing for you.

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