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Suunto AMBIT at
Suunto AMBIT

Suunto is known for making powerful, portable sports instruments like heart monitors, altimeters, and the like. Now, they’ve released the Ambit GPS watch, a sturdy, streamlined watch that works great for everyday use but also packs some serious tech. It combines a GPS navigation system, altimeter, 3D compass and advanced heart rate monitoring called FusedSpeedTM. This technology works to keep you in your peak training zone for optimum training. All your workout data is stored for analysis online at Suunto’s site Available March 2012.

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Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour at
Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 TourUnlike running shoes, tennis shoes need to be seriously sturdy. The demands of high-speed stop and start lateral motion deem it absolutely necessary. Leave it to Nike to be the ones who figure out how to engineer the comfort and lightness of a Zoom runner with the beefy support of a performance tennie. They did it. It’s called the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour and Swiss ace Roger Federer helped design them.

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Magellan Switch Series Training Watches at
Magellan Switch Series Training Watches

If your training routine goes beyond mere OCD and involves stat charts and performance mapping, Magellan has a couple nice, new GPS-enabled training watches for you. Running, swimming, endurance and self-punishment of all sorts can be counted, tracked, measured, and reported all from the convenience of your wrist, mid-workout. Available Spring 2012.

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Nike Method Concept Putter at
Nike Method Concept Putter

Nike’s latest addition to your golf bag is still in “pre-order only” status, but this lightweight aluminum putter is worth a look right now. It’s got a steel body and an aluminum face plus its unique design looks like a blade but swings with the stability of a much larger and heavier mallet.

BUY IT   $199 Also posted in Golf

Nike Dunk NG SL Golf Shoes at
Nike Dunk NG SL Golf Shoes

Just because you like to play the game of golf, doesn’t mean you’re an aging elitist averse to real exercise. You’re a different kind of golfer, right?  So why risk being mistaken for one of them. Cruise the links in some candy colored golf-specific dunks and do it with pride. Arriving early 2012. Source

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TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver at
TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver

This new adjustable-face driver from TaylorMade is called the RocketBallz Driver. Yeah, ballz with a Z. Thank you TaylorMade marketing, now we don’t have to come up with a punch line for this post. What else could we possibly add?

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Skora Running Shoes at
Skora Running Shoes

All the shoe brands are telling us that our bodies want a lower profile, more bio-mechanically correct running shoe. And they’ve all jumped in & started making them. Skora is an emerging brand from Portland, Oregon that is putting all their eggs in this basket and will soon unveil the results of their years of research and development.

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Magneat at

Your tired, outdated playlist is your own problem but we found one way to improve your workout. The Magneat keeps your headphone cable from getting tangled up in your junk during a workout. It gets the cable out of the way. It’s magnetic.

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Kuat Bottle Lock at
Kuat Bottle Lock

It’s a lock that looks like a water bottle. You can’t drink out of it but you can pull out the cable and lock your bike up. Now go find a water fountain.

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Star Wars x Burton Snowboards at
Star Wars x Burton Snowboards

The dudes in the Burton boardroom are starting to show their age. Snowboarding’s biggest brand has now teamed up with Lucasfilm to feature Star Wars board graphics on their tot-sized Chopper series boards this season. They know the Gen-X shred dads are gonna love these. Source

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