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Leather Head Baseball Gloves at
Leather Head Baseball Gloves

Leather Head Sports has been working with superior leathers, veteran craftsmen, and a stable of accomplished baseball advisers to perfect their line of pro-quality, handmade baseball mitts. For World Series play or ‘catch’ with your kid in the backyard, these classic glove designs are a homerun.

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Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Handheld Hydration Set at
Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Handheld Hydration Set

You used to mock the joggers with the water bottle belts & now you wear one. If you’re absolutely convinced you need more gear for your twice-a-week 20-minute jog, these “runner’s gloves” from Salomon, which are really more like straps that each hold a 8.5 oz. water bottle to your wrist, could be better than the bottle belt. Definitely less bulky.

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Brute Force Sandbags at
Brute Force Sandbags

Working out is no longer about pumping iron or getting cardio with old-fashioned roadwork. These days it involves brutal stuff more like actual roadwork. Swinging a pitchfork, carrying logs, or flipping tractor tires ’til your veins burst is standard for popular Crossfit and Seal Training workouts. It’s more dynamic and supposedly more fun. In fact, you won’t believe how fun it is to lift and carry heavy bags of sand from point A to Point B. The heavy-duty sandbags from Brute Force come in a range of sizes and capacities that (unfortunately) won’t make it any easier, just less messy.

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Warstic Wood Bat Company at
Warstic Wood Bat Company

This is not your grandfather’s baseball bat. Sure, it’s still a wooden bat—there’s no improving the power of wood—but the Warstic designs are highly evolved. Featuring the straight grains of Northern White Ash and Maple, these American made bats are available in every size, color, and weight you could ever want. They even come with your name engraved on the barrel. Who’s up?

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Wilson Castaway Volleyball at
Wilson Castaway Volleyball

Most of Tom Hanks’ movies are good but usually wander a bit too far into chick-flick territory. Take Castaway: It was all good while Tom was on the island talking to his friend, the deflated volleyball named Wilson. But once he gets off the island you may as well go out to the kitchen and make some nachos. The movie is done. This regulation Wilson volleyball stamped with Hanks’ hand-print will remind you of the good parts.

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From the Archive: Leather Head Football at
From the Archive: Leather Head Football

Dad taught you to throw a spiral. Coach taught you to respect the game. Now, you’re teaching your friends how to tailgate like real men. To keep it all going, you need a Leather Head football. This classic football is made of 100% real leather tanned & dyed to bring out the unique tones of the hide. You don’t grill Tofu Dogs on game day…so why would you toss around a rubber ball?

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Adidas miCoach Mobile App at
Adidas miCoach Mobile App

When it comes to Personal Trainers, your wife may be allowed a ripped up blonde dude who pushes her to push herself, but you’ll probably get miCoach from Adidas. This free App (for iPhone & Blackberry) with an integrated website, logs, tracks, displays and assesses your fitness in running, cycling and other outdoor activities. With voice-enabled workout prompts, it almost feels like you have your own trainer…just not a blonde.

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Adidas World Cup 2010 Jabulani Ball at
Adidas World Cup 2010 Jabulani Ball

Featuring 11 colors representing each team’s 11 players, South Africa’s 11 languages & 11 communities. Adidas’ 2010 Jabulani Ball – celebrate the game.

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Lineaus Athletic Equipment at
Lineaus Athletic Equipment

Hand-crafted by Lineaus himself in the obscure art-enclave of Marfa, Texas – this equipment is all femme fatale. Hard-tested in an American prison, each custom, numbered product is strong & durable, yet soft to the touch.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II at
Nike Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II

Recently debuted in London, the Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II features an adaptive traction system – adjusting the stud’s height to terrain conditions. Smashing technology as surmised by the pros Nike collaborated with for the design of this boot.

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