Easy as That: Fresh, Cold Brew Coffee at

Easy as That: Fresh, Cold Brew Coffee

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As we head into the warmer weather, the idea of icy cold brew coffee on tap in the fridge sounds pretty chill. This stainless steel & glass in-fridge cold brew coffeemaker from KitchenAid can do that. It makes up to 14 servings per brew. Simply fill with coffee and cold water, steep, & enjoy.

Create a Home Arcade Console that Matches Your Décor at

Create a Home Arcade Console that Matches Your Décor

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These custom arcade cabinets take your favorite games from the 70s, 80s, & 90s and puts them in an upright enclosure for the ultimate gaming experience at home. Utilizing the skills of master cabinetmaker & professional paint sprayer, Replay game cabinets are by hand from start to finish. They use modern LCD monitors with filters that give a classic look. Games? Pac-Man, DigDug, Mortal Kombat, Space Invaders, Galaga, and many more. Each Replay is made to order with loads of options for a one-of-a-kind design.

Mazama Creates Elegant Artisan Glassware at

Mazama Creates Elegant Artisan Glassware

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Handmade in Portland, Oregon, Mazama’s glassware collection is made with hand blown soda-lime glass. Because they are blown into a mold, they are consistent in size and weight. Mazama offers their elegant Wine, Cocktail & Pint size glasses in both clear & a variety of colorful tints.

Replace Your Light Switches with Brilliant Home Control at

Replace Your Light Switches with Brilliant Home Control

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With the Brilliant Control you’ll have a single control panel for your smart lighting, Sonos system, Nest Thermostat and other smart home devices. It installs in just minutes over an existing light switch and features a full color LCD touch display giving quick voice & touch functionality from one device to the next. Available for pre-order now.

Growler Chill Home Tap at

Growler Chill Home Tap

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The Growler Chill is a countertop tap system that delivers a proper draft beer experience straight from your craft growler of choice. It keeps up to 3 growlers cold, pressurized, & fresher longer. There’s also a companion app that allows you to remotely control temp, track the amount of beer left in each growler, track CO2 levels, and notify you when you need to clean it.

Uuni Pro Quad-fuelled Outdoor Oven at

Uuni Pro Quad-fuelled Outdoor Oven

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The newest version of the Uuni Outdoor oven is capable of burning wood, wood pellets, charcoal or gas. As the world’s first quad-fuelled outdoor oven, it gives you the freedom to choose the fuel type that best suits the food you’re cooking. With a proven design that reaches temperatures of up to 900˚F/500˚C in only 15 minutes, the Uuni Pro perfectly roasts large meats and fish, bakes breads, and can cook a 16” pizza in just 90 seconds. A funded Indiegogo.

Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle at

Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

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With temperature-by-degree heat control with a digital LCD display, the 1-liter Stagg EKG electric kettle will give you the precise water temp to suit your pour-over preference & the coffee you’re brewing. It features a hold button to maintain that exact temp for up to 30 minutes, an optional free app allows you to control all the EKG’s features from your phone via bluetooth.

Looking Glass Perch at

Looking Glass Perch

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Made in America with all upcycled wood, the Looking Glass Perch is an adjustable, portable indoor/outdoor fold-flat stool. Seat height adjustment allows you to sit comfortably at a table, bar, or lower to the ground by your campfire.

Stump Glasses at

Stump Glasses

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A perfect vessel for your favorite oak-aged whisky, these unique glasses were created from a mold using an actual oak branch. They were designed by sculptor and glass artisan Lynn Everett Read and handmade at her Vitreluxe Glass Works studio in Portland, Oregon. Glasses are approx. 4-inches tall.

Kala Mattress at

Kala Mattress

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The contours of a Kala mattress simulate the position your body naturally assumes in zero gravity and what’s more, your comfort is fully customizable—choose from soft, medium & firm while your sleeping partner chooses the desired firmness for their side of the bed. Kala offers door-to-door delivery with no salespeople, a 10-year warranty and you can try it for 100 nights free.

Midnight Scoop at

Midnight Scoop

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With a design that provides maximum leverage, the Midnight Scoop makes it easier to get the ice cream out of the frozen container & into your cup or cone. It’s made from a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum, so no matter how frozen your favorite flavor may be, it scoops like a hot knife slides through butter.