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Mobee Magic Bar at
Mobee Magic Bar

So you decided to spend a bit more and chose the wireless bluetooth Mac keyboard. You were probably thinking wireless was more convenient and cleaner. Well, not when you’re throwing its dead AA batteries in the trash every three weeks. The Mobee Magic bar lets you correct your wireless mistake by providing a USB-powered recharge dock for your keyboard. This design actually is convenient and clean. Just look at it.

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Acer Iconia at
Acer Iconia

First there was the laptop, then came the tablet and now, Acer combines the best of both with their 14-inch dual-screen Iconia. It features a full-touch interface and is driven by a powerful Intel i5 Processor. Watch a movie on one screen, while you fiddle with facebook on the other. If you crave the function of a traditional laptop, just activate the virtual keyboard and type away. If you want to multi-task your ass off, this could be just the laptop/tablet-thing for you.

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2011 Sony Vaio S at
2011 Sony Vaio S

Are you sick of the snide condescension from your Mac-using co-workers? Well, feel free to flip them the proverbial bird. The new Vaio is cool; not that coolness counts for much to the proud PC user, but this machine is also powerful. Boast about your Windows 7 OS, your Intel i7 processor and the 7.5-hour battery life. Or better yet, stay silent. You don’t want all the Macsters converting.

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Microsoft Touch Mouse at
Microsoft Touch Mouse

We know finger-tapping on your tablet is entertaining. But, if you’re a PC user who actually uses a computer to do work, you’ll like this mouse. Designed to streamline navigation in Windows 7, this high-tech rodent will speed up scrolling, panning, paging forward & back, docking, minimizing/maximizing, showing desktop and more.

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2011 MacBook Pro at
2011 MacBook Pro

Apple’s shiny silver box received its annual upgrade. Sorry if you just returned home with your freshly out-dated MacBook.  We won’t bore you with all the specs. Highlights include an optional speedy quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor, and spiffy new technology, ‘Thunderbolt’, which opens up a whole new world of super-fast plug-&-play performance for your peripherals.  Apple even beefed-up the HD camera. Upgrade time.

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Engage Keyboard at
Engage Keyboard

How many hours per day are you glued to your computer? Honestly, all your clicking and typing are bound to cause some fatigue and soreness in your hands and wrists. This can lead to repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel and tendinitis. This ergonomic keyboard was designed with input from doctors and it actually moves slightly as you work to keep your hands from staying stuck in the same position.

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The Space Bar at
The Space Bar

Are you a plug-in-every-port type of guy? Well, here’s an easy way to get more USB action out of your desktop. This little doinklet holds your monitor up top, fits your keyboard underneath and features six USB ports for you to plug your whole life into. There’s even a mini-USB port and an AC adapter port for charging the camera battery. Clean up your desk & power up your digitalia. Easy like.

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LaCie Tank at
LaCie Tank

In some ways we’re pretty dumb, aren’t we? Like, we only get extra keys made after paying the locksmith 500 bucks to get us into our car. We vow to back our computers up only after losing the family photo archive. Maybe now would be a good time to think ahead. Just take a baby step. Get one of these shitstorm-proof cases from LaCie to hold your 2.5” hard drives, digital cameras, or any other small, valuable electronic-type gear you don’t want to replace. Do some damage control.

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FRs Delorean Hard Drive at
FRs Delorean Hard Drive

Okay, so maybe you’re getting a little old for toys, but with this one you’ve got a great excuse. It’s a hard drive. This 1:18 scale model Delorean from the movie Back To The Future actually contains a 500GB hard drive – that’s some decent storage space. When you’re sure nobody is around, unplug the 6-foot USB cable and roll it around on your desk. Just don’t get caught, people are already suspicious of you.

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Xi3 Modular Computer at
Xi3 Modular Computer

Small stuff is cool. Like miniature horses and bonsai trees. Like Smart cars. Sometimes little stuff just makes more sense. This computer is a great example. It’s a cube, four-inches on a side, packing the power of a legit PC. But, what makes it really sweet is it’s modular – designed to link with other cubes for building ever-expanding, easily upgradable systems. Its components are universal, energy efficient & designed to last five-times longer than the average computer.

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