Amazon Reveals a New Echo Speaker with a Touchscreen at

    Amazon Reveals a New Echo Speaker with a Touchscreen

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    Called the Echo Show, users are able to talk to a virtual assistant, Alexa, that can turn on music, read news, and connect with apps like Uber.  But with the addition of a 7-inch touchscreen this smart hub can now make video calls, play Amazon Video and YouTube videos and display song lyrics.

    The Hover Camera Passport is a Mini Drone That Flies On Its Own at

    The Hover Camera Passport is a Mini Drone That Flies On Its Own

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    Winner of both a Red Dot & IF Design Award and built by Zero Zero Robotics, the Hover Camera Passport is an AI powered autonomous camera drone now available exclusively through the Apple Store. It uses body & face recognition plus AI to follow you mid-air, always keeping you in the frame as it captures 13MP pictures &/or streams video directly to your device. It you want to fly it like a normal drone simply link with the app & control it with your phone.

    The ZeTime Smartwatch Blends Analog Style with Tech Function at

    The ZeTime Smartwatch Blends Analog Style with Tech Function

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    ZeTime is the world’s first smart watch with mechanical hands over a touchscreen. Designed in Switzerland, this always-on smartwatch blends classic design with a full-color screen and smart features like Caller ID and Calendar, plus 1-touch access & notifications for Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Gmail, Skype, Hangouts, Uber, & more.  A funded Kickstarter.

    The River Mobile Power Station Has Your Backup at

    The River Mobile Power Station Has Your Backup

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    At one third the weight & double the power of anything else on the market, River is an amazingly versatile portable power supply. It’s got a mega-capacity Li-ion battery (116,000 mAh with a total output of 500 watts) that will charge every device you own, multiple times. For ports, there are 2 USB Quickcharge 2.0,  2 USB, 2 USB Type C, 2 AC Outlets,  2 DC Outlets, &  a 12V car port. It can be charged by AC, the car port, or an optional solar panel.

    The Kardia Portable EKG Puts Heart Health Data at Your Fingertips at

    The Kardia Portable EKG Puts Heart Health Data at Your Fingertips

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    The Kardia portable EKG links with your smartphone to provide potentially life-saving heart health data. It provides the easiest way to detect possible atrial fibrillation early and reduce your risk of stroke. Place your fingers on the sensors & in 30 seconds, you have a medical grade EKG. Data is stored to be accurately shared with your doctor.

    RetroBlox Modular Game Console at

    RetroBlox Modular Game Console

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    It turns out that keeping the box of old video game cartridges & discs was a smart move. Because now there’s RetroBlox, the world’s first HD retro game console. This compact console uses Element Modules that allow you to plug in & play various old cartridges, like NES & Genesis games. There’s also a built-in optical disc drive to play those disc-based PSX classics. Available April 2017.

    Ping GPS Tracker at

    Ping GPS Tracker

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    Taking the Bluetooth tracking tag device a very practical step further, Ping has added GPS & cellular connectivity to their new tracking tag. The result is “always-on global tracking”, meaning a much greater likelihood you’ll find what’s missing. Whether your lost item fell down under the car seat or you dropped it in a city now thousands of miles behind you, you’ll know exactly where it is. Ping is also smaller than the popular Tile trackers while being much more powerful.

    belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug at

    belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

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    The Wemo Mini Smart Plug lets you control your electronic devices right from your phone or tablet. It uses your existing home wi-fi network to provide wireless control of lamps, heaters, fans, and more, with no subscription or hub required. Just plug it into an electrical outlet then plug a device into the Smart Plug, and control your device using the free Wemo app.

    Teenage Engineering OP-Z at

    Teenage Engineering OP-Z

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    The forthcoming OP-Z from Sweden’s Teenage Engineering is a wireless 16-track multitimbral synthesizer that combines multiple step sequencers with a drum kit, and tape sample mode. Fully sequence-able parameter locks & per-step modifiers allow you to change the timing, pitch of notes and flow of the sequencer. OP-Z also features visual sequencing, for adding projected animations to your musical performance.

    Navdy Head-up Display at

    Navdy Head-up Display

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    For use in any car built after 1996, the self-contained Navdy Head-up Display provides drivers a safer, easier alternative for reading navigation & vehicle info. It sits on the dash & projects its info onto the windshield: Google Maps, street names, speed limits, engine RPMS, & even connects with an app to your Android or iOS device, so you never have to reach for your phone.

    PowerRay Fishfinder Underwater Drone at

    PowerRay Fishfinder Underwater Drone

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    With the PowerRay submersible drone from China’s PowerVision Robot, your fish stories are going 4K. It uses sonar to detect fish, blue light to lure them in and a 4K camera to stream the underwater action back up to the boat. It can dive to depths of 98 feet and go 130 feet away from the boat. Available globally for pre-order on February 27.

    LINK Storage Device at

    LINK Storage Device

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    With native wi-fi & bluetooth built-in, the palm-size LINK Storage device is always connected, providing you with up to two TBs of waterproof/shockproof storage in your own personal cloud. It allows you to share with multiple devices simultaneously at speeds up to up to 2,500/1,500 MB/s; that means you can download a 5GB HD movie in just seconds.

    Symantec Norton Core Router at

    Symantec Norton Core Router

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    The Norton Core Router is the first piece of hardware from Symantec, makers of the ubiquitous Norton AntiVirus software. This geodesic dome-shaped device is a mobile-enabled WiFi router with machine learning capabilities and an arsenal of Symantec security features like data encryption, secure DNS, & automatic security updates that deftly defend your home network against any sort of data breech.