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Specialized McLaren Venge at
Specialized McLaren Venge

Over the years, Specialized has teamed up with dozens of brands for a variety of bike builds, but this most recent collaboration with McLaren—an institution in F-1 racing and high-end auto performance—tops all the rest.  For the absolute best and baddest in lightweight, stiff, and aerodynamic materials, Specialized tapped the dudes at McLaren and the result is a bike that is so crazy light and trick you’ll barely believe it’s UCI-legal.

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Mercedes-Benz Special Edition Bikes at
Mercedes-Benz Special Edition Bikes

Year after year, Mercedes earns the worst emissions ratings for their iconic line of cars. Maybe that’s what motivated them to start making bikes. A little trade-off to make up for the turboed-out V12s and such. The bikes are top quality, not just a pretty logo. They make a racer, a full-suspendo mountain bike and a few others—even a kids bike. All the models feature cutting edge components like SRAM & DT SWiss, they also sport the price tag you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz …

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Bicycle Wine Rack at
Bicycle Wine Rack

One for the road? How about wine for the road? This handmade bike wine rack is constructed with vegetable-tanned leather and brass fasteners for a retro-Euro look that goes great with an afternoon wine buzz. Proudly made in Montreal and adjustable to fit 3 sizes of bottles.

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Timberland Earthkeepers Biking Shoes at
Timberland Earthkeepers Biking Shoes

Some cyclists pretend everyday is another stage on the Tour de France; spandex, goo, bootie covers and all. Others of us, break up the training schedule with some bike commuting or simple transportation. For these recovery days, Timberland has a shoe. It looks like a normal loafer while you stroll, but when you saddle up the specially-designed sole supports your feet for pedaling.

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Made In Brooklyn Bike Rack at
Made In Brooklyn Bike Rack

Whether you’re hanging a rare classic frame for display or getting your daily driver off the living room floor, your bike will look sweet perched upon this custom, made-to-order, birch veneer bike rack from Made In Brooklyn Design. The man behind every MIB creation is former pro BMXer turned artisan, Jeff Mayer, so yeah, it’s legit.

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Road Popper at
Road Popper

Beer & bicycles go together like peanut butter & jelly. That’s why this seat-mounted bottle opener is so unquestionably genius. Think about it: ride to store, get sixer of Microbrews, ride away. But then, you get to the park or the beach and … start looking for something to pry the lids open? That’s lame.  Mount this handmade, stainless steel opener under your seat and be prepared everywhere you roll.

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Audi x Renovo Bicycles at
Audi x Renovo Bicycles

Lots of car brands have teamed up with bike builders to create some sort of hybrid marketing showpiece. Most of the time the bikes are pretty lame. Not the case with this collaboration between Audi and Portland-based custom frame builders, Renovo. They make bike frames exclusively from wood. Yes, wood. It’s lighter than aluminum and smoother on the bumps. They’re offering three models: a city, sport & road bike style. More info here.

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Six-Pack Frame Cinch at
Six-Pack Frame Cinch

This handmade leather cinch was originally designed to hold a hipster’s fixie-polo mallets. But that went out of style in about a week, so the Portland-based designers found a new use. The simple, adjustable leather cinch secures a 6-pack perfectly to your bike’s top tube for a safer ride back from the liquor store. It’ll hold a lot of other stuff too, but what’s more important than beer?

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iBike Dash at
iBike Dash

Put the computing power of your iPhone or iPod Touch to work on your rides. The handlebar-mounted Phone Booth holds your device for easy viewing and touchscreen capability, while the improved iBike app tracks & analyzes info from your ride. Let the app keep track of your time, speed, distance and more. Add the optional +Power supply and get your heart rate, elevation and wind speed, too.

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Grace Electric Bikes at
Grace Electric Bikes

In theory electric bicycles sound like a great idea, but so far, most designs leave a lot to be desired. The Grace e-bike however looks really good. Mean even. This beast will do 28-mph and travel over 30 miles on a 1-hour charge. Power comes from Li-Ion batteries hidden in the frame and an efficient little electric motor built into the rear wheel.

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