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Road Popper at
Road Popper

Beer & bicycles go together like peanut butter & jelly. That’s why this seat-mounted bottle opener is so unquestionably genius. Think about it: ride to store, get sixer of Microbrews, ride away. But then, you get to the park or the beach and … start looking for something to pry the lids open? That’s lame.  Mount this handmade, stainless steel opener under your seat and be prepared everywhere you roll.

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Audi x Renovo Bicycles at
Audi x Renovo Bicycles

Lots of car brands have teamed up with bike builders to create some sort of hybrid marketing showpiece. Most of the time the bikes are pretty lame. Not the case with this collaboration between Audi and Portland-based custom frame builders, Renovo. They make bike frames exclusively from wood. Yes, wood. It’s lighter than aluminum and smoother on the bumps. They’re offering three models: a city, sport & road bike style. More info here.

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Six-Pack Frame Cinch at
Six-Pack Frame Cinch

This handmade leather cinch was originally designed to hold a hipster’s fixie-polo mallets. But that went out of style in about a week, so the Portland-based designers found a new use. The simple, adjustable leather cinch secures a 6-pack perfectly to your bike’s top tube for a safer ride back from the liquor store. It’ll hold a lot of other stuff too, but what’s more important than beer?

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iBike Dash at
iBike Dash

Put the computing power of your iPhone or iPod Touch to work on your rides. The handlebar-mounted Phone Booth holds your device for easy viewing and touchscreen capability, while the improved iBike app tracks & analyzes info from your ride. Let the app keep track of your time, speed, distance and more. Add the optional +Power supply and get your heart rate, elevation and wind speed, too.

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Grace Electric Bikes at
Grace Electric Bikes

In theory electric bicycles sound like a great idea, but so far, most designs leave a lot to be desired. The Grace e-bike however looks really good. Mean even. This beast will do 28-mph and travel over 30 miles on a 1-hour charge. Power comes from Li-Ion batteries hidden in the frame and an efficient little electric motor built into the rear wheel.

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Rapha Bicycle Collection at
Rapha Bicycle Collection

Rapha rescued the cyclists who want function from their road wear instead of logo-covered spandex. And, they’ve gained quite a following with their class act. Enough panache in fact to offer a series of 4 custom, co-branded bikes made by cult craftsmen Cinelli, Independent Fabrications & Chris King. These bikes are ultra-limited releases, dipped in a Rapha color palette. There’s a city bike, a continental, a road-sport and a race bike … do not lag.

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Rapha Leather Town Gloves at
Rapha Leather Town Gloves

Even if you’re just cruising around the windy city on foot, these cycling gloves from Rapha will keep your digits toasty. Rapha makes understated, high-quality cycling gear that is both timeless and constructed for serious use. So riding or not, these African sheep leather gloves work like a charm.

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Montague Paratrooper at
Montague Paratrooper

You need a new bike. Maybe you don’t need one designed for military paratroopers dropped into battle, but this is it. And if it’s burly enough for combat, it’s strong enough for your weekend jaunts down the nature trail. What is truly unique about this 24-speed bike is that it folds in half by simply popping the quick-release lever. In just 20 seconds, without the use of tools, you can fold it up & throw it in the trunk of your car. No bike rack needed.

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Schwinn Vestige at
Schwinn Vestige

It looks like a regular old Schwinn, but no … not quite. Winner of the 2010 Eurobike Gold Award in Design, the Vestige is the first bike to feature a biodegradable frame made from natural flax fibers. Similar to carbon fiber frames, the flax material is rigid yet dampens road vibration. The semi-translucent frame tubes feature an internal lighting system showing off the bike’s innovative materials. Bright, right?

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Topeak Bikamper at
Topeak Bikamper

It’s a romantic thought isn’t? Bike camping. Just you and the bros, pedaling out into the wild; everything you need strapped to the bike. But here’s the thing, you’ll want ultralight gear and you definitely don’t want to share a tent with your fellow spandexters. This tent addresses both needs. Instead of poles, it uses your bike’s front wheel for structure creating a nice private sleep chamber to rest your weary ass.

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