Get Pumped with a Star Wars Workout From Onnit at

    Get Pumped with a Star Wars Workout From Onnit

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    The human performance innovators at Onnit have created a new line of workout gear for Padawan and Jedi Masters alike. Their new official Star Wars workout collection includes a 20-pound, 10-inch diameter Death Star medicine ball, a moisture-wicking, no-slip Han Solo yoga mat, and a collection of kettle bells: Boba Fett at 50 pounds, an Imperial Storm Trooper at 60 pounds, and Darth Vader at a vein-popping 70 pounds.

    Trak 2.0 is a Kayak You Can Take Anywhere at

    Trak 2.0 is a Kayak You Can Take Anywhere

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    The Trak 2.0 is a collapsible touring kayak you can break down & carry on your back, in your car trunk and easily take along on your travels. It has a frame made of lightweight carbon fiber & aluminum rods covered by a military-grade polyurethane skin that uses a hydraulic jack tensioning system to tighten it into a totally rigid watercraft. Developed over several years, the design has been tested and approved by kayak experts around the world.

    Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball at

    Reigning Champ One For One Soccer Ball

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    This striking, all-black size 5 soccer ball has more than just a good look; it supports a great cause. With a mission to encourage youth sports & fitness, Reigning Champs’ One For One program donates a ball to a North American youth sports program for every one it sells.

    Killspencer Baseball Glove at

    Killspencer Baseball Glove

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    For the creation of their blacked-out Collector’s Edition baseball glove, Killspencer used premium full-grain, uncorrected leather and added bullhide accents. The interior lining is soft & supple sheepskin. All materials were hand-cut & hand-threaded. Monogramming is optional. Made in the USA.

    Baller Yoga at Baller Yoga at

    Baller Yoga

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    It’s inevitable. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a warm, gently lit studio attempting to touch your toes while breathing deeply. When that day comes, make sure you’re rolling out a Baller Yoga mat. It’s made of 100% pebble grain football leather. Pigskin, bro. And it’s not just primal, it’s functional: the grain gives you grip. And when you’re twisted up in wheel pose, you’ll need it.

    Wilson X Connected Football at

    Wilson X Connected Football

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    Available for pre-order now, the X Connected football from Wilson will get you ready for the upcoming season. It tracks distance, velocity, spin rate, spiral efficiency, and catch/drop stats that you can track, share, and compare through a dedicated app.

    Louisville Slugger Custom Bats at

    Louisville Slugger Custom Bats

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    Louisville Slugger just launched a build-you-own online custom bat store. Choose the size—full size, youth size or mini, then pick your favorite team logo, color, and add personalized text & typeface. Final step: hit homers.

    Wahoo Elemnt GPS at

    Wahoo Elemnt GPS

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    The Elemnt GPS computer connects to your phone via bluetooth or your home network wi-fi so you can control & program it without scrolling through sub-menus on the device itself. Works with Strava running & cycling app as well as ANT+ devices like heart rate monitors & speed sensors.

    ROKA R1 Goggle at

    ROKA R1 Goggle

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    ROKA spent 2 years on R&D to create Rapidsight Technology, an innovative optical design that provides much-improved field of view in their groundbreaking R1 goggle. The design gives performance swimmers the ability to swim straighter, more efficiently and ultimately faster.

    Smart Rope at

    Smart Rope

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    Wanna feel out of shape real quick? Jump rope. Then again, wanna get in-shape real quick? Start jumping rope regularly. Smart Rope is just what it says it is, a premium-quality bluetooth-connected jump rope that tracks your jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping. Smart Rope is available in 5 different lengths to match your height, and its available in chrome, gold, or black finish.

    Zero1 VICIS at

    Zero1 VICIS

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    Fact is, the game of football can turn brains into oatmeal. Which makes that college scholarship much harder to utilize after graduation day. With that in mind, neurosurgeons & engineers at Vicis worked together to create a new helmet design that mitigates impact on the brain. The shell uses an omni-directional columnar structure to reduce both linear & rotational forces.

    BlackNet at


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    BlackNet is the first portable basketball net that installs (and uninstalls) in just seconds, turning that hoop with the missing or neglected net into a legit basket. Made of soft, composite foam, it pops easily into the rim & back out when you’re done.

    Garmin Forerunner 630 at

    Garmin Forerunner 630

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    The wi-fi enabled Forerunner 630 is the most advanced and connected runner’s watch that Garmin has ever made.  It tracks stride length, ground contact time balance, vertical ratio, lactate threshold, stress score and performance condition, plus standard metrics like pace, speed, distance, time, calories burned, and sleep. Works with ANT+HR monitors as well.