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Libratone Lounge at
Libratone Lounge

Simple and clean, the one-piece home speaker systems from Libratone spit 150 watts of full-range stereo sound. Unlike bulky two-speaker systems, these take up almost no space yet fill the whole room with audio goodness. Stream music wirelessly from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone or plug it into your TV for theater style surround sound.

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V-Moda True Blood Headphones at
V-Moda True Blood Headphones

For years, V-Moda’s V80 headphone has been a top choice for DJs and fans of studio-quality, over-the-ear headphones. Now, they’re releasing a collab model with the hit cable-TV series True Blood. Unlike the sexed-up, bloodthirsty stars of this show, these headphones don’t suck.

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USB Bombshell MP3 Player at
USB Bombshell MP3 Player

Most people in the office know better than to cruise by your desk for idle chatter. Put this speaker-radio unit that looks like a homemade bomb in your workspace and even the interns and that annoying IT guy will stay a safe distance away.  It’s got an audio jack, SD Card slot, built-in USB port and other connections making it look a lot like the real thing. Works great with your “psycho eyes” look.

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Pioneer Washable Earphones at
Pioneer Washable Earphones

You know your cellphone is a farm for bacteria & germs, but have you ever considered what microorganisms might be living on your earbuds? Yeah, don’t. Maybe just buy these washable buds from Pioneer and live in ignorance. Do you really wanna know about human ear mites? Didn’t think so. Waterproof up to one meter, so just hit ‘em with soap & water.

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Marshall Major Headphone at
Marshall Major Headphone

Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page—the greatest guitar players in rock-n-roll history all plugged into a giant wall of Marshall amps to rock the crowd. Now, the iconic brand makes headphones bringing that huge sound straight into your earholes. The Major is a classic over-the-ear ’phone with the power to melt your brain like a Hendrix solo.

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Q Speakers at
Q Speakers

What makes Q Speakers so special? Well, they give you wood. Oak, maple or walnut to be specific. Their minimalist docking speaker systems boast a super-clean design with big sound. A 90-Watt tri-amped, Class D amp delivers the thump, while internal mid-high speakers spit full-spectrum stereo sound.

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Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i at
Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3i

The headset. If you’re gonna go there, it’s a toss up between what’s wackier: the wireless nub in your ear or the I’m-A-1980s-Air-Traffic-Controller look. This sweet little number from Bang & Olufsen could be your solution. Designed specifically for iPhone, it offers superior sound as well as comfort. It makes hands-free conversations sound better and look better, too.

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Thinksound Wood Headphones at
Thinksound Wood Headphones

The reality of headphones—they come & go. Left on the plane, lost, chewed-up cord … basically, you’ll be buying new ones before you know it. Next time around try these earbuds from ThinkSound. They feature advanced audio quality and all the features you need, plus they’re made with wood, a sustainable material which also happens to be rather handsome.

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MT. Man Speakers at
MT. Man Speakers

At some point in the past, plastic and metal took the place of wood in speaker design. Not because these materials produced better sound, but because it was cheaper. Now, a promising resurgence in custom-made home audio has brought back the warmth of wood in a major way. These MT. Man speakers are carved from solid cherry and feature copper-clad woofers. Proudly made in Philadelphia.

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harman/kardon BDS 800 Home Theater System at
harman/kardon BDS 800 Home Theater System

The BDS could stand for Badass Dolby Surround because basically, that’s what you’re getting. In addition to a built-in Blu-Ray disk player, CD/DVD player & FM tuner, you can plug just about any other device you want into this system to enjoy music or movies. Four satellite speakers and a 200-watt bass sub guarantee a rich, 360-degree sound experience.

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