MOAR is the World’s Most Powerful Full-Suspension, Fat Tire Folding Frame Electric Bicycle at

MOAR is the World’s Most Powerful Full-Suspension, Fat Tire Folding Frame Electric Bicycle

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For use on the road or in the dirt, MOAR will take you for a ride without ever breaking a sweat. It’s a folding frame, full-suspension electronic bike with an 85 mile range, 750W motor, waterproof electronics, & projection headlights, plus turn signals, & brake lights. They offer 3 models to choose from, with setups for the weekend warrior, the daily commuter and/or the eBike enthusiast. A funded Indiegogo.

Legit Bike Protection from a Zip-Tie Style Lock at

Legit Bike Protection from a Zip-Tie Style Lock

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Fear not, your bike is protected. Even though the Hiplok Z-Lok kinda just looks like a zip-tie, it’s a legit lock with a stainless steel core and a double-sided locking mechanism that can only be released using its included two-pronged key. Sure, it’s a minimalist lock, but the fact is, bike thieves are looking for the hassle-free ride that they can just grab & go. With the Z-Lok, that plan goes nowhere.

Bugatti & PG Cycles Join Forces to Build the Ultimate Urban Bike at

Bugatti & PG Cycles Join Forces to Build the Ultimate Urban Bike

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Bugatti teamed up with German luxury bike builders PG to create an insane urban bike in the image of the nearly 1500 horsepower Chiron supercar. Constructed of carbon fiber using techniques & processes found only in aeronautics & auto design, the bike is ultra light, aerodynamic & rigid. Only 667 of these super city bikes will be built.

Tex-Lock at


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Made of a high-tech textile that is proven to be as strong as steel, the German-made Tex-Lock is flexible, soft & very lightweight while providing solid security for your ride. Available in 3 lengths, the rope-like cable uses a high-quality mini U-lock or padlock shackle to keep your bike protected.

Fabric FLR30 Accelerometer Activated Brake Light at

Fabric FLR30 Accelerometer Activated Brake Light

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The FLR 30 is a compact & USB rechargeable bicycle brake light that makes clever use of an accelerometer to increase brightness as your speed decreases. This results in a dual-purpose light that alerts traffic as you slow down and/or come to a stop. A versatile mount allows it to be mounted in various positions: on your helmet, bike frame or seatpost.

Lattis Ellipse Bike Lock at

Lattis Ellipse Bike Lock

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The heavy-duty Ellipse bike lock connects with your smartphone to give you keyless lock/unlock, theft detection, crash alerts and more. 17mm thick steel & 2 locking mechanisms provide security. It self-charges with an integrated solar panel.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver at

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

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The new Epic models of Callaway’s legendary Big Bertha driver are updated with ‘Jailbreak’ technology which consists of two 3-gram titanium bars that connect the crown and sole near the club’s face for improved performance & distance. These multi-material drivers also feature new & much lighter titanium Exo-Cage bodies.

Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball at

Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball

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This striking, all-black size 5 soccer ball has more than just a good look; it supports a great cause. With a mission to encourage youth sports & fitness, Reigning Champs’ One For One program donates a ball to a North American youth sports program for every one it sells.

Burton x South Park Collection at

Burton x South Park Collection

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Howdy ho! Vermont’s Burton Snowboards brand teamed up with South Park to create a limited-edition board and badass collection of accessories. 4 Sizes of the Twin Tip Parkitect board are on offer, each featuring original art from the series. There’s also an orange Kenny hood, Cartman & Kyle beanies, and a Stan’s fleece-lined trapper hat plus leather mitts, Mt. Hankey socks, & more.

Jones Snowboards Project X at

Jones Snowboards Project X

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Made with the most advanced materials and construction technology, Jones Snowboards’ Project X reflects the future of snowboard design. It’s an ultralight and responsive all-mountain board constructed with materials like a topsheet made of Textreme Carbon and features 3D base contours that not only make turning more fluid but also improve hydrodynamics for less friction against the snow which translates to a faster ride.

Altor 560G Lock at

Altor 560G Lock

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Made from ultra high-strength Grade 5 titanium components, the 560G from Altor is the world’s lightest & strongest bike lock. With a total weight of 584 grams, the strength-to-weight ratio this thing delivers is absolutely insane; and the titanium super-alloy can withstand the most aggro attacks. The lock itself is a break-proof disc detainer type. Fully extended it is 26 inches in length & the design folds up to slim to stash in your pack.

Electron Wheel at

Electron Wheel

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The Electron Wheel turns regular people-powered bikes into an electric in just 30 seconds. For any bike with rim brakes, the Electron Wheel easily mounts on the front with no tools needed or wires or throttles to operate. Link to the wheel with your smartphone & start pedaling, when the pedaling sensor senses more force, the pedal-assist kicks in to neutralize hills & keep you cruising.

Killspencer Baseball Glove at

Killspencer Baseball Glove

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For the creation of their blacked-out Collector’s Edition baseball glove, Killspencer used premium full-grain, uncorrected leather and added bullhide accents. The interior lining is soft & supple sheepskin. All materials were hand-cut & hand-threaded. Monogramming is optional. Made in the USA.

Sun Mountain Freeglider & Skiglider at

Sun Mountain Freeglider & Skiglider

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Sun Country’s smooth-rolling travel bags make it easier to get your ski &/or snowboard gear through baggage claim and it’ll be safer in transit. The integrated retractable leg system carries 100% of the weight of the bag. The ballistic nylon bags hold 2 boards or 2 pairs of skis as well as boots, poles & other cold-weather gear.

FEND Collapsible Bicycle Helmet at

FEND Collapsible Bicycle Helmet

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This bike helmet is collapsible, so when your ride is over, it folds down to one-third of its original size to fit easily in your bag or backpack. It is also fully breathable & lightweight. Safe, too: the FEND helmet is designed to exceed all US CPSC & European EN1078 Safety Standards. Choose matte white or matte black.